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Albert Mohler: Well-Known SBC Leader and Rome

Many people believe the SBC [Southern Baptist Convention] is a church denomination that has denied Rome, and sure they speak of the false teachings of Rome, and warn about a few, and even left the ecumenical World Baptist Alliance some years back, but when looking at one of the present high ranking leaders in the SBC and president of one of it's top seminaries, Albert Mohler, it seems his views towards Rome, are a bit off.

One thing as I write this article, realize there are many out there, who do rightly speak of Rome's errors, theological differences etc, but then sadly seem to embrace the Catholic church as another "Christian church" and praise the move to unify with Rome. It's double-talk of the worse nature. This seems to apply to Mohler. As I read Mohler's writings, I noticed he does not come out and name Rome as the harlot ever, I suppose such directness is left for the fundamentalists who departed from the SBC long ago.

Many Christians I have met, consider Albert Mohler to be a great leader, and there are things he has preached truth on such as homosexuality, but what am I to make of Albert Mohler's constant praising of Vatican declarations?

Let's look at a few examples:

In an article called "Courage and Controversy the Vatican takes on Feminism"

He writes:
"Evangelicals should welcome this statement and the debate that is certain to ensue. While evangelicals will differ with some aspects of the Catholic argument–especially a concluding section dealing with Mary–the letter itself should be welcomed as a serious and responsible argument against ideological feminism. With confusion over gender and sexuality threatening the very foundations of civilization itself, the Vatican’s statement is well-timed and courageous. In the midst of our present conflict,"

Why should any evangelicals welcome any statement from the Vatican or consider it "well-timed or courageous"? I am not going to trust the Vatican and it's celibate often homosexual men in declarations on women. Notice as you read the article, some of what I have discussed regarding the Culture Wars, Manhattan Declaration and Rome and how they have ushered evangelicals back to Rome, via these things.

This article is odd, remember when the Vatican came out with their document claiming they were the only true church? While he admits error on the part of the Pope and questions the papacy a "bit", look at the title "Not Offended by the Vatican" it seems oddly deferential to the Vatican, while Mohler writes that he disagrees with the Vatican declaration, he defends it too..

"I also appreciate the spiritual concern reflected in this document. The artificial and deadly dangerous game of ecumenical confusion has obscured issues of grave concern for our souls. I truly believe that Pope Benedict and the Congregation for the Defense of the Faith are concerned for our evangelical souls and our evangelical congregations. Pope Benedict is not playing a game. He is not asserting a claim to primacy on the playground. He, along with the Magisterium of his church, believes that Protestant churches are gravely defective and that our souls are in danger. His sacramental theology plays a large role in this concern, for he believes and teaches that a church without submission to the papacy has no guaranteed efficacy for its sacraments (this point, by the way, explains why the Protestant churches that claim a sacramental theology are more concerned about this Vatican statement -- it denies the basic validity of their sacraments).

I actually appreciate the Pope's concern. If he is right, we are endangering our souls and the souls of our church members. Of course, I am convinced that he is not right -- not right on the papacy, not right on the sacraments, not right on the priesthood, not right on the Gospel, not right on the church."

How oddly written this is...he seems to see the Pope as a "sincere fellow", he just "disagrees" with rather then the antichrist leader of the harlot. Such a watering down is a deep concern. The whole message seems to be "Ah the poor Pope, I disagree with him but he means well!".

He goes on to conclude:

"I appreciate the Roman Catholic Church's candor on this issue, and I believe that Evangelical Christians, with equal respect and clarity, should respond in kind. This is a time to be respectfully candid -- not a time to be offended."

If we are going to be candid, it would not be playing footsie with Rome, and refusing to thank them for their 'honest" evil teachings and doctrines. If anything a Christian should be offended by the false teachings of the Roman Catholic church as they lead millions to hell.

I see a lot of "fence sitting", admitting the errors or Rome, refusing to sign the ECT [that is good] but lots of defenses and "come together with Rome" messages, look at this odd article:

"Standing Together: Standing Apart":

Mohler here, rightly denies that the Catholic gospel is a saving one and speaks of refusing to sign Catholic and Evangelicals Together, but has joined on the Culture Wars bus most definitely, believing that there is nothing wrong with evangelicals and Catholics joining together on such issues as abortion and other culture wars initiatives:

"With all this in mind, and with the cultural challenges now before us, Evangelicals, Roman Catholics, and the Orthodox should stand without embarrassment as co-belligerents in the culture war. The last persons on earth to have an honest disagreement may also be the last on earth to recognize transcendent truth and moral principles—even the sanctity of human life itself."

