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The Royal Wedding and It's Deceptions

I watched a great part of the Royal Wedding the other day with Prince William marrying Kate Middleton and it was an interesting ceremony. Even I for years had my Anglophile tendencies. I can see why such a ceremony is attractive to people, easy to be caught up in, I even found myself thinking "how beautiful or how romantic" a few times, but then reminded myself of what I know about the royal global elites, and how even wickedness can wear a beautiful face.

The news reports said 2 billion people watched this wedding, and I remember even all hoopla about Princess Diana's wedding almost thirty years ago. One thing about this world though, when the whole world follows after something, the Christian needs to back up, and think for a minute. With the British royals, some may think I am entering into deep conspiracy land here, but as I say with everything, do your own research and pray. This is not a group of born again Christians but a large group of lost people born into bloodlines and rituals of centuries in duration. Kate Middleton is not the commoner they claim she is, most likely she has royal blood but was born into another family branch.

One thing with the royal family, they are part of the luciferian global elite network and fully invested in promoting the one world religion and government. As I have shown on this blog elsewhere here. I believe them to be servants to the Pope. Many do not realize this, but the royal houses of Europe, do see the "Holy Roman Empire" as still intact, I saw this list myself on the Almanach website, circa 2008 [see here on this message board] which has since been taken down and edited. The original site name was


His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI , Bishop of Rome,
Supreme Primate of The Holy Roman Empire.
( Prince of The Holy Roman Empire )

His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain.
( Prince of The Holy Roman Empire )

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
( Princess of The Holy Roman Empire )

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.
( Princess of The Holy Roman Empire )

Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands.
( Princess of The Holy Roman Empire )

His Majesty Czar Simeon II of The Bulgarians,
Prime Minister of Bulgaria.
( Prince of The Holy Roman Empire )

His Majesty King Albert II of The Belgians
( Prince of The Holy Roman Empire )

His Majesty King Harald V of Norway.
( Prince of The Holy Roman Empire )

See whose name is at the top of that list?

Another website that is very interesting is called "The Imperial Order of the Holy Roman Empire", if you want to do some of your own research here, note that these royals hold to there still being a "Holy Roman empire" [remember your bible prophecy about "Rome"] and call themselves "counts" of the Holy Roman empire. On the British nobility list, Queen Elizabeth is listed as "princess of the Holy Roman Empire". The two headed occult birds are interesting as well. Now I only found this website today, I do not know much about it, but I would fathom that if it is legitimate, it would back up my working theory, that the royal houses, understand themselves to be servants of the Pope!

Here is a video, turn down the music on this one, and around minute 2:08, you'll see the British royalty lists. At 3:15, notice the sign of the Papacy, and the special listings for the Pope and Cardinals. The Cardinals as well are listed as Princes of the Holy Roman Empire too. Guess who is named the Supreme Imperial Prelate of the Holy Roman Empire?: Pope Benedict at 4:11....

Are such theories as the below, too far fetched? I do not think so...

The Vatican, Jesuit Order, Knights of Malta and Black Nobility have formed a complex masonic mafia network of global proportions, using many front organizations (infiltrated governments/churches/education, secret services, Catholic institutions, mega-corporations, financial institutions, Freemasonry, Zionism, and others) with disastrous effects on the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

So with all that in mind, what did this wedding show beyond the beautiful surface trappings? I want to detail some things I noticed, there are tons of articles outlining the many ins and outs of this event but wanted to keep this article a reasonable length. So this list will not be all inclusive but will name a few things....

There were many occult symbols and rituals intertwined. The first thing was the date which I remarked on in the comments on another blog entry, April 29, the start of Beltane, and also known as Walpurgis Eve. Among Satanists it is known as one of the most demonic days of the year, besides Halloween:

Another Satanic Holiday that is well known amongst Satanists, is the night of Walpurgis Eve. This was a pre-christian holiday that was eventually taken over by the Roman Church who had named it after Saint Walpurga. It was a day when bonfires were built to ward away the spirits of the dead. This holiday is also associated with the spring celebration of Beltane, celebrated by some Wiccans. It is celebrated in Europe with festivals and prank-playing, and is also known as the Easter fires. The next day is Spring day, or May day [May First]

One other aspect is that the floor of Westminster chapel was turned into a "grove" with trees being brought from the indoors. We know the occult significance of groves.

