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Roger Oakland: Jerry Boykin and the Calvary Chapel Connection

From Left to right in the above picture: Laurie, LaHaye, Boykin, Joel Rosenburg, Skip Heitzig

Very interesting stuff on this article of Roger's. Roger Oakland asks the basic question, I am paraphrasing here... what are those Calvary Chapel preachers doing holding a seminars and speaking with a member of the Knights of Malta?

"Understand The Times has discovered that Calvary Chapel has been, and still does, promote a high officer in the Vatican’s Jesuitical, “Knights of Malta”. Jerry Boykin, former commander of the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center Special Forces Psychological Operations, is that man.

The Order of Malta is a religious order of the Vatican. Jerry Boykin holds the title of Grand Chancellor with the Vatican’s Jesuitical, “Knights of Malta”. See photo below and the documentation.

Boykin is a retired general that is quite controversial regarding the Middle East. See here too.

He seems to hold Dominionist beliefs:

From last link:

"He told a church group in Oregon that special operations forces were victorious in Iraq because of their faith in God. "Ladies and gentlemen, I want to impress upon you that the battle that we're in is a spiritual battle," he said. "Satan wants to destroy this nation, he wants to destroy us as a nation, and he wants to destroy us as a Christian army."

I remember when I encountered the fact that Chuck Smith was going to be speaking with Boykin at a Epiccenter conference in 2009 as well as with Rosenberg and being very disturbed to find this out.

"On Saturday, April 4th, at San Diego's Cox Arena, thousands of people from around the world joined together to hear Joel Rosenberg, (Ret.) Lt. Gen William Boykin, Pastor Chuck Smith, and other guest speakers explain today’s global crises in the light of Bible prophecy."

Here is another Epicenter conference related DVD with other Calvary Chapel preachers...

Join Pastor Skip Heitzig and best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg for this feature documentary based upon Rosenberg's Epicenter, a non-fiction, New York Times best seller. This amazing DVD contains interviews with a variety of key leaders from government, business, and Christian ministry, including former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Dr. Tim LaHaye, Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie, and a former PLO terrorist. Examining the relationship between current events and Bible prophecy, this documentary investigates the question, Are we living in the last days?

Back to Boykin, this article points out the odd connection of Calvary Chapel with this general and his politics.

Honors for hosting the most controversial book signing of the week go to Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, which Friday night hosts retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, who famously said George W. Bush was not elected by a majority of Americans but "appointed by God," and that America is hated around the world because it is "a Christian nation."

As detailed in Never Surrender: A Soldier's Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom, the new book he co-authored with Lynn Vincent, Boykin has found himself at the center of some of the country's most contentious military actions. He does have quite a resume.

After joining the U.S. Army's elite Delta Force in 1978, William G. "Jerry" Boykin was in on: the 1980 Iranian hostage rescue failure; the 1989 invasion of Panama and capture of brutal dictator Manuel Noriega; the 1992 hunt for notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar; and the 1993 seige of the Branch Davidian complex in Waco, Texas (where Boykin served as special advisor to Janet Reno).

One reason I departed from Calvary Chapel was the false eschatology married to the pro-neo con 'invade the Middle East' politics as well as false teachings and deceptions regarding Israel and other matters. Calvary Chapel magazine was so pro-Middle Eastern war, that every article about Iraq and Afghanistan even if some witnessing to the soldiers was mentioned read like "join the Army" ads. I suppose they would think why not invite a guy, who supports their political and eschatological endeavors? But then maybe that goes both ways?

All I know is it seems to be related to an overall deception and trap for evangelicals which has succeeded in ushering the majority into it's clutches.

Consider the ramifications of a Knights of Malta association here. The "new world order" connections are thick as thieves. The deceptions being sold to Christians are also very immense. As far as Calvary Chapel goes, the NWO definitely has it's claws in and good but sadly that seems to be true of most of the denominations out there.

With the "war of civilizations" crowd, remember these verses...

Luke: 54 And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?

55 But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.

56 For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them. And they went to another village.

Boykin has made the round of many churches....