"At the theological level, we must contend together for the ontological Trinity as more than a metaphor...."

"In the cultural arena, we must be vigilant together in defending the sanctity of human life at all stages of development, from conception to natural death"

He goes on to emphasize his beliefs, that Catholics and evangelicals MUST work together:

Seventh and finally, we must be ready to stand together in cultural co-belligerence, rooted in a common core of philosophical and theological principles, without demanding confessional agreement or pretending that this has been achieved. We must contend for the right of Christian moral witness in secular society


"We must be unembarrassed co-belligerents in this battle. Human rights, human dignity, and human happiness hang in the balance. Standing together, we work with each other. Standing apart, we witness to each other. Nothing less will do."

There are many examples of these messages in his writings. And there are many leaders like him, who admit the ERRORS of Rome, but then totally jump on to the Culture Wars bus to perdition, taking many a follower with him, ignoring the commands of Scripture not to have anything to do with idolaters, and those who are of belial. They fool many warning about the false doctrines of Rome, and one can even read online that Mohler is supposedly an "anti-catholic" but the UNIFY with ROME message is still there and repeated over and over. Obviously while he denies that Rome has a saving gospel, he sees it as inherently "Christian" enough to unite with consider social problems instead of antichrist, which is an odd mixture if you think about it and ignores this scriptural command as well:

Gal 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

Gal 1:9 As we said before, so say I now again, If any [man] preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

Mohler in all his writings points out that Rome does not teach the true gospel of justification by faith, so why on earth would he join with those he knows this of, when the bible says "let them be accursed"?

Check out his articles, you will see the culture wars theme that speak of the errors of Rome but also implicit praise for Vatican stances regarding abortion, birth control, feminism and homosexuality.

Albert Mohler signed that ecumenical declaration called the Manhattan Declaration and wrote an article called "Why I Signed the Manhattan Declaration"

Here you see the theme of denying the Catholic false gospel while jumping on it's culture wars "unity" drive.

Mohler is doing the entire SBC a disservice with his fence sitting approach to Rome. Any leader who has signed the Manhattan Declaration is a false teacher and leader who lacks discernment at the very least.

This video was made by a Reformed Baptist preacher I do not agree with everything on, but he is right about this!...

I signed The Manhattan Declaration because it is a limited statement of Christian conviction on these three crucial issues, and not a wide-ranging theological document that subverts confessional integrity. I cannot and do not sign documents such as Evangelicals and Catholics Together that attempt to establish common ground on vast theological terrain. I could not sign a statement that purports, for example, to bridge the divide between Roman Catholics and evangelicals on the doctrine of justification. The Manhattan Declaration is not a manifesto for united action. It is a statement of urgent concern and common conscience on these three issues — the sanctity of human life, the integrity of marriage, and the defense of religious liberty.

My beliefs concerning the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox churches have not changed. The Roman Catholic Church teaches doctrines that I find both unbiblical and abhorrent — and these doctrines define nothing less than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But The Manhattan Declaration does not attempt to establish common ground on these doctrines. We remain who we are, and we concede no doctrinal ground.

So he admits the RCC has a few errors? He concedes no doctrinal ground....So what? The Roman Catholic church unites with many religions from Muslims to Buddhists to Hindus who do not agree with their religious doctrines but believe they should be unified on bringing "peace" to the world and other notions!.

How is he any different?

This is not a teacher to trust whatsoever, and I believe where the SBC has gone is representative of the false teachers at the top. Let's not forget the SBC is going the way of the apostate churches and has Rick Warren as one of it's top well known preachers welcomed to the last SBC convention.

Oh a couple other things about Albert Mohler, he belongs to the patriarchal group The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and is a council member. I believe Albert Mohler is a Dominionist as well, he definitely is a supporter of the political religious right including speeches with James Dobson and Charles Colson.

Finding out about this event called "Justice Sunday" from 2005 was very interesting and when you see the list of participants you'll understand where I am coming from here.

