Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Greg Laurie and His Interesting Friends

One thing I have noticed about the wolves or possible wolves, is they are invited without reservation to the worldly halls of power, the politicians gladly open their doors, the celebrities come calling and PR opportunities abound! If your pastor or the top leaders of whatever denomination you are associated with are making a habit of hanging out with top celebrities, politicians, and more, remind yourself about what Jesus says about those the world loves. Being a "friend of the world" and its power brokers is not a good sign!

Jam 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

Greg Laurie has made the whole halls of power circuit, hobnobbing with all sorts of falsely teaching religious figures even with time spent at the White House.

Click on the picture of a black camera in the upper right hand side at his website below, and then Click on the "Friends and Faces" section:

Go to this link:

There are pictures of Greg Laurie, with Chuck Colson, James Dobson, Franklin Graham---twice, Billy Graham, and with a few presidents thrown in the mix. Consider Colson's and Dobson's advance roles in leading evangelicals to Rome, I find those connections quite interesting. There are 20 pictures all together, click on the numbered links...

Picture # 5. he is with Chuck Norris, #7 [I think that is his wife]-Cathe meets President Bush, #8 Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie are shown together, #11 is a picture of Laurie meeting Chuck Colson at the White House. [Let's not forget that Chuck Colson is a co-author of Catholics and Evangelicals Together as well as the ecumenical Manhattan Declaration] #13, Laurie is pictured with Franklin Graham and a cousin, #14 James Dobson at the White House, #15, Larry King with Rod Parsley and Laurie together--would Larry King let on any true preachers on to his show? #16 is another picture of Laurie and Franklin Graham together, #19 is Laurie and Billy Graham together [see this blog entry as well] and #20 reads "With the presidents at the Billy Graham dedication. From Left to Right: Jane Graham, Franklin Graham, myself, President and Mrs. Bush [my comment--this is Bush Sr with Barbara Bush], Cathe, President Jimmy Carter."

There is far more then that too, as Laurie being chosen to preach at the Republican National Convention in 2004. Watch video of it here.[was not able to embed it]

One quote from this speech:

"And thank you tonight Lord especially for President and Mrs. Bush. Thank you for the fact that our President, George W. Bush looks to you for wisdom each and every day. Thank you for giving him that wisdom and guiding his steps. May You continually guide him into the center of Your will for his life and our country."

The association with Chuck Colson, top ecumenist also speaks for itself, from Laurie's own blog...

"Yes,I would be thrilled to have Chuck Colson speak anytime he wants for us!"

Now guilt by association can be a dubious thing, many of us are surrounded by unbelievers, and know even non-Christians we may run into, but what are we to think when the connections to the halls of power are so immense and numerous. Would a preacher preaching the truth be invited to the top tiers of power? I dare to say, "NO, that would not be happening!"

Doesn't the question come up naturally, why is this preacher schmoozing so effortlessly in the halls of power and celebrity?-- which brings one to ask, if someone is THAT loved by the world, perhaps there is a problem.

Lest people think I am just pointing to Greg Laurie, he is just one example, there are dozens who are intertwined with the politicians, celebrities and world of entertainment and politics. We know Billy Graham who was known as the "Pastor to Presidents" follows that road even more extensively, there are many many others. If you see your preacher hanging out with those sorts, effortlessly with no challenge, ask yourself "WHY? Is my preacher a FRIEND OF THE WORLD?"

While researching for this article, I also found out that Greg Laurie had early connections with Lonnie Frisbee, [remember Lonnie Frisbee who admitted he became a "christian" via LSD?] I posted about him here, exploring the early history of Calvary Chapel in my blog entry titled "Lonnie Frisbee, The Jesus Movement and the Early Years of Calvary Chapel".

Check out this link....and has an picture of a very young Greg Laurie...

The blogger writes:

"Greg and I attended the same high school. We Christians would gather out on the front lawn every Friday in a big circle to eat our lunch while a guest speaker would be sharing with us.