Don't think for a minute many out there wouldn't be beyond abusing bible prophecy to spread their false messages. I've explored on many articles on this blog how false teachings about the rapture, temple rebuilding, all tie into the nefarious doings in the Middle East and Rome's desire for Jerusalem. Beware of any of so called "Christians" who exhort everyone to join with those who want to "call down fire" on anyone....[yes there are Islamic jihadists and nations have right to defend themselves but our country which is growing more bankrupt by the minute has been bankrupted by these latest Vatican "crusades"] What is the Christian's first duty, call for war? or the preaching of the gospel?

Roger Oakland points this out...

Understand The Times currently suspects the Vatican is uniting Protestants, Catholics & Mormons together by using the common hatred of Muslims as the unifier in the United States. However, this is just speculation based on observation. We know from scripture that hatred of people brings spiritual blindness. Satan blinds Christians with hatred and while in a state of blindness, he deceives. Pride brings deception, Obadiah 1:3 – “The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee…”

Luke 6:35 – “But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for He is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

I agree. Those who preach hatred for a whole group of people: watch out for them. The Vatican and NWO wants it's war of civilizations. They are using the churches for a political agenda, and it looks like Calvary Chapel and many others are following right along.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Jesus Christ did not send us out with the sword of man, but with the Sword of the Spirit. We are not soldiers of an earthly army, but of that which battles principalities on high places--demonic forces and the only Weapon that works against them is the Word, which is the Truth. We are sojourners here, and are not to regain the dominion of a world that is devoted to destruction and is accursed. When Christians set about establishing an earthly city and an earthly temple, they are working for the enemy, and have been deceived and flattered. The false eschatology of pre-rapture, earthly Israel and an earthly temple is just plain falsehood--the Devil's doctrines. Remember, the Vatican set out in the 1200's to capture Israel, and unleashed the plague of the Moslems in the first place, and she has never tired of wanting that city. This is the same old "I will ascend upon the mount of the I AM". Let's get real here: Scripture is quite clear. When Christ returns is when the gathering takes place, and that is the last day of earth. The Temple is now the Body of Christ and no other, and that is the Temple that is being built, of stones that are the Elect among the Jews and the Gentiles held together by the Chief Cornerstone. When the last stone is placed--the last soul called to Jesus Christ and brought to the Father by Jesus Christ, that is the moment that Jesus Christ shall return. Finito! Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

I agree, these churches are following the Sword of man. My distress at watching this stuff, was when the neo-con parade was in full swing, and we watched all the churches lining up with a certain agenda....Dominionist to the hilt which is all about owning and conquering this world.

A false Antichrist triumphalism married to the cause of the state all directed by the Vatican. Hey I watched many non-believers say to me "why are "Christians" so bloodthirsty for war?" I saw the defense for torture even on a so called Christan message board circa 2004. We know and are aware, that these false churches and preachers praise the police state and call for more war with the politicians. They never warn their congregations of what is coming, or happening. The Dominionists as I have exposed on this message board time and time again, are overt with their desire to conquer this world. [The Seven Mountains] What is this world's fate but to be burned up in the last days? We are not to trust in this world. I agree it is accursed. We may enjoy the beauty of God's creation, but we know what sin has brought to this planet, control and DOMINIONISM is totally of Satan. What gets me is how so called "Christians" praise more and more wars. These wars have done nothing but bring America to economic ruin and bring more death and destruction to other parts of the world. What is Christian about "The Plan for the New American Century" and integrating the "gap" nations for the one world government and religion? Nothing. This is war in the flesh, where power and the things of this earth comes first, not the true spiritual warfare used with Gods Word. Yes the temple rebuilding plays into this, as they tell all the Christians to look to earthly Jerusalem and Israel, when Jesus Christ Himself told us over and over "My kingdom is NOT of this world." They have set the "Christian" world up for betrayal. I am praying more wake up and stop aligning themselves with evil. I ask myself as this world descends into worse things and later the Trib itself, how many will fall away [those who never had true faith to begin with] as their promised rapture never comes? The false teachings of the Rapture have taken away compassion and common sense, as my article on Christian Zionism: "I can't wait for Armaggeddon points out!" The devil's doctrines leading to those who lust for war, power and destruction of men's lives instead of what Jesus Christ preached which is "For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them." For these false preachers it is the complete opposite. The Vatican still desires Jerusalem and there we will see the deception.
I agree the true Temple is Jesus Christ's church, not a earthly nation, or city, or temple.
1Cr 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and [that] the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

Bible Believer said...