Beyond that decoration, Westminster Abbey is full of enough occult symbols on it's own, beyond the masonic black and white checkered floor, one is the floor they were married on the so called "Cosmati Pavement", full of inlaid stones and a design that incorporates occult geometry:

What is very odd, and I wonder if there is some significance, is they kept this floor under a carpet for all the other coronations and royal ceremonies. I find it very odd how they claim this floor was "undiscovered" under a layer of grime and a carpet for years, it was restored in the last two years. This floor is said to hold an end time's message and other Saturn related symbols but there would be more research needed on that. The occult design is self apparent, one personal thing I noticed is how the center "planet" appears to be Jupiter.

As the wedding went on, the ceremony itself was interesting, well Rowan Williams is the one who married the couple, the man who himself who became a Druid and who has bowed before the Pope, the Church of England being a daughter of Rome.

Click on this picture and enlarge, notice something about the hands?

The strangest part of the wedding ceremony was the HANDFASTING. Now handfasting in the British Isles was held over from pagan days, but it's interesting how it was in this wedding. Today, handfasting is done by Wiccan couples, and is not Christian. Even the witches themselves, have noted online, how their rituals were celebrated at the royal wedding. Wiccans say this about handfasting:

Handfasting, an explanation: Handfasting is the Wiccan word for the marriage ceremony. The difference between a handfasting and the Christian wedding ceremony, is this. In the Christian Ceremony, couples are joined "till death do us part", even if they find out later on that they aren't meant for one another later on. The Wiccan handfasting joins a couple "for as long as love shall last". When the couple wishes to part, be it for lack of love, or if they outgrow tolerance for one another, they are free to part their ways.

Things get even odder as the ceremony goes on. Why is a ring only given to Kate Middleton and not Prince William? Some have wondered at that significance. It seems a rather cold choice, in refusing the symbol of martial commitment to millions. Why is she to wear one and not him?

Then there was the minor issues of the hats, now called "fascinators", strange name that. Some of the hats looked ridiculous to the max, but I asked myself given the occult aspects of this ceremony, and I am sure there are many things I have not discussed here, why wouldn't some of the outside trappings hold meaning as well? After all why does a yoni [second woman over in bright blue] appear on one of these women's head?

As I watched this wedding, the couple are very good looking, and very striking, outside of William's mild balding they are almost near perfect physical specimens, One thing struck me though, behind what nervousness and stuffy institutions would explain, they came across very stiff, and closed down. I reminded myself of what the Bible says about the kings, and how the world desires that one follow after them and glory them. Prophecy tells us that kings are not on the side of "good" in the last days. We need to remind ourselves of that, as the world pays its glorying accolades to it's "beloved" royals.

Act 4:26 The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ.

Rev 17:2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.


Anonymous said...

To that I want to add that the seat of their power is now in Rome--at the Vatican. Anon. #1

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry! I meant to post that on the other article. Sorry! Anon. #1

Anonymous said...

Ok. Now for my real posts here. First I want to say that the bishop of Rome is indeed the Antichrist. He is the one controlling these royals.

Next about Jupiter. Jupiter, being a planet, is normally seen at night. The ancients believed that Jupiter was the night form of the sun. They believed when the sun set, it died. As Jupiter therefore, the sun god traveled through the land of the dead. When the sun arose, it was the rebirth or reincarnation of the sun god once again. So in other words, Jupiter is really the sun god. By putting that planet in the center of the floor, they are showing the true god being worshiped in that pagan temple (church).

Now here's the more shocking thing. Royal men were believed to be reincarnations of the sun god, in the same way Egypt did with Pharaoh, before and after the flood. Weddings taking place upon this floor would be the modern version of the ancient rite called the "marriage of the gods". The woman would be the "goddess". What is intriguing to me is that I believe there is something very significant with the groom not wearing a ring.

Circles are symbols of the high god as a serpent encircling. By doing this he is swallowing his own tail, or ejaculating in his own mouth. The high original god was believed to be a hermaphrodite--of both sexes. Only one ring then need be present.

I believe the reason the woman holds the ring is because she is the one being encircled by the serpent. This inner circle represent the earth, who is the goddess, as if the serpent were encircling her. It is her finger inside the ring, and therefore it must be the woman--the goddess, who should wear the ring. The man puts the ring upon her, and is in effect, consummating the marriage. In ancient times, they would have had actual sex at the ceremony, but today things are done secretly.