Participants: Justice Sunday
Dr. James Dobson, Founder and Chairman of Focus on the Family Action.
William Donohue, President of the Catholic League.
Bill Frist
Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr., senior pastor of Hope Christian Church, College Park, MD.
Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Founder and Director of Toward Tradition and the founding Rabbi of the Pacific Jewish Center.
Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Tony Perkins
Charles W. Pickering, Sr.

Total Dominionism:

Remember the part Chuck Colson is playing for the culture wars and leading everyone to unite with Rome? This event was some time ago, there probably have been more recent ones.

Well this is another teacher I wanted to warn of. Many believe the Southern Baptist Convention except for Rick Warren remains outside of the growing apostasy, they do not. They and their leaders are part of it.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that some pastors in SBC are freemasons.

Anonymous said...

BB, this is exactly what happens when people do not understand that the Antichrist is even now among us--in Rome, and has been there for a long, long, time. Just because his hosts die, doesn't mean that stops Satan. He continues to inhabit every man that steps up to that wicked throne. For so long, Rome has so successfully covered up the truth, that many non-catholics have believed the lie--that Rome is not the Antichrist. If they understood this, they would understand that just as there is nothing in common with Jesus Christ and Belial, so there can be nothing--not one iota--in common with that Satanic seat. What does Satan care if Rome is rebuked for "error", as long as no one believes his ruse, and believes who the true Antichrist is. He is a master deceiver, and many--even the Elect--are indeed deceived. Those who are in leadership position such as this fellow of whom you speak, have no excuse. They being in their position, should know the Truth, but do not. That says much--that they are ministers of evil, not for good, because they are aiding and abetting the enemy.

Can you just picture someone publishing a cookbook on recipes that were the favorite of Hitler, while decrying his "errors"? Is it stupidity that would cause such a one to publish such a thing? No, it would not be "stupidity". It would be intentional, to soften the appearance of evil. So it is with anyone who defends in any manner a man of sin who denies Christ and His Gospel, and has in the past, slain those who have refused his vile lies. It's not stupidity--it is the deepest of delusions, for those who love not the Truth shall be released to believe a lie. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

Yeah I know about the freemasons among the SBC pastors and other baptists...perhaps more on that later.

I agree Anon #1, they have no excuse, one doesn't decry errors and then promote an organization. It is to soften evil.

I found more praise from Mohler today, after I published this article, even more intense.
This Pope is a remarkable man--perhaps the most significant theologian elected to the papacy in centuries. I have studied his thought and his writings carefully for years and I am involved in serious academic conversations with Roman Catholic theologians about this Pope and his theological works. His indictment of Western secularism is brilliant and his defense of the reality of truth is stellar. His defense of the Culture of Life is courageous and his insight on so many moral issues is keen and clear. The problem is the papacy itself, and the fact that the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church has so confused the Gospel."

Absolutely horrible....

more Pope promotion with a few disagreements thrown in to soften up the Southern Baptists who may say wait a minute!

Tekhelet said...

Has Albert Mohler seem photos of the pope venerating a corpse? Has he been to the sepulcher building in Jerusalem? Maybe he has, and if he cannot discern how alien Catholism and Greek/Russian orthodox "Christianity" is to the faith in Christ of the bible, then I don't know what to say. People who are sitting under these leaders should read the bible to known what God is saying in His Word, and to discern truth from error.

Just last week, I saw Hindus going to the catholic church where I live. Years ago a Hindu friend of mine told me they go to catholic church services too, because they take "Jesus" as one of their many deities. Point is, you have Hindus and catholics meshed up together worshipping God knows what.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Tekhelet,

Yeah you think he would have seen some of those pictures or articles? They are all over the place. It's not like the web doesn't have endless information about Catholicism. Even so if anyone knows anything of the Bible, it seems they would recognize the harlot rather then filling their website with praises for the antichrist Pope. Obviously he has no discernment or is a knowing deceiver, one or the other, and why should anyone listen to him then. Think of all the future SBC pastors being trained by him at seminary. Scary to think about.

Yes Hindus do the mix and match Mystery Babylon stuff with Catholicism. I knew a Wiccan who went to Mass all the time. With the Hinduism, I did an article showing Cardinals and bishops lighting lamps to hindu gods...