Roger also shares this link:

One thing to remember that Oak Intiative group, with Boykin and Joyner as members is hooked in with Lausanne...


Bible Believer said...

Roger at his link also mentions the Riptide video where he writes:

"What is a high officer in the Vatican’s Jesuitical “Knights of Malta” doing, speaking at a Calvary Chapel sponsored “prophecy” event? Why is Greg Laurie endorsing “one world religion”, “pro-Vatican” Rick Warren? Why is Skip Heitzig inviting the emergent Leonard Sweet to speak at his conferences? Why is Brian Brodersen holding ecumenical events in England? Who is watching out for the flocks at Calvary Chapel or any of these other churches?

Check out the roots of all this. Watch “Riptide”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT5zKXRbYeQ

Skip Heitzig is the host of “Riptide”. He is obviously connected with Boykin.

Who is Kathryn Kuhlman and why is she so important to the roots of the Calvary Chapel movement as revealed in Riptide?"

I went to go watch this more in depth...


... where they make the "revolutions" of the 60s/70s look like spontaneous stuff..including the Jesus People movement....

For those who want to go deep on their research...I found this website the other week...

I do not know much about it's author,. but draw your own conclusions about how "spontaneous" all of this within music, entertainment and religion all was based on what you read there...
Scroll down to the Laurel Canyon section


Part 1

Bible Believer said...

Here is the other version of Riptide on Youtube


Anonymous said...

Roger seems pretty anti Calvary Chapel ever since they cancelled his weekly teaching slot. I wonder why he still preaches at Calvary Chapels. Is'nit this akin to "sharing a platform" with those he writes against?

Anonymous said...

I just saw that one youtube showing that demonic divination going on, the screeching, moaning, emotionalism, and the tribal drums! WOW! WOW! WOW! It appeared as if I were watching some ancient pagan gathering! Purely SATANIC! Somebody on CR we both know provided the link, giving you the credit for having provided it in the past. Anon. #1

Anonymous said...

That's a good question from the Anon. above me (Anon. #1). I've been wondering about that too. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

What Calvary Chapels has he *recently* preached at? I wonder if there are some like-minded preachers? Maybe they agree and are supporters. But then if they are like-minded with Roger and totally against the ecumenical movement and false teachings in Calvary Chapel, wouldn't they already had been tossed out by Calvary Chapel? If they haven't been and if they are vocal enough they may be on their way. Then also wouldn't some of them be freely making the decision to BREAK AWAY? [biblical separation from apostasy] I have heard before the claim there are preachers who are upset against the ecumenical stuff, etc, used to ask a certain somebody, well WHO ARE THEY? Acouple here will know what I am talking from a certain message board. If there are other Calvary Chapel preachers warning about Catholic involvement, Jesuit infiltration and about Lausanne, etc, those are some guys I would want to know about. One thing with Calvary Chapel, they do have bible conferences at many of the big churches where they warn the people of the "emergent" movement and they warn of some things, but they leave a lot out.

Bible Believer said...

Yes I saw that Rick Joyner video and I couldnt take more then a few minutes, I had to turn it off before it was done. Just watching that one girl all slouched down like she had passed out was enough. Rick Joyner is a definite false teacher, if you never have seen his website check it out. The falcon logo is interesting...


Anonymous said...

Roger doesn't speak at Calvary Chapels but stays in contact with those who support him. There are Calvary Chapel pastors that are on the verge of leaving and there are those that know they should leave but are struggling with it due to it's their income.

This is of course a faith issue.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Calvary Chapel style of teaching is really great, for a Bible Study.

However, this style of teaching is not how Paul or Jesus spoke to the churches.