It was during one of these lunch fellowships that Lonnie Frisbee singled out Greg. Greg came into the center of the circle and fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and came up born again. Funny thing, today someone has planted a tree right where Greg got saved, with some other trees in a big circle around it, as if to memorialize the event.

Greg took off running, he taught anyone that would listen to the things he was getting out of the Word of God. So much so that he was approaching obnoxious with a capital O. None of us back then had any idea that he was being called to teach and to evangelize, he was just one of the gang.

It is truly a small world. Greg got saved through the direct ministry of Lonnie Frisbee (My spiritual father in the Lord through whom I got saved) was present in the early days of Shekinah Fellowship with Brant Baker and Randy West. Greg built his entire ministry upon the ministry foundation of Lonnie Frisbee. Most historians only attribute two great moves of God to Lonnie Frisbee, I attribute Harvest Christian Fellowship and Harvest Crusades directly to Lonnie's foundational work at All Saints Episcopal.

All Saints Episcopal in Riverside California had invited Lonnie to hold services there for awhile. Which resulted in several hundred new believers. Greg stepped in and built upon this foundation of new believers. With the help of Chuck Smith, Greg was able to build a strong church on this foundation. That small group became Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California USA, one of the eight largest churches in America, as well as the third largest in California."

I found this to be very interesting and went to go find out, is this true?

I found this link which backed it up...and

Well on Greg Laurie's blog on the "About Me" page he writes this...

"Then a young man named Lonnie Frisbee stood up with a Bible in his hand. He was a youth Pastor with Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa where the Jesus movement was in full swing. With his shoulder-length hair and beard, he almost looked the way I had seen Jesus depicted in paintings and in the movies. He opened the Bible and began to speak. Although I listened to what he said that day, I don’t remember many of his comments except for one statement: Jesus said, “You are either for Me or against Me.” What side are you on?"

[snip for space see rest at link]

But before I knew quite what was happening, I found myself standing with a handful of other brave souls, praying with the long-haired minister to receive Jesus Christ into my heart and life. I had the distinct sensation that a tremendous weight had been lifted off my shoulders. In no uncertain terms, I knew my life had changed dramatically. That was in 1970."

I thought him too??


Anonymous said...

When I read this portion:

"It was during one of these lunch fellowships that Lonnie Frisbee singled out Greg. Greg came into the center of the circle and fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and came up born again. Funny thing, today someone has planted a tree right where Greg got saved, with some other trees in a big circle around it, as if to memorialize the event.

Greg took off running, he taught anyone that would listen to the things he was getting out of the Word of God. So much so that he was approaching obnoxious with a capital O. None of us back then had any idea that he was being called to teach and to evangelize, he was just one of the gang."

I was distinctly reminded of the verses describing King Saul prophesying, and people saying, Is Saul also among the prophets? That didn't turn out too well, did it? Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

Yes I agree, that didn't turn out too well either.. The part there I didn't mention due to space in the article, is what is all that weird stuff about planting a tree with a circle of other trees around it? That is very odd as well.....

news4themasses said...

good job on the post!

Bible Believer said...

Thanks news4themasses, God bless you.

Labby said...

"Greg came into the center of the circle and fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and came up born again."

What is this? Was he slain in the spirit? That's what it sounds like and that is not a good thing to say you became a Christian that way. I don't believe that is from our Father, knowing what I know now and having come through the Jesus Movement, Jesus festivals, and many charismatic meetings. Not good.

Bible Believer said...

Wow Labby, thanks for pointing that out!


Witches draw a circle to do their rituals in. [when one adds in the weird tree planting it gets even creepier].

If he was slain in the spirit that is either faked or demonic.

Jer 7:24 But they hearkened not, nor inclined their ear, but walked in the counsels [and] in the imagination of their evil heart, and went backward, and not forward.

Who gets born again, by being "slain in the spirit"?

Labby said...

