Monday, June 20, 2011

Central Economic Planning for America's Heartland

"Barack Obama’s White House Rural Council: Central Economic Planning For America’s Heartland"

“Barack Obama has issued a brand new executive order that establishes a White House Rural Council. This Rural Council has been given the task of developing “public-private partnerships” that will seek to bring the “economic prosperity” of our big cities to rural America. In other words, the U.S. government and the big corporations are going to team up to dominate the economies of our small towns and rural communities just like they dominate the economies of all of our big cities. So should those that live in rural America be excited about this? After all, the U.S. government and the big corporations have done such a great job of bringing “economic prosperity” to places like Detroit, Michigan and Camden, New Jersey. Won’t it be great to have the federal government come in and tell rural communities how they should be doing things?”

In my opinion, this is all about starting action on Agenda 21, nationwide.

Google Agenda 21, educate yourself about this program that will be impacting everyone's life and go direct to their website, they are not hiding the plans.

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.


Abbey said...

I've read some of this before. It just makes your heart sink. Life as we know it will be gone and for many, so will life itself.

How can anyone keep track of the plethora of government agencies? I disagree with people that say we are living in exciting times. These people are in on the plans, believe it all sounds so Utopian or think they will be saved by the Rapture. Oh, and of course you have the people who are totally oblivious and are just having fun and partying.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah it does make your heart sink. It is sad. Have to remind self everything in this world will pass away. I am old enough to remember how life used to be and it has radically changed already in a very short time.
Yeah yet another govt agency when we are bankrupt, who will pay for it? We will, to have more control and for them to build metaphorical prison bars over the rural areas, which in most cases have managed to hold on to a semblance of independence, with the dying economy as a huge challenge. Reading about Communist China, they controlled each and every little two-bit village and had their ways, this reminds me of that.

I do not think the times are 'exciting" either like you, I believe we live in very evil times. Many folks out there do look for their global Utopias or just partying like the Bible says "in the days of Noah". The false rapture stuff plays into the overall escaptist attitudes out there.

Anonymous said...

oh i see why you deleted my post exposing jack chick, it is because i outed DAVE HUNT as a CFR member who by the way works with ROGER OAKLAND sometimes, especially on this video

Countdown To Eternity - Bil Gallatin, Dave Hunt, Chuck Missler, Roger Oakland & Chuck Smith - Single DVD

well lookie here there is chuck missler, google misslers house salad should be tossed

and to complete the whole apostate mess they are actually charging money for this tripe ...

trying to make merchandise of God, they are prostitutes who sell their knowledge, mr oakland has not left the emergent scene, he aims to make money and a name independently of cavalry chapel

this website is also false opposition, i here by withdraw my well wishes of blessings and instead pray you grow a conscience and come clean of the nasty work this blog actually is, i beg of you repent and save yourselves from eternal damnation.

Bible Believer said...

I never deleted your post and moved it from spam. You can choose to believe me or not.

Anyhow stop with the game playing.

I know the "scripts", this is nothing new to me.

Everything a "set-up", a "lie", I post what I agree with. As for Missler, maybe you should check out the whole blog sometime...I have warned about Missler.

I believe I even use one of the links you posted here [though I certainly do not agree with everything on that website, its good for information if you know what to screen out]

As for Roger Oakland, this is an independent website, I post his articles I agree with. He has told us he has left and those connections. I remember asking you to email me your proof that he is still connected to Calvary Chapel, you have not. That includes the Emergent scene you know bring up. While I may post links who post things I AGREE with, and worthwhile information this does not mean I am a blind follower of anyone. I have hoped that he has truly severed all those old associations [I disagree with those as strongly as you do] and so far have not seen evidence to the contrary to what he has told us. While I appreciate what Roger Oakland has warned of, this is an independent blog and with far more topics then Calvary Chapel.

I do know that there are many who would want to discredit anyone who discusses the things on this blog.

As for false opposition, game playing is one of the markers of that. When someone is trying to have an honest discussion and you just went all over the place, that means something is up. I thought about taking your comments down, but why not leave them up, let people see it for themselves.

Abbey said...

That DVD is from 2006!

You have my support and well wishes BB.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Abbey...

I have asked that poster for RECENT information.

Nothing so far.