When Paul wrote all those letters and Jesus spoke to the seven churches, they were both delivering a message to a certain group at that point in time to meet their unique spiritual needs. And they were met.

I believe the Lord wants to reach His followers in "real time" using the Bible as a foundation for whatever is delivered.

This would require the pastor to be on his face in utter humility seeking the throne room of God for whatever message the Lord wants to deliver to that group of people at that point in time.

This would also be a test to the flock if the pastor truly has the Holy Spirit.

Calvary Chapel does an excellent job of teaching a "history lesson" with a few scriptures thrown in.

The Calvary Chapel "formula" makes it very easy for a Satan worshiper to be a pastor and deliver "ghost written" messages. Because the messages would be true in nature, it wouldn't reveal if the pastor truly is Spirit filled. It would be very easy for the pastor to be a Freemason, a Jesuit, whatever.

Checking the fruit of people (what Jesus told us to do) is a very long process, it could take years. Most people in churches might shake the hand of a pastor or share a cup of coffee with one but personality isn't the test.

When someone is truly filled with the Holy Spirit, it will be revealed not only with what's spoken but through decisions and when the person doesn't realize they are being watched.

American Christians are probably the most gullible because we haven't had persecution. In China, you don't invite people to church because they could be infiltrators. They observe over time, then invite.

Calvary Chapel has many problems and the real fruit (bad) is starting to show itself in the higher ranks. I know there are many Calvary Chapel pastors that truly want to serve the Lord, so they are stuck with a decision to make.

To have Jesuit friendly Jerry Boykin hopping all over the world with Chuck Smith, and all the cardinals (Mike McIntosh, Skip Heitzig, Brian Brodersen, Greg Laurie and Jack Hibbs) all cozening up with the Dominionist (Vatican), Emergent (Vatican)guys, Rick Warren (Vatican) & ecumenism (Vatican)- TRUTH is being revealed.

Bible Believer said...

I am happy that Roger Oakland has some pastors who support him. I am praying that the born again Christians in Calvary Chapel as a whole listen to the Holy Spirit and "come out of her" even if there is cost to it. We know Roger has, so perhaps some pastors even will follow as well.

I agree that the "line by line bible reading" where a chapter is read every Sunday, really proves nothing, and could provide "cover" given that there is a difference between a God-lead pastor preaching a message led by the Holy Spirit and someone just reading that week's Bible chapter and putting a different spin on it. The Catholic church claims the SAME THING, "We read the entire Bible in three years--of course this is with Daily mass readings thrown in, and there is much that is cut out but we know they teach false things, so their claim to cover the whole Bible on the face of things is absolutely meaningless.

I agree it provides "cover", for even a wayward Catholic priest, they get up and do their already "chosen reading" for the week, and there is no personal prayer or leading there. While the Calvary Chapel pastor may pick the chapter, it's really no different. So yes, you are right this leads them open to infiltrators. Just one of those "helps" using the Bible to provide cover.


Bible Believer said...

I would say the fruit of those who have aligned with the antichrist world system, politics--their recent meeting with CATHOLIC Newt Gingrich, religion, Knights of Malta, Lausanne or tied in organizations things like the CNP, ecumenical Billy Graham Association all spells trouble and rotten festering fruits. We have discussed that Christians in America are woefully in denial about the reality of Luciferian deception. This doesn't mean we can point to ever false pastor out there, as being a knowing deceiver, certainly there are many who are simply misled like the people in the pews, buying into all the ecumenical propaganda but I believe it's happening and many at the top know exactly what they are doing.

Sad to say the bowing before mammon and Vatican [leading everyone home to Rome], is happening in just about every denomination out there. Many have had to leave the churches because so few stand against the "system" and are fully involved with it. Even some of the fundamentalists are being drawn in via Dominionist politics and support for the police state. I showed a video some months ago as many of the false evangelical leaders bowed before the Pope when he came to visit America. That said it all.