Another odd thing is, that at the rehearsal of the wedding, William was not present. Is this because they believe that the acting out is actual magic and the marrying of the gods, and that if he had done the rehearsal, this would have consummated the marriage? Really, really creepy. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Anon...

Regarding Jupiter...well I think it plays some role in the occult, though I havent studied it. Putting Jupiter as a central focus is suspect.
Act 19:35 And when the townclerk had appeased the people, he said, [Ye] men of Ephesus, what man is there that knoweth not how that the city of the Ephesians is a worshipper of the great goddess Diana, and of the [image] which fell down from Jupiter?

Yes the Pope is the Antichrist, the last one will be the Antichrist of Revelation...
So yes, he is controlling the royals and it shows.

I didn't realize that Jupiter was seen as the alternative "sun" that would explain a lot, so yes, that is a sun worship "Mystery Babylon" marker in the middle of that church.

Doing research for this article, I found occult websites that had this to claim about the royal wedding ceremony. I suppose they recognize their "own do they not?

I saw this mentioned on a few of them...

"As I mentioned in a previous post on the Royal Wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton will be acting out the Hiero Gamos, or sacred marriage as they ascend to their archetypal roles of God and Goddess. Hieros gamos refers to the coupling of a god and goddess or their earthly representatives, often conducted in the spring as a fertility rite. The Royal Wedding occurs two days before the great pagan fertility rite of spring, Beltane, also called May Day."

I saw "the marriage of the gods" mentioned but didn't know exactly what that represented, yes, I think it is related to his refusal to wear the wedding ring as well.Yes they are only going to conduct some of the rituals openly, some will note that things are not right, but yes the whole ceremony was rife with endless occult symbols and more, there was even a few I discovered I did not mention here for lack of space, the myrtle in her bouquet, Kate Middleton's odd house marked with masonic symbols, what the Order of the Garter is really about [he wore that on his chest]--actually mark of Knights of Malta--the Pope's troops and far more. Of course the Pope just doesn't control the royals but plenty of other leaders worldwide as well include the ones here.

Intersting point you make about him not being at the rehearsal that makes sense. I wonder if there is something significant, in having the sister following wearing white as march behind the bride. That was very unusual as well.

It is all very creepy. The vaccousness of the bride, really struck me, despite the outer beauty.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's paganism in full view of the whole world, and practically the whole world watched with admiration! Anon. #1

Matt TwoFour said...

Some very good 'finds' in your article! The yoni hats...and the Archbishop of Cantebury with his hands pointed down and praying to the powers of Hell (according to my information).

He is, by the way, a card-carrying Druid on the side. Any Bible student should routinely recognize Druidism as merely satanism behind a thin veil.

I have a hunch (I've seen this weirdness before)-- his utterly bizarre eyebrows have some sort of occult significance, possibly.

I'm going to use a few of your 'finds' in my next article (and give you credit) if you don't mind.

Matt TwoFour said...

Whoops, I see you already explained about Rowan's druidism!

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Matt, go ahead and use my "finds", thanks for giving credit too. There were a few Saturn hats to go along with the yonis, and on Princess Beatrice's hat there was a dragonfly, saw an upclose picture but do not know if that has particular signficance, it was odd, that's for sure.

Yes Rowan Williams is definitely a card-carrying Druid, and proud of it as well, I think the weird eyebrows peaked at the top, have something to do with it as well. You saw the other "Druid" article right? "Druidism" AND Celtic paganism are Satanism under a veneer.

Labby said...

Anyone have any thoughts on the Queen's outfit? Sun worship possibly? That was certainly very bright, and although she looked like my dear grandmother, that struck me as a little grandstanding when the focus should be on the bride. I'm always looking for the meaning behind things now : ) (Thanks BB and MATT!!!), but even the neckline of her dress caused me to think "sun".

Matt TwoFour said...

By the way, I've finally gotten my NewJerualem Chronicle blog set up for "comments". I've been running short on time...hence the postponement of our Nephilim discussion. I am currently in the process of meeting with about five talk about the impending dangers of then Apostasy plot. Time-consuming.

How about this Harold Camping guy with his May 12 'end of the world' prediction? What a piece of work!

