Friday, May 27, 2011

The Global Leadership Summit

"I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High."-Lucifer

Why did I put that bible verse in? Because I want people to think about what all this focus on being a leader and global stuff means. As you watch the videos notice the focus on human pride, a sample quote, "I will be empowered". Don't any of those folks remember what is in the Bible about being humble? The arrogancy speaks for itself. No mystery why a mountaintop is the logo....[also looks like a marker for a pyramid]. By the way what is a "Thought Leader?" [1:05 on the first video]. That sounds scary and ominous, the only one who should be leading our thoughts is God! Realize the success of this world, it's accolades and pursuits come first to these folks.

We have the "Global Leadership Summit"

This is event is shown worldwide, with at least 170 churches worldwide in America being involved as well 200 cities in 70+ countries via videocast: [source here]

Past speakers have included Bono, Ken Blanchard, NFL players, Colin Powell and Jimmy Carter. This year the speakers include Hybels himself, the CEO of Starbucks: Howard Schultz, Steven Furtick, Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, and many others. [See the above link for full list.]

Here is a video from 2008 [interesting hand sign shown at 1:10]

One aspect of human sin is the seeking of power and status and one sees it within these new world order religious "conferences" that prey on human pride, to seek more and more "leaders" within a false church, instead of followers of Jesus Christ. The speakers motivate the audience via a focus on self, and a false elevation. Notice Jesus is barely mentioned in the videos. The global scope of these false teachings and conferences is shocking as well as the connections to the most powerful.

This is Bill Hybels vehicle, I have not posted much on Bill Hybels but he is a big name preacher of one of the largest churches in nation, Willowcreek as well as the creator of the Global Leadership Summit. He is known as being seeker sensitive, and like Rick Warren has been involved with the politicians and powerful on both sides of the partisan fence:

Hybels has largely avoided association with specific political parties or movements, although in June, 2010 he introduced President Obama's address on immigration reform,[13] and his wife, Lynne Hybels, blogs for God's Politics on Sojourners website. He did receive some criticism when at a leadership conference hosted by the WCA in 2000, he interviewed Rich DeVos (Amway co-founder) and carried out a 90-minute interview with President Bill Clinton in which he questioned the President on many key issues. When Karen Hughes (former advisor to President George W. Bush) in the following year spoke at the Summit, Hybels said to the attendees jokingly afterwards, "There, we are even." (Referring to bringing a counterbalance to Clinton's visit.)

These types of conferences are numerous, and this is about creating as many "change agents' as possible to move the churches into the Antichrist global spirituality "vision".

Berit Kjos has a chart on her website that compares biblical views to these globalist ones that is of interest. These are "leaders" being trained to shift things into the "new paradigms". Those new paradigms include globalist control and connections, collective-group thinking where the individual is put last, and rejecting biblical truths for those of the new social order.


Anonymous said...

I watched that second video, looking for hand signals. What did you see? I'm having trouble finding anything. A couple of hand positions from random audience members, perhaps?

Matt TwoFour

PS: I'm having trouble posting comments here through my Google account.

Bible Believer said...

Look at the guy at minute 1:09/ 1:10 he has hand up against face, but the middle fingers are down. the horned hand sign... Then there is Mr. Steeple fingers who gives me the willies, but that one is more vague, and may not be a willful hand gesture.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed something else about the hand gestures of the people who go to the seeker sensitive churches. This video has a bunch of Darwinian rhetoric, but I believe you will be able to see past that, and also see the trend of narcissism and aggression being displayed in hand gestures and body posture.

Anonymous said...

Using that video as a basis of understanding I see all the people who are lecturing and the audience, seeing themselves as gods or on their way to becoming gods. The guy with the horned sign could be occult, or just using this narcissistic way of holding his godly head up as he sees his head and mind as better than the rest, as for Mr. steeple fingers, well to me that looks like a version of the Joan of Arc pose.

Abbey said...

That hand gesture is so blatant. It's not a comfortable position at all. I noticed the other guy too. I'm not sure about him though. You see that gesture a lot but you never know.

You're right. It's all about teaching pastors to be better leaders, their "cookie cutter" type leader. Keep training them and send them back to their cookie cutter churches in Stepford uh I mean Any town,USA or elsewhere in the Global Village. I've been to a few churches in my area and it's like being in the Borg Collective. Everything's basically the same. Contemporary, casual, relevant and welcoming, that's what they all say.

In the beginning of video #1, the "thought clouds" say things such as wrong thinking, old habits, ways of seeing and so on. I guess it's THAT change we can believe in. Yes we can. They want to change all that and show us a new, much better way.

The chart comparing biblical views to the globalist ones is spot on. You'd think it was written today.

Anonymous said...

The man is just holding his head, he has big portly man hands, I have seen other men use this mannerism before, it speaks to the way he views himself to, as one of the "great minds".

I have seen many false teachers give a lecture and use the devils horn, they love to flash their "gang symbol", but I have to disagree with the people that think there is a satanist behind every bush.

There is also the mannerisms of the narcissist being used by many lecturers and audience members, and I would like to say that the narcissist is an aggressive person, ever see a diva throw a fit or throw items or hit others?
These people who are being sucked into this apostasy are narcissists with a violent streak, no wonder they will eventually grow in narcissism and apostasy to kill us thinking they are doing God's will, it is the eventual outcome of such beliefs and behavior.
The video is right about one thing, you can tell a narcissist by the way they hold themselves, even womens self defense classes tell women to "read" the posture of would be attackers, does not nature its self show us that if a dog is posturing aggression it will bite us if it feels justified?
These people are their own gods too, they have used their belief of what God is to shape a god of their own creation, like unto their own minds, and by doing such have a false god and idol, in reality idolizing themselves as gods.

