Sunday, June 26, 2011

Southern Baptist Convention Membership Declines

Southern Baptist Convention Membership Declines

This may not be such bad news considering who got invited to the SBC 2011 Annual Meeting, Rick Warren and his wife. Well Rick Warren do not forget, is a "Southern Baptist".[see here too]

Here is the transcript of his remarks at the SBC convention and this quote:

Now a lot of translations say so that people all over the world will be saved. My favorite is the Message paraphrase where he says so that my salvation goes global. God is a global God. And if you want God’s blessing on your ministry, you’ve got to get a global vision

I consider the SBC to be another denomination that has fully entered into the fallen away church world. On this blog, I will be examining them more in different articles. They are more "conservative" then other baptist denominations, and even came out against diplomatic ties with the Vatican, cut away from the ecumenical Baptist World Alliance in 2004 [which has had meetings with the Vatican] but there are many areas of serious concern, including political and other ties. They are definitely a part of the world evangelical movement. Having visited SBC churches, I've seen for myself their embracing of many of the church trends exposed on this blog.

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