Bible Believer said...

Hey I am glad to hear that Matt, maybe I'll head over later and post some. Wow, five pastors that are aware of this stuff? Not around here! I think I would faint, if I even found one that knew the basics about the ecumenical movement or Roman Catholicism being a false church in these parts. I am glad you are trying to get the word out there, that is a good thing.

Yeah I posted against the Date-setters...I had the man mentioned in this article send me email after email about the supposed Rapture in 2008...

Bible Believer said...

Labby, yeah I wondered about the all yellow outfit, it was well VERY YELLOW. That is also the color of the papacy too. [Think of the Vatican flag] You are right it had those creases in it that looked like sunrays around the neckline. I find the queen's dress which are very out of style, those bright eye-popping colors and weird purses she carries around to be odd overall.

Anonymous said...

Another fact that is virtually unknown by both Christians and non-Christians is that the Catholic Church worldwide is “owned and run” by the Jews. The rituals, rules, control, superstitions and pageantry of Catholicism is nothing more than Jewish Talmudism dressed up in “Christian” clothes. The present pope, Pope Benedict, is Jewish, as was Pope John Paul II (a Polish Jew). The Head of the Jesuits is a Danish Jew, Jesuit General Count Hans von Kolvenbach, who many believe is the most dangerous man in the world. He is called the “Black Pope” because he works from behind the scenes, controlling the affairs of the Church. The visible Pope, the Pope out in front who meets the people, takes orders from the “Black Pope.”

Anonymous said...

From good fellow and Jew Henry Makow's Site:

Catholics Unveiled Masonic Jewish Plot in 1936
Makow Note: This is further confirmation that mankind is in a major state of denial. We have been satanically possessed. Call this document "hate" or another "hoax," but the hate is all on the Masonic Jewish side, and burying our heads in the sand won't alter the truth. With the current child sex abuse controversy, this article begs the question, was Ratzinger one of the infiltrators assigned to discredit the church? )

Secret Jewish Plot Unveiled by the Catholic Gazette of England

In the London Catholic Gazette of February 1936 a sensational article was published under the heading: "The Jewish Peril and the Catholic Church". The monthly organ of the Catholic Missionary Society of England was quoting speeches delivered in a series of secret Jewish meetings in Paris. A few weeks later, the Parisian weekly "Le Reveil du Peuple" published a similar account, adding that the statements had been made at a recent convention of the B'nai B'rith (secret Masonic order in which no Gentile is admitted) held in Paris.

The article of the "Catholic Gazette" read as follows:


That there had been and still is a Jewish problem no one can deny. Since the rejection of Israel, 1,900 years ago, the Jews have scattered in every direction, and in spite of the difficulties and even persecution, they have established themselves as a power in nearly every nation of Europe.

Related, the book "The Plot Against the Church" by Maurice Pinay


Bible Believer said...

I have read Makow for a long time. Interesting viewpoints but filter out what is wrong. He always points to the Jews too. Sure he mentions the Pope alright and corrupt "infiltration", but this idea that the Catholic church was the "innocent bystander" to "jewish" infiltration [don't they say that about the Masons too when the Pope really heads the Masonic orders?] is totally wrong.

He writes:

"The Illuminati regarded the Catholic Church as their chief enemy and marked it for ruin"

LOL the same thing they try to sell us on that movie: Angels and Demons, no Rome RAN the Illumanti.

There are many articles where Makow praises the false religion of Catholicism and it's members...

In this article even the false Catholic rituals of exorcism are given creedance.

The idea that the RCC is ran by Jews, is ludicrous...please learn what Mystery Babylon is about, because the Orthodox church is in the middle of it as well.

Henry Makow seems to falsely see the pre-Vatican II church, [like a Trad Catholic] as having been valid. I am overdue in doing a blog entry on Trad Catholicism, the Diamond brothers, Sedevancantists, etc. He is wrong. Rome has always been the center of Mystery Babylon. And so has it's daughter, the Orthodox church.

Anonymous said...

How is Halloween a satanic holiday when it was begun by Christians to convert Pagans to their religion when Christianity wasn't catching on?

Bible Believer said...

It wasn't begun by Christians it was begun by the Catholic church as another promotion of paganism.

Anonymous said...

