Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vatican Dialogue with Atheists and Agnostics

"Vatican Dialogue with Atheists and Agnostics"

"The Vatican’s new initiative aimed at sparking dialogue with atheists and agnostics may soon be coming to North America.

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, told CNA in a recent interview that the “The Courtyard of the Gentiles” may come to three cities.

“Quebec in Canada, which is one of the so-called ‘most secular’ places there is, where it seems like these days the question of faith is almost bothersome,” he said.

“And, also, we’re thinking about two U.S. cities--Chicago on the one hand and Washington on the other.”

see here too. What is NOBLE atheism? They are probably avoiding the high profile atheists, who while wrong themselves would ask them too many hard questions about the sex scandals and other corruptions. In this one this Catholic church leader manages to lump fundamentalists in with atheists:

"But in an interview with the National Catholic Register, Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, the president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, made it clear he would not be willing to give a platform to certain prominent atheists.

The foundation, he said, would only be interested in "noble atheism or agnosticism, not the polemical kind – so not those atheists such as [Piergiorgio] Odifreddi in Italy, [Michel] Onfray in France, [Christopher] Hitchens and [Richard] Dawkins".

Such atheists, he added, only view the truth with "irony and sarcasm" and tend to "read religious texts like fundamentalists".

In a speech to the Roman Curia back in December, the Pope first hinted at his plans to reach out to atheists.

"We, as believers, must have at heart even those people who consider themselves agnostics or atheists," he said. "When we speak of a New Evangelization, these people are perhaps taken aback. They do not want to see themselves as an object of mission or to give up their freedom of thought and will. Yet the question of God remains present even for them, even if they cannot believe in the concrete nature of his concern for us."

Sadly just more deceptions for them and no truth. Notice nothing is spoken of conversion [well Catholicism is a false religion anyhow]. Remember the harlot wants to draw EVERYONE under it's umbrella, that includes even those who deny the existence of God.

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