Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lots of Odd Handshakes!

From the Revolution Harry Blog:

"Proof Pope Benedict is a Freemason: Facilitating Masonic Ecumenicalism for the Third Temple".

I am planning to do a more comprehensive posting on the Masons, but one thing I believe is the Pope RUNS the Masonic orders. It took me years to figure that one out. Rome makes such a big to-do about the Masonic orders supposedly trying to infiltrate them and playing the smokescreens of being against the Masons. While many of the lower level Protestants and others in the masonic orders do not know who are all those rituals are for or who they have pledged allegiance too, more of the higher ups know. When I learned about the "hand signs" of the "brotherhood" and how the many orders and societies like the Knights of Malta operated with the Pope, and started seeing too many "odd" handshakes, it helped to wake me up. Well others have noticed too.

Watch the video and read the rest at the link...


Abbey said...

Once you are aware of the hand signs, you can't help but notice them. As we know, some of the hand positions aren't comfortable to do and obviously are signals to other members.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah you do notice them, and notice what are unnatural positions but definitely being done on purpose, you will see many of them in the entertainment, this is how they mark themselves for each other.

I am going to put up this link with the caveat, one can learn some info from Tex Marrs but be careful of the disinfo, he does the whole "blame the Jews" game emphasizing them over the Vatican, so read with discernment but there is a lot on hand signs that are used here...


Bible Believer said...

correction for above, "you will see a lot of them in the entertainment world, politics, and religion including "Christianity". I picked up some free religion magazines from the library, different TBN folks, with their own mags, handsigns galore.

Sam said...

Just like to give you a link to another form of infiltration from freemasonry into protestant religion.


The Orange Order and the other Orders spoken of in the above site aren't usually spoken about by those who speak about Freemasonry and how it affects organised christianity.

I first came across this Loyal Orange stuff when i went into a "christian" bookstore to get a Bible on one occasion. I came across some literature in there that had terminology like "worshipful brother." I of course immediately thought this sounds like Freemasonry. Well I started asking questions... When the lady saw i wasn't satisfied with the answers she went out the back and conversed with someone there. When she came back I was ushered out back to speak with this person. He came out of a somewhat darkened hall. I asked him about the terminology that i had seen in the literature. All I got from him was denials of any Masonic connections, and his whole spirit was anything but loving and warm. I was quite glad to get out of there it was quite spooky. My questions were VERY unwelcome from start to finish... I am sure you understand what i mean having encountered the same yourself many times.

Any way I am sure you will find the site given interest for research purposes. God bless.