Try again. Paganism is documented long before any historical documentation of Christianity. The Christians tried to convert pagans and the best way to do so was to mirror Christian holidays according to Pagan ones to ease the conversion and maximize followers. Pagan Yule- Christmas. Pagan Beltane- Easter. Pagan Samhain- Hslloween. This list continues. I've been Catholic all my life, went to Catholic school for all of my scholarly life- and this is the FIRST I've heard of Catholics promoting Paganism. Sounds blasphemous to me!

Bible Believer said...

I used to be a pagan, Theosophist, UU.

So I know the history of Paganism pretty well.

It was the Catholic church that did the if we can't beat them lets join them game.

As for a religion being the oldest, the Hindus win that one hands down, BUT oldest doesn't always mean truth. Babylon goes back to the beginning of this world.

Catholicism is paganism with a "Christian" veneer. Why do you think the Catholic church calendar matches all pagan holidays, Christmas--winter solstice etc.

Are you a Catholic?

See even here, you are defending paganism to me, to the point I thought I was talking to a Wiccan or something... :/

Anonymous said...

Paganism shouldn't be defended. I'm American and believe in freedom of religion. But I'm a Catholic, born and raised. Ive just had my fair share of Theology. But we're all allowed our opinions. But opinions are not fact. I never said Paganism was the oldest religion. Only mentioned that Paganism has historically been documented to have exsisted longer than Christianity.

Jenny said...

Anonymous Jan 5, 2012 at 2:57 p.m.,

Opinions are NOT fact, but the Word of God is (not "church tradition")! Witchcraft and sorcery (including spiritism) are of the devil! Where the light is the darkness cannot dwell no matter what translation of the Bible you read from.

This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5 NASB

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5 KJV

Bible Believer said...

Thank you Jenny...

I am working now to get some to question church "traditions".

Anthony said...

When an occultic ritual is taking place, spectators are considered as much a part of it as direct participants. They feel that the more that watch (and ultimately support), the more power and energy is used to fuel the ritual - This was the same ideas behind the 2012 superball halftime and 2012 grammy preformance.

This wedding was no doubt an occult ceremony. Another thing to consider is that one of the rules when someone is engaging in a satanic ritual is that they use only the colors red, black, white and gold. If you look at that first pic (at the top), there's plenty of red, black and white... The pope adds the gold color

Bible Believer said...

Yes, they want as many spectators as possible. you are right about that and it helps fuel their rituals. With the superball half time, a relative wanted to watch it, and I said, let's leave the game off, I had a feeling it would be something very bad and turned out I was correct. I refuse to watch Hollywood awards shows and the rest they are cholk full of the occult nonsense. This wedding I watched with the INTENTION at the start to expose it, I knew what it would be. Sometimes God may tell me not to watch something or read it, but prayed about it, and went ahead with this one. Yes all the colors have occult significance behind them. I wonder if the queen's YELLOW outfit was a even a sign of acquiesance to the papacy.

Anonymous said...

Handfasting is a beautiful ritual about nature and the earth that bore us. It is about a Goddess and a God, not unlike your God, who protect us and love us all the same. Pagans have a different name for the same idea. Handfasting is representative of the cyclic beliefs Pagans uphold inspired by the seasons, the rain, life and death, etc. Everything has a beginning and an end. It is about people and love instead of God, which is where the main difference arises between these two religions. Christianity and Paganism are right in their own ways. Upholding respect for those practicing different beliefs is also always right. Laying down judgement on your earthly brethren is never right. Acceptance and tolerance are key to the peace that both Pagans and Christians desire in the world. Food for thought.

Bible Believer said...

Just so you know the writer of this blog, me, is an EX-Pagan UU Theosophist now Christian, it is my endeavor to share the truth.

I believe in freedom of religion and that people are to come to Jesus Christ in freedom. I am not a Dominionist or a Theocracy supporter.

With the Royal wedding there are some deeper issues there, related to their power and prestige in this world.

Anonymous said...

Symbol Alert:


Support for my observation is documented below.