I'm not sure what to think because I always liked Greg Laurie although I was not a regular listener. This is from his blog:

This impassioned preacher told the group that anyone who wanted to know Jesus in a personal way should get up and walk forward. Then he would lead in a prayer. I dropped my head and thought, if it truly is possible to know Jesus in a personal way, I would love that. Immediately, the doubts came: What if this isn’t real? What if Jesus says no to me? I just can’t do it!

But before I knew quite what was happening, I found myself standing with a handful of other brave souls, praying with the long-haired minister to receive Jesus Christ into my heart and life. I had the distinct sensation that a tremendous weight had been lifted off my shoulders. In no uncertain terms, I knew my life had changed dramatically. That was in 1970.

So, it doesn't strike me as odd that there were teenagers sitting around in a circle. That is pretty typical. What is possibly odd is the trees planted in such a way? I'm going to look into Lonnie Frisbee a bit more. Be right back : )

Labby said...

Oh, yea, same cast of characters. Vineyard, Calvary Chapel, Jesus Movement, signs and wonders, "seeing prophet", mystic, hmmmmmm. It ALWAYS comes back to these same people in my searches of the fake gospel. Never met the guy, but : (


Here's a website that has audio and is his "official" biography that he gave permission to do before his early death:


Labby said...

Let me guess, this guy Lonnie is from Laurel Canyon or wherever these "canyons" are? There's another one from the canyons of California with a very suspicious background. Don't know much about him, but what I'm reading causes me pause, but if he was a REAL follower of Jesus, then only God knows for sure.

From website:

"Synopsis: As an acid-dropping hippie in 1967, Lonnie Frisbee was accustomed to going in and out of “trips”. Leading his nudist friends into the canyons of Southern California, the group would take off their clothes, do drugs, and seek spiritual experiences. One day, Lonnie Frisbee definitely got his wish."

Bible Believer said...

I know so much of it "sounds good" like Laurie's testimony...But I warned here about teens and others who are brought forward and who think they are saved, but are not.


Wanting to know Jesus is a GOOD thing, but if one is not truly born again and truly repenting or following the true Jesus then it is for naught. Yeah you are right about the circle, they could have been all sitting in one, the tree planting stuff to me, is JUST WEIRD. Who plants trees to mark where they got born again?

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for those links Labby...

I would like to see that movie on Lonnie Frisbee, would be interesting pertaining to these discussions.

Here is description here:

Imagine if John the Baptist came of age during the 1960s counter culture, the charisma of Jim Morrison flowing from the mantle of an Old Testament prophet. Meet Lonnie Frisbee, a seeker turned Jesus freak evangelist who compelled thousands towards a profession of Christian faith. It was during a trip into a canyon that Frisbee claimed that God gave him a vision of his future as an influential evangelist to the hippie generation.

Four years later the vision would be fulfilled as pictures of Lonnie baptizing teenage converts were splashed across the pages of Time and Life magazines forever celebrating him as an icon of the Jesus movement.

Despite the stories of spiritual prowess that surround his life, his enduring struggles overwhelmed him. And even though he was the charismatic sparkplug igniting the rise of two worldwide denominations (Calvary Chapel & Vineyard), his name has all but been removed from their histories. Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher is the powerful story revealing the risk-taking nature of God, aligning himself with the most unlikely of characters as if to send out the message (yet again) that everyone is invited to participate."

Labby said...

BB, I get really concerned because I grew up surrounded and immersed in this Jesus Movement. This movement has progressed and gone beyond the speaking in tongues and being slain and has now gotten into mysticism, getting high on "baby Jesus", howling, laughing, shaking...it has gotten weird and because of the extreme that it has reached I have seen it finally for what it is, and probably always was. Not a new move of God, but tricks by the enemy. This is where we are at today because of Lonnie Frisbee (real name??), John Wimber, Chuck Smith, C Peter Wagner, Kathryn Kuhlman and ALL the rest whose names are ALWAYS associated with the fakes of today.

It upsets me both for my family who does not reject it and embraces it to the point of embracing Rick Joyner of Morning Star and starting one of his affiliate churches, and also makes me feel quite alone because sometimes I feel like the whole organized church almost is following "the wave" of this movement.

