Monday, June 20, 2011

The First and The Last

Luk 13:30 And, behold, there are last which shall be first, and there are first which shall be last.

There are those who are indoctrinating the populace, that everything is about "winning" in this world and by "winning" I mean being the most popular, the most financially secure, the most powerful, the best dressed, seeking after appearances, "leadership", being the go-to guy or gal and having the "best life" now. What is ironic is this is only getting worse as the economy implodes, the prosperity fakes who preach unlimited wealth and winning in this world are only upping the ante. Everything is about "succeeding in this world". One thing there is nothing wrong with wanting to do right by your family or seeking after making a living but one thing with this world, everything is about "success" and who is "on top" and at the "front" of the pack. Humbleness has been tossed out the window for COMPETITION at all costs to be king or queen of the mountain. I see this in every day life, and its a sin all can be tempted by but its growing worse.

This is the high-mindness, the "we are the elite' pride, that has been bred from a narcissistic society, with the attitude of "winners" always "win" and the "losers" deserve what they get. While there are Christians in all socio-economic levels, and we have to watch out for those who would use class infighting and warfare for all matters of wickedness [remember the globalists sell their "give away all the wealth program" to enrich themselves], there is a new attitude out there, the churches have become worldly, and ego-driven. Everything is about "winning in this life" The apostles themselves suffered prison and endless suffering. We have martyrs who had to LOSE everything and be willing to give up this life. Many Christians have had to make the choice to give up things that may have brought them more money or prestige, what is the message of the modern church but the complete opposite?

The other day, I got a selection of magazines for free from a library magazine exchange, of some of TBN's finest...I read

Joyce Meyers "Enjoying Everyday Life" [March/April 2011] there is an article on page 6 "Growing As a Leader: Five Must-Have Ingredients". Everything is worldly success based such as in this quote... "It's easy enough to have a beginner's mind when you're actually a beginner, but maintaining teachability gets trickier in the long run especially when you've already achieved some degree of success"

Who is this written for? This is a general audience magazine. it is not written for pastors or businessmen. What do they mean by success? Worldly success? A higher bank account, more numbers in seats? A popular ministry?

Ambition has a place in life but when it is everything: something has become skewed in one's life.

Another article in still another Joyce Myer's magazine [Dec 2010/Jan 2011], and let's not forget her involvement in advancing the prosperity gospel is called "Jump start your dreams" She advertises a CD to go with this article called "What Do You Want Out of Life"? Here too one may ask, is God here to fulfill our worldly desires, the whole "I want to be rich God" message, or are we here to serve God? Whenever someone uses words like "Vision" I want to run, it smacks of grandiose schemes and more narcissism to invoke your own desires ignoring those of all others...after all Rick Warren's book, "The Purpose Driven Life", was really along the same theme. Religion as a self improvement program and self-success "program" for THIS life instead of looking to the Next and realizing serving God or preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ may take sacrifice as far as this world goes. The Dream article states:

"The first essential to jump-start your dreams and reach your finish line is vision. Just as we need a clear windshield to see where we're driving, we need a clear vision to see where our life is going."


"Whatever your vision is, write it down. And Remember God wants you to dream-make plans- and then He will help you along the way, step by step until you reach your personal finish line"

Again ask yourself what is considered success? Success by the world's formula of popularity or rewards here, or success by God's formula? Ask yourself this. I know so many people today who say this to me in various forms:

"I am a loser, I did not get that great career, I have to struggle to make ends meet."
It is happening a lot in this dying economy. The human toll all this "win at all costs" ethos has taken on people is great especially in these times. The numbers of depressed, bummed out people who feel they are worthless out there are growing and without God, it can get bad. The churches are only advancing it. To such people, I have gotten in conversations where I have said, "What do you think God would think of all this instead?" and used it as an opportunity to witness to them.

What is a personal finish line? God's finish line or your own, in seeking to measure up to the world? People have forgotten how to live or what is important in life, as life becomes nothing but running after the carrots on many a stick. Do not get me wrong, people should make plans and take care of things in prayer, but so much has been sold on this idea of false perfection and measuring up to the endless demands of our modern consumerist society.

Another magazine I got was Jesse Duplantis, [November 2010] another false teacher... "Experience Prosperity God's Way!" is the title of one of his articles and "God's Reward System", this one written by Cathy Duplantis, on page 12, with this sample quote

"The Days of Limitations are gone! We have come too far to go back into lack."

Page 20 and 21, are the people gleeful over receiving money due to "sowing seeds" suppsedly in Duplantis's ministry. Page 29 has some interesting CDs to be sold "The Economic Stimulus Package Before The Fall" which is described with this: "Learn to tap into the currency of Heaven..." and a T-shirt being sold with "Recession? I'm Not Participating" written right across with the description next to it "Let the world know that as a child of God you will not participate in any recession". That one would be humorous if so many were not suckered in by these false teachers.

Lest someone think I am only picking on the prosperity preachers, this stuff is leaking in all over the place. I have found myself skimming many Christian books, seeing the world's definition of success plastered all over them that does not represent my own or even biblical values in general. What if someone is not successful? While there are born again wealthy people who are good stewards in service to God, to be frank, I believe being born again in Jesus Christ and being His, is the zenith of "success" in this life; Even if you live alone in a shack, with not a penny, a friend or a "vision" to your name. Everything else is nothing in comparison, and will be blown away by the wind of time. This is what makes it even more horrible for me to watch those who skew the Christian gospel and marry it to the human potential movement lies, and more of the world's definitions. Remember most of the real saints died unknown and unnamed, contrary to a certain church's teachings.