Following text taken from:

The Meaning of the Dove as a Catholic Christian Symbol

“Catholic Christian symbolism in art provides a clear graphic illustration which represents people or items of religious significance. What is the definition and the meaning of the Dove? The dove is a symbol of innocence, gentleness, and affection; also, in art and in the Scriptures, the typical symbol of the Holy Ghost. God sent his spirit IN THE FORM OF A DOVE to GATHER MANKIND INTO HIS CHURCH. […] The definition and the meaning of Symbols or Icon in early religious art forms. A Catholic sign or icon, such as the Dove Christian Symbol, is an object, character, figure, or color used to represent abstract ideas or concepts - a picture that represents an idea. A religious icon, such as the Dove Christian Symbol, is an image or symbolic representation with sacred significance.” (CAPS added)

Following text taken from:
The Crown Jewels, Tower of London. Crown copyright 1986. Edition first published by Department of the Environment 1986. Printed in England by Balding & Mansell Ltd.

(Note - a high quality photograph is included in the book. The top section of the gold scepter is an orb topped with a Christian cross, which is in turn dominated by a large white dove perched upon the top of the cross itself.)

Page 4-5 [The Coronation Regalia]
“The significance and function of the Regalia may be understood better by reference to their part in a Coronation. […] At this ceremony the Sovereign is presented to the people who acclaim him or her – the Acclamation. Then follow the Taking of the Oath, the Anointing, the Delivery of the Ornaments, the Enthronement and the Holy Communion.”

Page 16 [The Ornaments / The Sceptres]
“…the Sovereign is invested with the Sceptre with the Cross and THE SCEPTRE WITH THE DOVE. […] The Sceptre with the Dove, also made for the Coronation of King Charles II, has a rather vague symbolism. The Dove on top represents the Holy Ghost and, overall, the Sceptre represents the Sovereign’s regal authority in the sense of equity and mercy.” (CAPS added)

A recreation can be seen on the web here:
(scroll down to find picture)

“This slender gold sceptre was also made for the coronation of King Charles II. It is a rod of gold measuring over three feet in length. At the top is an orb of gold with a fillet around the centre, studded with diamonds. From this rises A GOLDEN CROSS ON WHICH SITS A WHITE ENAMELED DOVE with extended wings; its eyes, beak, and feet are made of gold. This sceptre is held in the Sovereign's left hand and symbolizes equity and mercy.” (CAPS added)

See also -
“The Sceptre with the Dove symbolises the spiritual authority of the Monarch under the Cross.”

Conclusion: The Monarch is under the cross, the cross is under the white dove, and the white dove symbolizes the gathering of mankind into the Roman Catholic Church.

Respectfully submitted by Aka Alert

Anonymous said...

The yoni represent the female sex & its shaped hat on the head means sex carried in the head that is sex used other than for procreation like used for power & control to the way of saturn if it is to mean satan.

Sierra Forbes said...

I wold just like to mention that and handfasting was not always a pagan and Wicca ritual. Up until 1753 handfasting was used by everyone and was considered legal seeing as only the rich could afford to have a wedding in a church. Even in the Bible it says Marry and Joseph were handfasted. andfasting is used by many cultures and is Non-religion-specific.

Anonymous said...

Are all you people and the person who wrote this article absolutely nuts!!! First of all Christianity was spread around the world by Rome.If it was not for Rome we would all still be Pagan.Read your history books please. As for the antisemitism I see in some of these comments ,it is just unbelievable,Christians would not be Christians without the Jewish people.They came first.As for the way you speak of the British Royal family it is unbelievable.If it was not for Britain the world would be a terrible place today.They have always stood for what is good.Just look at how they fought for their country and the world in world war 11.Can you imagine a world under hitler.I have never read more ignorance and hogwash in my life by people who call themselves Christian. Would Jesus have been so ignorant ,no! You very poorly represent your faith.By the way Christmas was a pagan holiday taken on by the early church to make it easier to adapt us pagans.Remember we were all pagans except the Jewish people until the Roman Emperor was converted.

Nyxia Night said...

:o interesting. I havent seen the wedding so i wouldnt know for sure if it was really a handfasting. Did the tie the knot? Or was it just the ring? And that guy is a Druid? I didnt know that royalty had people like that. Thats cool.

Anonymous said...

Hi, does anyone know how to submit an article, or some pictures for an article if someone else wants to use them: royals giving multiple & clear masonic handshakes (x73 images 11mb)?

Anonymous said...

Hi, does anyone know how to submit an article, or some pictures for an article if someone else wants to use them: royals giving multiple & clear masonic handshakes (x73 images 11mb) ?