Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prince Charles At Georgetown [Jesuit University] Meeting Tells People to Cut Down on Steak

funny how they get the pictures to line up like that....[ah you know it's showing something...Icarus?]

"Prince Charles tells America to cut down on steaks ... for the sake of the world"

see here too [video at link]

Actually who can afford steak as much anymore?

Their plan is to cut down meat, on purpose, after all the skyrocketing price of food will be hitting here even worse. Think of it as 'involuntary simplicity". More Agenda 21 nonsense. The Antichrist wants full control over the world's resources. I probably should do a complete blog entry on Agenda 21, how they plan to return much of America to the wild and move humans into the city. Ever see this map before?
Click on picture to enlarge. They have far more then that planned for you.
One of the commenters at the top link has called it right, that this is about control and enslavement of people.

"Charles delivers a speech on sustainable farming in the Gaston Hall at the Georgetown University, Washington"


"In a speech in Washington, the Prince said that the need for vast amounts of irrigation in industrialised food production was threatening to deplete reserves of the "magical substance we have taken for granted for so long".

"For every pound of beef produced in the industrial system, it takes two thousand gallons of water," he told the Future of Food conference at Georgetown University.

"That is a lot of water and there is plenty of evidence that the Earth cannot keep up with the demand."

Americans eat more than 41kg of beef a year on average, according to the UN, almost twice that consumed by Britons and four times the international average.

The Prince called for an overhaul of food production, championing organic and sustainable techniques, and also criticised the US for allowing the destruction of vast regions of its rural land."

While some probably do eat too much meat, and there are aspects of factory farming that are very poisonous, as well as our overly processed, adulterated food, I do not trust where Prince Charles is coming from either. His choice of venue is interesting as well. Realize this man is involved in groups related to new world order population control. They want to reduce the population and they also want the "peasants" to no longer have certain foods.


Abbey said...

That Georgetown University sure is a popular place for all these speeches. Concerning the picture, that would be Mercury wouldn't it? That explains the wings coming out of the head and he would be the messenger of the gods (elite), commerce and travel. He traveled here to sell (commerce)us on the idea to imitate the elite and stop being so greedy and selfish. We should give up beef and eat more bread and drink less water. Well we should cut back on bread too since there's a wheat shortage.

Agenda 21 is very disturbing. They want to corral us together in large groups so we're easier to control.

Bible Believer said...

Yes you are right, it could be Mercury too. We know they love their occult markers, and we are seeing them in news photos as well, remember all the pictures of Bush and Obama with Halos around their heads? Agree with your theory about it representing commerce. Choose this one at random but here is an example...


The Elite will eat Kobe Beef and Lobster while plotting and planning to enslave and starve the world.

Here is one of the deceived students commenting on the "Future of Food" conference that Prince Charles spoke at.

"May 4, 2011 – Georgetown students said they were glad to hear the Prince of Wales advocate for keeping food production secure for future generations during his May 4 speech at Georgetown.

“His message is a powerful one,” said Eduardo Estrada (G’11) of Bogota, Colombia, a graduate student at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute (GPPI). “We need to account for the true costs of food production, incorporating financial, social and environmental aspects in order to move toward food systems that are friendly to the environment.”

Rafi Goldberg (G’11), also a GPPI student, said he appreciated the prince’s understanding of how seemingly separate issues relate in the quest for food sustainability."

It's all about control of every one of the world's resources.

Anonymous said...

the pic reminds me of something ...
oh yeah a song,

do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro
can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow,
can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier
do your ears hang low...

maybe it is an inappropriate or unrelated comment, i just cant tell now as i am fevered
and can barely sit up for more than an hour without becoming overwhelmed by a dizzy spell

Bible Believer said...

Last anon hope you feel better soon. I wonder why Prince Charles didn't have his ears pinned back, that procedure existed back then. Strange. I remember when he ws younger he was mocked quite a bit for it. There was another royal child that did get this procedure.