As much as I hate to read into it, I know Keith and Melody Green were a part of that movement and circle of people - I think there could have been some who out of sheer determination went on to read their Bibles and become sincere Christians (Keith), but I fear many are now Christians(?) born out of this "fake" movement of God and are now either burning out and becoming flat and lukewarm all these years later OR are seeking new and bigger signs and wonders to keep their emotional "love" for Jesus going.

Here's a blog that I just found last week about someone who came out of "charismania" (her word) and recounts her history in that revival movement. It really answered some questions for me including how they can talk such a good talk all the while even using Jesus precious name. I hope you don't mind me posting it, otherwise feel free to delete.


Labby said...

Sorry, I think this is where the article was. The husband was a Bible-believing Christian and the wife was going for a deeper, more passionate relationship with Christ and so she found herself in the revival movement. In spite of trying to get him into it, he kept praying and she kept pursuing this movement until one day she realized what she had gotten into. I don't know if this is relevant (!) to your Laurie article, but what I do know is that these people are all connected.


Bible Believer said...

Labby, I am so glad you got out of the jesus movement, hope and pray for your family to get out too, being involved with Rick Joyner is bad news. You are right about them getting more "mystical", I have posted about the NAR types, even using out and out occult words and rituals. They seek experiences, altered states of consciousness via false religion.I have visited a acouple Pente churches in my time, didn't see the real extreme stuff, but some of the shaking around and rest, I felt very uncomfortable and left both times. There was acouple folks out there I met who told me I needed baptized by the Holy Spirit and I needed to open and "clear" my mind of all thoughts to allow "him" to come in but I refused to do it, because I thought how is that different from what the meditation types taught me in the UU?

Yes the fakes of today are linked to all those names of the past and older leaders who are still around. Let's not forget even Chuck Smith came out the Foursquare church and the weirdness of Aimee Semple McPherson.

I see a lot of the charismania and other stuff even infiltrating some of the other churches. The Emergent movement definitely has served as the "bridge" there, selling the mysticism under such labels as the "ancient church".

I went to check that blog out, "the freedom from false spirits" praying for her, as she comes out of all that.

The experience of the wife in coming out is very good too, I read her articles as well, where she talks about "soaking" and how all the false leaders spoke of 'new revelations".

Wow I never heard of this before...she wrote:

"The people who only read the Bible were called “wordies” and these people (the “wordies”) were setting themselves up against the new spiritual move of “god”."

When I did mediation etc, in the UU, it FELT just like what she describes here. NO DIFFERENT.

"During my soaking I would sit quietly opening my mind and heart up to the ‘presence’. I would focus on this little warm fuzzy I had in me and eventually this feeling started to get bigger and bigger. I would have this almost ecstatic feeling on call anytime I wanted it"

The false experiences, play on human emotions and false feelings of "ectasty".

It is very interesting how she wakes up from having that friend tell her a lot of the mysticism of the charismania she is in is like the Catholic church, with oil dripping from that one false prophet. That is one thing I noted. Sometimes it will be odd things like that, that will help slap someone awake.

I am glad her husband was patient with her and kept praying for her. He sounds like a good man who is walking with God, in that he stuck with her and kept praying for her to not be deceived.

Abbey said...

I'm disappointed about Greg Laurie. I was a new Christian at the time and listened to him on the radio. I saw him years ago at another church in the city. Pastor Joe Focht also has a radio program that I used to listen to. Yes, you guessed it, at a Calvary Chapel. I felt Pastor Joe was a more in depth Bible teacher. I haven't heard either one in a number of years. There's another Calvary Chapel pastor I had listened to also. This was years back. Unfortunately things have changed. :(

I blame Chuck. Smith that is, not Chuck Norris.:) ha ha He's at the top and I guess when he passes, his son will most likely take over.

Abbey said...

