Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mormon Glenn Beck Teams Up With Pastor John Hagee

From Christian Research Net:

Mormon Glenn Beck Teams Up With Pastor John Hagee To Honor Israel.

Two false "teachers" together, to deceive millions of Christians, sadly as I have exposed elsewhere on this blog. Remember this blog entry from last week, where Glenn Beck supported a book that promotes the NWO? Also read this one for context regarding John Hagee...I am not surprised to see these two team up!

Hagee, also has been a long supporter of Gingrich and [see here too]Gingrich has spoken at his church Cornerstone. He is also will be announcing his candidacy for president on Wednesday.

More false politics to deceive, the new world order politicians and false pastors have teamed together to skew bible prophecy in the interest of their world aims, bringing forth the one world government and religion preaching a false rapture and worse. What is sad is how many confessing Christians are lined up behind these folks, ever notice the Tea Party as everything political in this world-even with some well meaning people--, has become corrupt as well, doing more to defend the robber barons and advance the globalist police state? They always talk about cutting taxes and domestic programs but never anything about the trillions spend overseas for endless wars. We know they have used the "war on terror" for their own aims and false interpretations of Bible prophecy are definitely being used. In fact the churches definitely are in the service of the state, advancing the war with Islam--calling down fire on enemies against the edicts of Jesus Christ, desiring to bring in WWIII, setting up betrayal of the Jewish people, and preaching a false rapture, and pointing away from the Pope as the would be Antichrist. The evangelicals cheering for these guys and those like them have definitely been blinded by all the propaganda.

I watched the supposed death of Bin Laden news, seeing people cheer all over the place, it reminded me of a scene from the movie 1984 where the crowd is told to show ample anger and outrage at the state's enemy Emmanuel Goldstein to show allegiance to the party. In one scene they are all shouting and under surveillance, and Winston is joining in, though reluctantly. No doubt, Osama was an evil man and there are Islamic jihadists out there, but it's interesting to watch these things. Proverbs 24:17 definitely ignored among the masses.

More and more 1984 has come true, as we see an oligarchy come into power, have entered a time of "perpetual war", changed news and mind control via the state.

I believe the Osama Bin Laden stuff has been the stuff of total deception, the man probably was long ago dead from kidney disease years ago, and served as a boogieman of sorts to advance the false war on terror and other global agendas [ever noticed they presented him as "poor" and living in caves, while his family had high level jobs and positions?] The "convenience" of him being "buried at sea", was just odd.

Anyhow see who is teaming up here, and ask yourself why? Hagee obviously does not care that Gingrich is Catholic and promotes the Popes [even his would be "anti-catholicism" during the McCain years seems to have been yet another smoke screen]. We have Hagee inviting Glenn Beck on board too. And these are the people that far too many are listening too...I have tried to warn confessing Christians about Glenn Beck in real life, and it's very difficult to get them to see what is going on.


Anonymous said...

Amen, BB, on how they preach a false "rapture", and point away from the Antichrist being the False Prophet of Rome. He has been for a long, long time, and will continue to be until the return of Christ. There will likely be at least one more after this one, as the current one is quite old, and I believe the next one will succeed in elevating the Abomination of Desolation which is their queen of heaven to her highest and haughtiest form--I believe that they will actually say that she has been the Holy Spirit all along.

Also, if I'm not mistaken (and I might be as I'm a little shaky on the memory of it), wasn't GB previously catholic? Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

Hi ANon,

Yes the false "rapture" teachings plays into all this. Why would anyone protest their WWIII, if they think they are going to be "rescued" from it all, when the Bible tells us in Revelation what is going to come about. It is all about pointing away from the real Antichrist in the Vatican. I do see the next one as the potential "last one". I still need to do a Co-Redemptrix blog entry, where they will name their queen basically on par with Jesus Christ Himself. This is where Satan's desire to be "like the most high" will reach it's peak. There is a Catholic teacher, trying to remember his name, a professor at Steubenville, who has referred to the Holy Spirit as being female, so that definitely is being set up. Perhaps I'll write the CoRedemptrix blog entry tommmorow. I am surprised that has been delayed.

You are correct Glenn Beck was raised Catholic. This doesn't denote instant guilt, I was after all, but it is an interesting background isnt it?

Beck was raised as a Roman Catholic and attended Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Mount Vernon.

Glenn and his older sister moved with their mother to Sumner, Washington, attending a Jesuit school[14] in Puyallup


Anonymous said...

I thought so. But think about this for a moment: He was trained in a Jesuit school. How would they reach millions of people in such a way in a land that doesn't take kindly to catholic agenda in the open? It would be to NOT appear catholic. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if they did some sort of mind control stuff--besides the fact that what they expose their students to is Satanic in nature and opens one up to demonic spirits if one is susceptible to it. But the mind control stuff can be that kind of "manchurian candidate" sort of thing, where they go off on their own and when they reach a crisis in their lives--which Beck did, the trigger is activated and they fill the role they were MEANT to do. Or they simply keep tabs on people and if they become somewhat influential or famous, they wait until they're in the dumps, then make them an offer they can't refuse in the direction they want to use them. They may even plant certain people to help them get into the "dumps", so they can provide others to "rescue" them. It is on Fox that Beck got his first big "break" after his crisis. I don't believe that's an accident either. Anon. #1

Anonymous said...


Bible Believer said...

So many of them are trained in Jesuit schools... One can even trace others like Clinton back to Jesuit training. So yes, your theory that they would have some who would hide the obvious Catholicism, is definitely right. Hide under the cloak of being a "daughter". Plenty of Baptist leaders helping the Pope in his agendas. For some they throw in a little what is called "anti-Catholicism" and they can dupe people. Plenty of message boards and places out there, where they will call out the Pope as false and Catholic doctrine as wicked but then introduce their "home to Rome" Dominionist politics and NWO bootlicking.
I believe some of their "assets" are mind controlled types, some probably even chosen from childhood to serve a certain role. The Jesuits definitely expose students to things that open up one to demonic spirits, either covertly or more overtly which is where you get the blatant mind control where yes they would activate a "trigger". They offer "fame and fortune" for selling out, or other offers that are hard to refuse. Yes planting certain people around them too would be part of this as well. One thing I notice is how so many celebs have tragic, troubled, chaotic upbringings or loss of a parent--Beck's losing his mother perhaps that works to their advantage.

I think the "breaks" are planned more then we could imagine.

Bible Believer said...

To other Anon, I'm going to leave your comment up, but "ZOG", that is the biggest Vatican scam going. Blame the Jews, when it's really the Luciferians. It does give the Pope good cover.

Anonymous said...

Go find out that your filthy orthodox religion is the very apostasy that gave Rome its present seat of evil. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

Thank you last anon.

I took the other anon's comment down, but here was part of it.

"You just can't stand the truth so you are denying jewish corrupting and infiltrating of the church from within like they do it with the society and culture."

A lie right from Rome itself.

Baal worship, Mystery Babylon is the foundation of corruption.

You are right in the thick of it, being in the false Orthodox church.

Now stop filling my blog comments with your anti-semitic comments.

Bible Believer said...


Check this article out...