Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There is Deception At Every Layer!

This may be a kind of an unusual blog entry, but one with an important message.

Satan has a deception for everyone who reaches every place. Imagine the deceit, like an onion with many layers, you get through one layer, the devil has more lies to whisper in people's ears. In other words, without God's Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit, there are endless ditches waiting for someone to fall into. If you see through a certain thing, and move on out, such as leaving the Catholic church, Satan has a new ditch, such as a false apostate evangelical church [such as Calvary Chapel] to lead you down another false road. The same goes for discovering other things such as the new world order, how the world system really works, and other matters. Never think you know it all, and do not let pride allow you to stumble. Always ask God to show you the truth and test everything you believe you know by His Word and in prayer.

Psa 119:105 NUN. Thy word [is] a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

I am going to share a blatant example of this....

I've seen this video and essay, in "conspiracy theory" circles, I have even see this video posted by a few "new world order aware" self professing Christians, I ask myself, couldn't they see the blantant luciferianism through out this video? Where "god" is presented as a "force"? Who is the "god of all forces" but Lucifer himself? Why can't they discern "I think it is where your soul is evolved" [see the "Seventh Veil"] is NOT a Christian message? The occult geometry is shown over and over as well. Then there is the pantheism: "That is the life force in all living things-which are I think one and the same" is pure pantheism. Watch out for those who refer to "enlightened" people. Notice the human pride that is appealed to, for those who "know" and are at the "top 1%" kind of like the Mensa society of conspiracy theorists. At the end of the video is the typical one world religion stuff...they quote from the Bible and then the Koran, and then have a message for agnostics and Satanists. {they actually write Satan, taking out the middle letters...hmmmmm}

Dan 11:38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

Some will appeal to that pride, telling you that you are "enlightened", "the top 3%", etc.. The conspiracy world too, can have it's deceptions as well, think David Icke and even less blatant examples. You can't trust a lot in that world either. Right now they have plenty of Christians deceieved via the culture wars, assuring them of their "purity" among all the heathens as their own sin and wickedness has them follow deceivers. One thing, in religion, and many other areas, there are many who desire to mix truth and lies, to fool and mislead you. It is intense and growing even stronger. Right now I am reading an Emergent book for opposition research [blog article for later on Emergent and Modern Changes in the church, and being floored by the cleverness of the wording and total deceit.]

This blog, even test everything I write and research things for yourself. I am only human and not perfect but seek to warn others of things I've been shown in all sincerity. But I wanted to show this, to warn people of how subtle and insidious deception is getting out there. As you watch this, understand how they mix truth and lies.

When I saw this video posted on a "Christian" message board it just floored me. Bible basics seem to be eluding people. When you encounter things out in the world, test it all by scripture. The Christian who is bible trained can run things through the test of God's Word automatically. The video above failed for me within seconds.

The idea of 8 veils is total Luciferianism. In all the false religions there are 8 steps to higher consciousness, there are 8 steps to Enlightenment in Buddhism, see it all ties together. The ideas of veils also comes from the occult as well. Learn to sharpen your mind, the Bible calls it the renewing of your mind. Never let your guard down, or assume you are "finished", when one is in a relationship with God, this includes being shown things and told things, from conviction of sin, to new deception that could you could be facing. We are in spiritual battle in this world, resting on your laurels, is a way to be deceived.

Rom 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

I wanted to show that video, as an example of what I am talking about, sometimes those who think they know everything are just as lost as those fully immersed in the middle of a cult. Any truth I have been shown I credit to God, not my own doing or "specialness".


Abbey said...

What you write is so true. We need to pray earnestly every day for discernment and truth. We also need to pray for others to not be deceived. I agree, the deception is growing at an alarming pace. Most of the churches aren't teaching the Bible but doctrines or opinions of men. Why aren't they warning about the times we live in or equipping the saints? The teaching is so weak.
Disturbingly, some of the video is true. Something seemed strange as soon as they started talking about "veils" and the word "enlightenment" always raises flags with me.
I will pray for you and all that read your blog. Thank you Bible Believer for being one of the few clear voices out there.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Abbey. Well I posted this wanting people to look into things deeper, they can give you even things that are TRUE, but then throw in the poison to go along with it. Deception is getting far worse. You are right about the churches, many of them are so far gone, it's like they aren't even pretending to be interested in the truth anymore. Yes the words of "veils" and "enlightened" watch out for those. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

Anonymous said...

As the chaos increases around us, and we are being led to a place of despair, because people will not be able to know what is true anymore, Praise God - we who know Him will always be able to know the truth concerning all things. It is the Word of God alone! (KJV alone - all others are sown with the corruptible seed of the enemy of our souls and the Word of God. So, we must redeem the time because the days are evil - holding forth the word of life - the world needs Jesus! "And the LORD; he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed." (Deut. 31:8) Amen

Kathy Bonham said...

The video posted does not work. Do you recall the name of the video, so I could search for a copy of it? Thanks.

bong said...

I know that this article was posted such a long time ago. I would realy really appreciate a follow up Article detailing how to minister to those who are neck deep into these deceptions. Im not concerned with myself since we do have the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to teach us but is this it? Arent we supposed to be armed to deal with the lies of the enemy? So that we can play a part in Spreading God's word and at the same time help our fellow man who is deceived just as we were deceived before accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior? The problem is these deceived think they already know everything about the word whent they dont, they cant even accept the return of the Jews to Israel as being fulfillment of prophecy and yes most of them have anger against israel also. It's tiring and draining to talk to them, they are so blind already so i need some guidance here how to at least get my friend to be free from the clutches of this deceptive teaching.