This so called Laughing Revival is not new at all. There's documentation throughout church history. In this country back in the early 1900's a movement (Apostolic Faith/Latter Rain/Pentecostal) broke out in Kansas and Los Angeles. At the same time a movement was taking place in Wales. It was observed that people sang at the same time but with completely different syllables, rhythms, and melodies. The services were characterized by much confusion, dancing, jumping up and down, falling, trances, slaying in the spirit, tongues, crying, jerking, hysteria, strange noises, and "holy laughter". The meetings were described as wild, hysterical demonstrations. The seekers would be gripped with a strange spell and utter a gibberish of sounds. The participants would work themselves into a state of frenzy. This is where the term holy roller came from.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah I think this sort of thing is ancient, and from the time of the Bible, false spirits infiltrating false churches. The apostles warned of it...

1st Corinthians 14:40... "Let all things be done decently and in order."

"If therefore the whole church be come together into one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those that are unlearned, or unbelievers, will they not say that ye are mad?" -1st Corinthians 14:23


I believe this probably has been going on for centuries, and in pagan religions, the hindus and others seek after these ectastic, false emotional experiences.

I do not agree with Andrew Strom--he has teachings to be wary of, but he is right about the Hindu Kindulani stuff matching the Charismania/ false Pentecostal stuff.


The Hindu "priests" do something just like the Pentecostal preachers, where they lay hands on the head and then the participant starts the shaking or being "slain in the spirit" etc.

I believe the Azusa street revival was false. See this blog entry...if you havent already...


You are right that the strange stuff was happening even far earlier in history and this is how the term "holy roller" got started.


"HistoryMerriam-Webster traces the word to 1841.[1] The Oxford English Dictionary cites an 1893 memoir by Charles Godfrey Leland, in which he says "When the Holy Spirit seized them ... the Holy Rollers ... rolled over and over on the floor."[3]"

Anonymous said...

Did no one get the information that Lonnie Frisbee was a sodomite?

Lonnie Frisbee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lonnie Frisbee (June 6, 1949 – March 12, 1993) was an American Pentecostal ... privately socialized as a gay man before and during his evangelism career....

Bible Believer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bible Believer said...

Yes I know about Lonnie Frisbee being a homosexual and dying of AIDs in 1993, it goes along with the false conversion and drug use, that he stayed within the sodomite lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I don't see him as a TV evangelist or Charismatic. He speaks at his crusades without compensation. We don't know upon what day he was filled with the Holy Spirit.So what if some of his friends were hippies. I grew up in the same era and thank Jesus for forgiveness of my past, current and future sins. But I can see much fruit. Who knows how much of it falls upon fertile soil. Only God can make the soil fertile. But at least He is out fulfilling the Great Commission while others are writing blogs bashing others. hmmmmm ???

Bible Believer said...

I don't care who is a hippie or not. I am an ex-pagan UU. Sure someone can hear the name Jesus Christ and even be born again via the Holy Spirit even from the likes of Lonnie Frisbee, if they are biblically born again in spite of Frisbee. As for Great Commission, is Greg Laurie leading these young people to Jesus Christ of the Bible or the Antichrist? Given the wicked music, the false political "one world" messages, the watered down Billy-Graham like gospel, it's the latter. A preacher not even discerning the wickedness of some of those Christian "rock bands" that play at his festivals is pretty bad, and then there is Laurie recently teaming up at Lifest where a Catholic bishop said Mass. Laurie can't even discern that Catholicism is a false religion and the Catholic Mass idolatry to God?

Bible Believer said...

Read this article too.


Anonymous said...

Greg Laurie is a born again anointed man of God,and so was Lonnie Frisbee. You need to quit looking at peoples imperfections and realize your desperate need of the Savior. When you stand before the Lord you will be alone and you will either be clothed in the Son or you wont.You wont be able to point to anyone else or use any lame excuses. God loves you and Jesus died and rose from the dead for you.Maranatha.

Bible Believer said...