With Calvary Chapel though, there is something more insidious, in that they make claims of being a biblical "discerning" denomination. Lots of supposedly "discerning conferences" about bible prophecy, and deception...Check out the "godly conferences" website, or conferences like Red River, tons of them..where the bible teachers get up and say, "I am going to warn you and tell you the truth" so while they throw a few truths in, they will throw in praise of Billy Graham and what is interesting what they DO LEAVE OUT.

Endless bible conferences to delude many well-meaning followers warning about "emergents", "false Catholic doctrines" and "safe-topics", while the Jesuit-Vatican-ecumenical parade went on behind closed doors and well now they aren't even bothering to hide it anymore. They know there are enough spiritually blind in the pews, to parade around with Catholic politicians, Knights of Malta neo-con politicians and leaders, Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, and Rick Warren and get away with it. Yes truth is being revealed and hopefully more will realize that Calvary Chapel too is part of the 'system" leading people into deception. The American church has become blinded and deceived, they let culture lead them, and they let the glamor, popularity and celebrity of many of a false preacher lead them to perdition. They have been so indoctrinated, that anyone who calls themselves a "Christian" is automatically seen as part of the Body of Christ including Rick Warren and the Pope. We are seeing the one world religion in action and any church that has joined with the things exposed here and by Roger, definitely is part of it.

Bible Believer said...

Oh I went out and checked the Calvary Chapel Pastor's conference happening now...

They have a representative from BGEA [Billy Graham's Association right there on the roster]


"Ross Rhoads
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Charlotte, N.C."

I believe Billy Graham has basically been one of the main pied pipers for the one world religion and antichrist Pope for decades.

Abbey said...

I read all about Laurel Canyon and it's shocking to see all the dots connected. All those musicians flowing to the Canyon at the SAME TIME is too much to consider a coincidence. It left me speechless. All the satanism, murders, sex, drugs and drinking, early deaths etc.. A large number of them had one or both parents in the military. They all were associated to each other in some way. Chilling.

I was so disappointed when I first started learning about certain pastors from Calvary Chapel. To be hobnobbing with the likes of Knights of Malta torturers (Jerry Boykin)and a church system that is so foreign to Christianity is appalling. What's with the slogan, Born to Battle? We know it really doesn't have anything to do with spiritual battle AGAINST Satan but for him. Unfortunately I agree with you about Billy Graham. True men of God are NOT always socializing with politicians, the elite and pagan churches. Whether Luciferian agents or the deceived, they are quickly marching us toward the one world religion. The Protestants are no longer protesting anything anymore but jumping in bed with the Harlot. :(

I do believe that most of these pastors are plants. Others are deceived. It amazes me because they're the ones that went to Bible College and they can't see? I know some are blind because they get caught up in the lust for a big church and congregation. It becomes pride. The number in the pews doesn't mean anything if the majority aren't saved.

Anonymous said...

Those "Bible" colleges are breeding grounds for falsehoods that are instilled into those becoming pastors. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

anon, yes they are indoctrinating the pastors at the bible colleges, the endless globalist flavored dumbed down seminar parade isn't helping either.

Abbey, I read the Laurel Canyon stuff on that website last week and just astonishing, the whole 60s movement was NOT spontaneous but was planned, and I believe that applies to the RELIGIOUS department of it all too beyond entertainment, and the drug culture. Yeah all the musicians going to the Canyon at the same time, with parents of all of a certain occupation, is not by accident. As I point out to folks, it's like a giant spiderweb, and so many of them are interconnected.

I was disappointed too to learn about what so many of the pastors of Calvary Chapel were into as well. What is sad is the sheer numbers in Calvary Chapel pews who think they are being discerning . I guess we all found out it was far worse then hobnobbing with ecumenical pied piper and Pope praiser Billy Graham and his son.

Yeah the "born to battle" is a hyper-militant slogan...they are no different then Catholic "church militant" wanting to go out and fight the "unbelievers", conquering and calling down "fire on them".You are right it is work for Satan.