"Christianity" as success "business" model 101. Demographic marketed false religion sold to the masses. A false faith based on what God will do for you, rather then on love for God and encountering the blessings of God through that.

Take a look circa 2011, time of rising gas prices and unemployment, even the United Nations warning about the collapse of the dollar, none of these preachers are warning their flocks about what lays over the horizon but selling false dreams and delusions that will vaporize like the wind. The ones too broke to buy their DVDs and pay for their seminars have already left out of the exits.

There is an insidious spirit in this country, I hinted at it in my older articles on the poor and how they are being treated: "The Society of Greed and Materialism" , "The Failing Economy and Trusting in God" and "Worldly Attitudes towards the Poor"This is an interesting verse, it describes the churches of today.

Rev 3:17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

Look at the false religious leaders, as they basically say the same thing, being celebrated in the halls of power, giant mega churches with mega-million dollar budgets preaching a false gospel for THIS world, and worldly success and narcissism for all. As far as being the first or last in line, if you seek to be first in this world, you have already lost your way.

Mat 23:12 And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.


Anonymous said...

In a word it is "lust". Plain and simple. Lust. What is worse is that "christianized" lust is portrayed as "faith"! Do you realize that this is just another form of Baal worship? Why did Baal worshipers worship Baal? Was it because they thought he loved them? No. They wanted fertility--crops, herds, children, riches--prosperity. Their "faith" in Baal was that he would be that "genie" in a bottle which, if rubbed the right way, would be the answer to all their dreams. Even worse, once they were snagged in that snare of lust, they could be manipulated into doing what it takes to satisfy that lust--even sacrificing their children. Do you think people don't sacrifice their children today? Think again, and I'm not even talking about abortion (which to be sure is), but the fact that they are so busy pursuing their lust, they allow their children to flounder about spiritually, baby sat by the Satanic television or other forms of "entertainment".

The worst yet, the "christian" version of this Baal worship has made "god" their "christian" genie. And the "gospel" which they preach is the gospel of Baal, not of Jesus Christ.

It is putrid, it is a stench in the nostrils of the I AM. That is why Jesus Christ said "the love of money is the root of all evil". All. In other words, it is lust. Lust becomes the root of all the evils we do, whether we have prosperity or not. If one has it, then they pursue for more. If one does not have it, it is their goal in this life.

Lust is Satan's trick to keep our minds from thinking of those things Above. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

I agree "lust" has a lot to do with this with a giant mixture of pride. This is a sin that confronts everyone, but watching the world scramble for the things of this world is sad, and horrifying to watch when the church and it's leaders join right in. Calling this stuff "Christian" does not make it so. I agree this is another version of Baal worship. The same type of Baal worship where there was no real relationship with God but constant appeasement "god" as a that genie you mention to fulfill all their earthly desires. Religion a bunch of rituals to keep the "god" appeased, so the crops would grow, fertility and money would come. It was nothing about truly knowing the God of the Bible or having a relationship with Him.
One thing, I ask, what is going to happen to all the prosperity Christians when the bottom falls out? What happens when the "dreams" [of this world] do not come true? Often heartache comes to all, death of loved ones, and other horrible things of this world. This phony Baal faith must lead so many people into total unbelief and rejection of who they think "god" is. Well their faith is already in a false God. I agree sacrificing children, comes into this, if not abortion, and abortion, to be frank, is usually about MONEY being chosen over life, economic duress and the false ideas of worldly success being shoved down the throat of young women who choose to murder their children is part of this as well as the neglect of children and other weaker members of society. Adults who are invested only in climbing that proverbial mountain, or wanting to see what great "leaders" they can be, aren't as worried about the needs of children or others for that matter. You are right about that. We have seen the disconnection in this society as a whole.

I agree Satan wants people fighting and scrambling for the things of this world, desiring and wanting it "all". We are to keep our minds on the things above, and build treasures in heaven. Was thinking about this the other day, life is so short....

Psa 103:15 [As for] man, his days [are] as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth.

Lust for having it all and status in this world is a path to perdition. I hope more people can see through these false preachers.

Tekhelet said...

A most excellent warning and commentary. Couldn't have said it any better. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Yep, theirs is the gospel of baal for sure.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Tekhelet. God Bless you.

michelle said...

I agree. I was very taken in (in my pre-christian) days with preachers that promised money, wealth, and happiness. I read an article that called Americas culture is one that breeds narcissists. I'm afraid that this is very accurate. There are so many parenting books that promise to turn around "spoiled" children and create a more "kind" society. It almost makes me not want to have any kids at all

Bible Believer said...

I am glad you have gotten away from that Michelle. Yes this culture is one that breeds narcissisists, a me first mentality, well when everything is about being the king or queen of the mountain, and about "success" other people get pushed aside as being "in the way". With children if they are raised right and in a Godly fashion, they will turn out different.

michelle said...

thank you bible believer. There are some parents who are so worried about climbing the corporate ladder that they forget about raising Godly children. The love of money makes people do some pretty awesome things (not in a good way)

michelle said...

By the way, my blog is called "The Free Thinking Lassie" if you want to check it out sometime

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Michelle, I saw a few of your articles including on Islam, look for some comments in the next couple of days. :)