Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is Your Church Yoked to the United Nations?

This is a post script to the Platt article too.

Platt refers his church members to the United Nations "World Food Programme" to solve "poverty". See this link, it's right there on the bottom right! I have taken a screenshot of the link.

Here is the "World Food Programme" website, it is definitely a United Nations group.

Any church signed on to the United Nation or any of it's official organizations or NGOs, has gone in with the BEAST system of the Antichrist. I am not going to mince words. Most of my readers here, already know the evil spirit roots of the United Nations and how it promotes world government and how the Popes have advanced the cause of the United Nations for world government. It is one main vehicle for the global elites, to usher in their "new world order".

So any church hooked to the United Nations, has already lost the way.

See one of my earliest posts here too: "The One World Church: The Beast Gets Ready For Deception"

One thing there are many front groups and evangelical organizations and others who are yoked into the global management system too. We already know that is true of the Roman Catholic church, and main liners but many do not realize it applies to the evangelical churches as well. The World Evangelical Movement with its endless groups and global mission networks, often has United Nations connections and or suggest UN groups for donations such as we see on Platt's church website!

The one world church is joining around not only Rome but the United Nations:

With the Pope and Vatican, there is no question they work together.The Pope uses the UN as a vehicle to do much of his geo-political dirty work. Read Vatican 2 documents, nothing but endless praise for the United Nations.

We know that the World Council of Churches works with the UN. They of course represent a vast array of mainline and other churches.

The WCC and the United Nations

For over 50 years, the WCC, through the Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (CCIA), has maintained a constant and active presence at the United Nations. In the early years there were offices in New York (UN Headquarters), London, Geneva (UNHCR and ILO), Paris (UNESCO), and close liaison with Rome (FAO). Today only the Geneva and New York UN Headquarters Liaison Offices remain, though consultative relations have further been established with virtually the whole family of UN-related agencies (UNEP, UNDP, UNCTAD, WHO, etc.)

Well that is a given.

Many of the false cults, have their UN offices too, yes even the ones who tell the people in the pews, that the UN is evil and part of the antichrist system.

The "Seventh Day Adventists" [see here and here too]

At the first link, they write...

"For more than a century Seventh-day Adventists have been active promoters of religious freedom. We recognize the need to champion freedom of conscience and religion as a fundamental human right, in harmony with the instruments of the United Nations."

With the Jehovah Witnesses, there was major controversy when it was discovered they were working with the UN.

But let's look at the evangelical churches? How many are promoting the United Nations via a variety of causes, that match those of the global elite or joining directly with United Nations NGOs?

We know that Annie Lotz Graham [Billy Graham's daughter] did a speech at a UN Millennium World Peace Summit about 11 years ago. Billy Graham we know has visited himself...

It was my privilege to be the guest of a secretary general at the United Nations in New York.

Rick Warren who influences even the SBC [invited as a speaker recently to their annual conference] definitely is a United Nations supporter, with his UN driven P.E.A.C.E Program and speeches to UN dignitaries

The Lausanne Movement and it's leaders support the United Nations and it's globalist causes. Here is one example of a leader praising the UN...

"Praise God for:
His faithfulness in your life and family every day.
His provisions, grace and protection.
For the open doors of ministry He is giving His body in various places in the world (Thank God especially for the open door to hold a United Nations Prayer Summit in NY at the UN between 8th and the 12th of September)."

Here is a second example, John Stott was the chairman of the first Lausanne drafting committee:

The church also has a responsibility to the state, and in particular to pray for the leaders of the nations (verse 1 and 2a). The church cannot stop with prayer, however. In addition it has a duty, insofar as it is able, to be the nation's conscience, and to remind leaders of their God-ordained role. Therefore, we not only call upon God for our leaders, but we call upon our leaders themselves to guarantee freedom of thought and conscience, and freedom to practice and propagate religion. These freedoms have been set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was unanimously adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in December, 1948, with eight abstentions.

So for those still in a church, who are reading this blog, ask yourself some questions, if you are told to donate to a UN group, or if your church has official ties to the United Nations.



Anonymous said...

well i know that the pope and catholic society has thier agenda with the UN to deceive the entire human family and its going to use religion as a tool force the entire Globe to the submitt to the New World System of the UN

and this is the trick " it will be done in obidence to GOD" people of the worl dont be deceived by it. Its comming

Bible Believer said...

I agree. I believe there is worldwide deception coming. They will follow the usual Order out of Chaos formula in some way or use fear to herd people into where they want them. They will claim it it is "god's" will...

Anonymous said...

Do you have an email address you might share? Would like to share some information on Lausanne.