Check this out:

"UCAN: Top Vatican official visits temple, meets Hindu priests

UCANews (
OLD GOA, India (UCAN) Cardinal Paul Poupard, who heads the pontifical councils for culture and for interreligious dialogue, visited a Hindu temple, met with its priest and was "fascinated" by the experience.

Cardinal Poupard, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, arrived Nov. 19 for a five-day visit to Goa state, a former Portuguese colony and a Catholic stronghold on the western Indian coast. Its capital, Panaji, is 1,910 kilometers (about 1,185 miles) southwest of New Delhi.

The cardinal came to chair the Nov. 21-23 meeting of Christian cultural centers that his council organized. On the evening of his arrival he visited some Hindu sites.

One visit was to the Mangueshi temple near Ponda, 20 kilometers (about 13 miles) south of Panaji. The temple is dedicated to Lord Mangueshi, an incarnation of Shiva, the destroyer God of the Hindu trinity.

With the visit, the cardinal, who is also president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, became the first Vatican official to visit a Hindu temple in Goa in recent history.

"His visit has sent the right signals to the Hindu community. The local media have played up the visit very favorably," said Father Ubaldo Fernandes, editor of the Catholic weekly Vavradeancho Ixxt (Worker's Friend).

The temple priest and temple committee welcomed the Vatican official.

Cardinal Poupard also visited a Hindu family living next to the Vamaneshvar temple in Davlli, where he met father and son temple priests. This was followed by his visit to the mutt, or Hindu monastery, in Kavllem.

"The cardinal saw Hinduism at work. All along he had read about Hinduism. Now, he was fascinated by Hindu culture, especially the third eye of Shiva," Father Theodore Mascarenhas, an official heading the Asia Desk at the Pontifical Council for Culture, told UCA News.

Father Mascarenhas, a native of Goa who accompanied the prelate, described the cardinal as "surprised to see young children being trained to become temple priests at the mutt." The French cardinal also appreciated the Hindu family values he saw, the priest said."

Bible Believer said...


"Church has no ulterior motives of conversion: Cardinal Dias
Jun 27, 2006
Cardinal Ivan Dias, archbishop of Mumbai, who takes on a coveted office in the Vatican on Tuesday, stressed that all the health, educational and social projects of the Catholic Church in India had 'no ulterior motives of conversions'.

Mumbai, June 26 (Indo-Asian News Service) Addressing a huge gathering at a grand farewell ceremony in Mumbai Sunday night, the prelate said there was need of more thrust on inter-religious dialogue among people of diverse religious traditions to share ideas, experiences and to undertake common action for communal amity."


"andikattu Kuruvilla, teacher of philosophy at JDV and the Papal Seminary's rector, Ornellas Coutinho, explained that a number of Indian religious customs and practices have already been embraced by the Catholic church to become truly Indian.

"A number of Christian priests, for example, strictly follow the ancient Indian ashram system of monastic life, such as those at the Bethany Vedavijnana Peeth (Pune), Satchitananda Ashram (Trichy), Kurusumala Ashram (Kerala) and the Sameskshna Ashram (Kalady, Kerala)," said Kuruvilla.

"Practising vegetarianism, organising satsangs and reading Bhagvad Gita are some of the changes that have taken place," he said." {link now dead}

They have Jesuits and other Catholic leaders mixing Hinudism into services, running ashrams, etc.

Anonymous said...

Roman Catholic is not even a real faith based is only a mockery of the true faith. with all of it's 'holy hardware' relics..beads..dresses for men..actually fools the masses. calling a 'pope' Holy father is a farce.wake up and receive the true Christ by faith alone.

intohisfullness said...

Yes apostasy is alive and well in this world.
Here is a web-site that gives an excellent historical back ground of John MacArthur and his families Masonic ties. This can explain some of John MacArthur's "doctrine of demons" teachings.

The SBC can not be trusted, and most of it's pastor's, teachers, are wolves in sheep's clothing, willfully setting out to deceive the Lord's flock and bring it into total bondage within the anti-christ church system.

We live in very turbulent times, where deception is the norm, but I give thanks unto our dear Lord, that He promised to keep His children from falling into deceptive doctrines, and "if" they should be deceived, HE promised to deliver them from it!

Thank you for being faithful to the truth and I bless the Lord for causing you to be faithful! Bless the name of the Lord, how is OUR VICTORY!

intohisfullness said...

I'm sorry here is the web-site I was talking about!