If Greg Laurie was truly born again, he would recognize the harlot and not participate in a festival with a Catholic bishop [Lifest], that is just one thing that has been exposed on this blog and other places. This is not a matter of "imperfection", imperfections, are things like having a quick temper that must be tempered by God, or a bit of impatience, not signing up with the one world religion and harlot every chance one gets. You are right I had a desperate need for Jesus Christ as my Savior like all others who are born again, and I do understand, I'll be facing God one day, which is one reason I do this blog. I know the truth about the one world religion and these false preachers and am warning others. I would be more troubled meeting God one day if I had remained silent.

Anonymous said...

So I guess Jesus was not perfect either? I mean he ate, drank and hung out with whores and tax collectors, touched dead bodies and even ate in the fields during the shabot. How can the lost be saved unless someone goes to them, walks with them, talks with them. So I guess Greg should put the light he has under a bushel and only associate with people who agree with orthodox doctrine and not be a light on a lampstand. thanks for clearing that up for me, man I thought we were to share the gospel with "all creatures"

Bible Believer said...

I know this is an excuse made for the false preachers hobnobbing with the elite, and have heard it all before.

He is LOVED by the world and the "elite" for a reason.

Yes everyone needs the gospel but many of these folks like Chuck Colson are united with Rome in a false gospel.

Anonymous said...

So how do you view this scripture:

"A man's gift...brings him before great men." Proverbs 18:16.

Bible Believer said...

What about this one?

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

Anyhow for that verse, read in context:

15 The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge.

16 A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

17 He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him.

18 The lot causeth contentions to cease, and parteth between the mighty.

One can still be "gifted" and lost. Gathering the attention of the elite does not make one, better or more holy or BORN AGAIN.In fact those seeking the love of this world are going to be the ones in trouble.

Notice the phrase SEEMETH JUST.

Seems to be just...

ponder that one awhile.

Many of these deceivers appear very holy...

Time to wake up!

Anonymous said...

I'm not questioning Laurie's salvation. That's not the issue.

He allows himself to be in the mix with catholic priests, that is the sign of someone with either no discernment, or someone that is intentionally trying to deceive people.

Jesus being with sinners, is NOT the same as someone joining up with catholic priests. Someone joining up with catholic priests, would be the equivalent of Jesus joining ministry with Pharisees, something that Jesus never did. Jesus didn't endorse any false teachers. Why would He? They're false.

If Laurie had any discernment, he would have refused the catholic priest stage, and would certainly recognize Rick Warren and Charles Colson (now deceased) as false. Instead, he invites both to speak where he speaks. That's either a lack of discernment, or a deceiver. In which case, who needs that?

Bible Believer said...

With the false preachers, this verse is forgotten:

Tts 1:16 They profess that they know God; but in works they deny [him], being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

"They profess they know God"

I agree with you anon, that someone who allows themselves in the mix with Catholic priests in this case a Marian apparition advancing bishop has no discernment or is a knowing deceiver.

Thank you for your post.

Scooter said...

What do you have against Rick Warren?

Bible Believer said...


1. Promoter of ecumenism

2. Teaches false gospel/false doctrine

3. P.E.A.C.E. project and others linked to the United Nations.

much much more...

Anonymous said...

1. Billy Graham. When he would call forward new believers they would be brought to the back of stage to a waiting Catholic Priest!
2. Greg Laurie. 2012 Anaheim Harvest. Note the Harvest America Emblems in the beginning of the simulcast and during each changing of bands. It is in patriotic colors and all of the stars are upside down. Black Magic and paying homage to Satan! Beware! Hosea 4:6 MY PEOPLE PERISH FROM A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. Don't be led to slaughter by false teachers!

Anonymous said...

I just saw where Lurie is going to be at the Resurgence 2012 with Driscoll, Warren, McPhearson, McDonald and Obey clothing wearer Lecrae, and Groeschel. All contemplative/ emergent guys.

On the schedule page they sure are talking about Jesus a lot. I just don't think it's the Jesus of the Bible.