I definitely agree with what you say here:

"Whether Luciferian agents or the deceived, they are quickly marching us toward the one world religion. The Protestants are no longer protesting anything anymore but jumping in bed with the Harlot. :("

The majority of Protestant churches now are daughters of the whore and subservient to her. I also believe many of the pastors are plants as well. Ignorance, never being saved, desire for a huge church, celebrity and influence doesn't explain the sheer immensity of the displayed "networks". Yeah huge numbers of deceived people means nothing.

Anonymous said...

Roger DOES indeed preach at Calvary Chapels and will tomorrow (12 June 2011). Not only that, these Calvary's are not in the process or verge of leaving Calvary. I wonder why he doesn't post it on his "ministry activity" section of his website? Is he afraid of these kind of questions being asked if he did? Would he be seen as hypocritical if he did? Strange situation!

Bible Believer said...

Last anon, could you email me the link to the conference or event he is speaking at. How did you find out [biblebeliever2@gmail.com] Where is he speaking? Could that be one of the Calvary Chapel pastors about to depart? Perhaps that particular Calvary Chapel pastor agrees with him. I know I would find it strange unless that pastor is in total agreement about what Roger has warned of which is definitely possible. They do need to depart and seperate themselves and their flock though.

Anonymous said...

As a researcher for Roger Oakland and the lead author of this "exposure" this blog has posted, I know that Roger is no longer on the Calvary Chapel circuit. Calvary Chapel is not a "monolith". Pastors think independently and base their own decisions.

I know Roger stays in contact with some CC pastors even though Roger has officially ended the relationship with the Calvary Chapel "corporation" in Costa Mesa.

Roger does love them enough to tell them the truth. Someone has to because it isn't coming from the leadership at CCCM.

As far as Roger speaking on June 12, 2011 at a Calvary Chapel, it must be out of the country. I spoke with Roger this morning and I know he was on the road. I will contact later to.

I will email Galatians 4 Blog with details.

We have to remember that exposing the Vatican, Jesuits, Jerry Boykin will bring out their blog "disinfo agents" to smear Roger.

This is the price of laying down one's life for the brethren. In order to overcome Satan, we must not love our lives unto death(Rev 12).

Bible Believer said...

Thank you last anon {researcher and writer for Roger Oakland}. I appreciate your input. I know anything can happen, because I posted on a Christian message board that Roger Oakland had left Calvary Chapel {it is a place where I did warn about Calvary Chapel for some time} and someone came on and denied THIS and said no he has not, he only left Cosa Mesa So I've seen things like this before. Just total confusion.

Even though Roger himself had written or had posted his leaving on the "Understand the Times" website they still insisted they were right. So yes very strange things like that can happen and do. I am glad to hear he is no longer on the Calvary Chapel circuit. I can also understand someone being in a church for 30 years even if they left that church still having some personal contacts. I have not heard from anon above yet. I am glad Roger is telling them the truth. With the Catholic stuff and infiltration of the churches and the gathering them into the one world religion, there is lots of disinformation and game playing out there. I have met even those who warned of a new world order, the deception of the Grahams and done a 180 degree turn in defense of false teachings. We all have to be careful and keep in prayer. I know the modus operanti is to smear the watchmen, and know there are many who would want to sow confusion for the father of lies. I've seen it in action myself. Praying for you, Roger and your ministry and hoping more are woken up in Calvary Chapel and other churches.

CC id# 370 said...

Thank you LORD for Roger Oakland's boldness to shine a bright light on the darkness going on within Calvary Chapel. Roger has been given a task that is not easy. Most would be like Jonah and run from the task at hand. Strengthen Roger and encourage him LORD God, and give him the words to write and speak. May you LORD give those of us the ears to hear as well. And LORD if it is time to jump from the sinking ship I pray you give me the boldness to do so in a biblical manner, and that I would hear your voice and respond. Most of all thank you God for your son Jesus and what you accomplished at Calvary.

Bible Believer said...

God Bless you CC. Lets all keep praying for Roger, God will help give you strength to leave and do so in the correct manner. I praise God, that someone like Roger is exposing what is happening and had the courage to come forth.

Miguel Hayworth said...

please check the latest video on the subject


Bible Believer said...

Thanks Miguel, I am going to post that video itself on the blog.