Anonymous said...

OK--I see the "horns" guy. Could very well be that they trained the camera on him because of the horns...or they planted him in the audience.

Yes, you have to believe, at this late stage of the game...that almost any major "Christian" event like the least, there is some kind of occult infiltration (like the camera man, as one example maybe?).

And the very few moments I actually spent listening to samplings of the speakers...they all seem fit to be tied. Neck veins a-poppin'. A very, very strong "dominionist" vibe.

Matt TwoFour

Bible Believer said...

Hey I watched this video. Well you are right, anon, that narcissim in this society is growing, the "me first" mentality of human sin, and along with it, the destruction of compassion and the agressiveness goes hand in hand, the same that Matt noticed the whole "fit to be tied" thing. You are right anon, that this may merely be an gesture of arrogance, but given it's non-comfort [try making that one with middle fingers down, it is not very comfortable], to me it seems to be an overt hand sign. With the other one as Abbey said, that one we just cannot know, the look in the face with that guy scares me more then what his hands are doing. Yeah more training seminars for Stepford pastors for the Borg Collective, you nailed that one Abbey. Just the sameness of the churches now, is disgusting, the same programs, the same attitudes, the same dress, the same well everything, they have stripped all individuality away.The sameness of the churches I have visited here, has been scary.

As Matt said the horns guy could have been planted in the audience or the camera man was just pleased to zero in on that one. I notice too in the videos the arrogant gestures, body language. The guy who exclaims: God rock our church rock our world!" is one example of one of the "angry" types. He takes such a statement right from the rock concert stages.

Yes Dominionist vibe indeed it goes along with the power-seeking stances. Narcissism is interwoven, in this whole thing, even the lady who goes on about "her calling" it seems to be more about elevation of self.

A whole "look at me" ethos. Big wide gestures of swooping arms, and gritted teeth, pointed fingers--didn't that used to be a gesture of rudeness, and yelling. The narcissism video is right to point out that these gestures match such as the intimidating stare and aggressive finger points. [don't agree with the evolution points, but yeah this shows the thinking] I found the comments on the "gingival smile", "joan of arc" pose and narcissistic arm pose to be very interesting. Wow... These pastors match all the worldy entertainers in their body language including the narcisstic poses. Hey they basically are new religious "entertainers" instead of true humble men of God preaching the gospel.

Check this one out...

Checking out 2009's video, they have some pod people at the start,a flash of Bono, Tony Blair? more false messages: "are you changing as fast as the world around you?"/"God has not called us to be people who huddle"/"in a time of change failure is a necessity"

One thing I hvae thought about posting about, is the first/last verse, I am noticing in our society a growing rejection of what they call the "losers" vs. the winners. Elsewhere I have seen the "weaker" members of society piled on by others. Compassion and a humble spirit are being thrown out the window.

Mat 20:16 So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

Think about how these pastors have announced to us, they want to be FIRST [the leaders, and they want you to be too]

Think about this verse in regards to their demands of LEADERSHIP and LEAD, and the want to be in charge atmophere.

I have read some secular books about the narcissism epidemic that have been of interest being careful to weed out any false messages...

I translate it as sin...selfishness forming a core component of sin. We see it all over this stuff.

Anonymous said...

You can see how they're appealing to ego---everything is about "leadership"...where the Bible is all about servanthood. It's all backwards. If you go into a Christian bookstore these days...90% of the book titles are about being on top, being 'prosperous', etc. A bunch of people on the covers wearing $2000 suits and outfits, and $200 haircuts and do's.

Matt TwoFour

Bible Believer said...

I agree, it is the inverse of the Bible isn't it? You are right, it is about feeding the ego. I have met a few of these pastors visiting churches, and the high ego attitudes are not just for the big names anymore but inflitrating into the smaller local churches. To meet some of these folks, if you are of more humble means is an interesting adventure. Soon I am going to do a blog post on "the last and the first", it ties into this topic, and about how they are pushing "success" in this life, and being the "alphas" of Christiandom. [My "Best Life Now" articles skirted around this topic] Yes all that "hip" clothing costs money. I can barely stand the Christian bookstores, nothing in there to read. The local only gets any business from me to buy the occasional apostate magazine for research for this blog.

Anonymous said...

Gods plan for you life. Learn obedience through suffering, be persecuted. Do not love money. Be content with clothes, food. Kill your flesh and carry your cross. Overcome to the end and be saved.

Babylons plan....we will pimp you dumb sheep for all your cash to sell you false dreams.

Bible Believer said...

Good post last anon, totally agree.

False dreams sold too on the hilt of a collapsing economy which makes their betrayal even that much more the worse.

Anonymous said...

Wow I have always tried to explain it to people like that, which is that, selfishness is the core component of sin, and everyone has this, and needs to fight the good fight to beat the urge down and be humble.
This is how I try to explain to those who think they are "good" people that all our hearts are wicked, who can know the heart of man for it is wicked continually.

Bible Believer said...

I agree, selfishness is what runs the sin show, and you are right, we all need to battle this with God's help.

Jer 17:9 The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Anonymous said...

I agree 2Tim. 4;3 for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have they're ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to they,re own desires

Bible Believer said...

That is definitely it, teachers for their own desires. The lure of power literally with this one, wanting to rule and have "leadership" over the globe.