Funny thing - when I left calvary chapel over a year ago I told the pastor I thought they were going emergent with the contemplative prayer they were introducing. He got so defensive and upset. And now here we have Lurie right in the thick of it. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Your Gospel of inclusion is,not putting Christ first. You bash people who have served Christ the best way they can,you condemn them for giving witness to those who need it the most.God has blessed their Ministries,and you are stricken with legalistic views.You sit in your Churches doing nothing to stop the real sin like aabortionists.You are responsible for the condition of our nation.
You worship your denomination more than God.You are no different than the generation of vipers Christ rebuked.If you read your Bible you may want to read Romans CH.2 about a hundred times maybe it will sink in.

Bible Believer said...

Laurie is not someone that simply doesn't know better. If he cannot discern that even participating in an event with a Catholic bishop is wrong, that is a major problem. I am against abortion and as for the condition of the nation that is kind of a heavy load to put on "one person" especially one that writes against much of what is happening in America. I do not have a denomination. I know many do not like to face facts about false teachers but ask yourself why Laurie is friends with those like Rick Warren?

Bible Believer said...

Anon, sorry I am getting to your comment so late, So the Obey guy is showing up at Christian events now? Interesting.

Ah Rick Warren and Laurie are going to be at this one too, thanks for pointing it out.[yeah I know you posted acouple months ago]

I don't think it's the Jesus of the Bible either.

Definitely Calvary Chapel is going Emergent while for years claiming they were against the Emergent movement. I am glad you spoke out against that false prayer.

Here is Drisoll taking 6 minutes to explain why he invited Warren.


Anonymous said...

Food for thought....Let us all remeber that in the end we will all stand before God and give account for every word, thought, and deed we've done and that scripture reminds us that the measure we use to judge one another will be used by God to judge us. All we can do is continue to pray for those we believe to have strayed from what is right in God's sight.

Anonymous said...

Greg Laurie is a false teacher. Only a false teacher would join up with catholic supporters Rick Warren and Chuck Colson.

Anonymous said...

I personally know Greg, as I worked for him a long time ago. One thing that has always stayed with me was a conversation I overheard while I was there. I heard Greg and another pastor talking about counting heads..and that the offering wasn't large enough and that they needed to take offering in the next service.

Anonymous said...

A quote Laurie likes to use is really bugging me. A bible believing friend of mine disappointed me because it turns out she likes Laurie and she posted this from him: Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint on their knees.
I don't think that is anywhere in the bible, is it? I guess its an old hymn. But it really bugs me for some reason - can we really make Satan tremble? I guess they think its a catchy phrase to use - but why does this bug me so much.

Bible Believer said...

Because it calls the saint weak, all strength is through Jesus Christ not in ourselves. Also the idea that Christians "fight" Satan "on their own" is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you that makes sense. I think it bugged me, too, that Laurie is acting like he knows how satan thinks. Like Laurie has special knowledge.

I was saddened, too, that my friend told me about going to a Osteen conference. She went because friends went - went for the fellowship. She said she also picked out the good things that were said. Another bible believing friend (I only have these two) got involved with members of a cult - she did end it, though.
But I see how easily we can be lead astray. It helped me get back in the Word more. I pray for our churches, for the people there, that they will put their trust in God's word instead.

John Smith said...

Greg Laurie's peculiar " X " logo is strikingly similar to that of the net's Pigpen/Masonic Cipher's WXYZ ; the W and Z in particular .

Surfer51 said...

Labby you said,


"Greg came into the center of the circle and fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and came up born again."

What is this? Was he slain in the spirit? That's what it sounds like and that is not a good thing to say you became a Christian that way. I don't believe that is from our Father, knowing what I know now and having come through the Jesus Movement, Jesus festivals, and many charismatic meetings. Not good."



Ya, but what about the account of Paul the apostles conversion?

He was knocked down by Jesus and then Jesus tells him to "Get Up."

Acts 9:3

As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him.

4 He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”

5 “Who are you, Lord?” Saul asked.

“I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting,” he replied.

6 “Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.”

Now either the Word of God is wrong and you are right Labby or you don't know what your talking about...