Monday, May 2, 2011

From Understand the Times: "Newt Gringrich and Calvary Chapel-Connections That Beg Answers"

From Understand The Times:

"Newt Gingrich and Calvary Chapel-Connections That Beg Answers"

Good question, why is Calvary Chapel hobnobbing with a Catholic politician? The article outlines Gingrich's Catholic conversion and connections to Jesuits. Gingrich has praised the Jesuits. I saw the show being discussed when it was aired.

Gingrich who converted to the Catholic church, promotes the Vatican and it's Popes every chance he gets:

See here too.

On this week's edition of his weekly show, A Conversation with the Archbishop, airing Thursday, April 28, at 1:00 pm ET, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan will talk with his predecessor, Edward Cardinal Egan, and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Cardinal Egan's life as a priest and bishop was greatly influenced by John Paul II, who made him a bishop, an archbishop and a cardinal. The Cardinal will tell many personal and behind-the-scenes stories of Pope John Paul, who the Cardinal knew and worked closely with during the more than 26 years that John Paul II served as pope.

Former Speaker Gingrich will discuss his documentary, Nine Days That Changed The World, on John Paul II's historic 1979 trip to Poland, which many credit as the beginning of a groundswell that led to the fall of Communism.

Watch this video as well, and note what Gingrich has to say about the last Pope. The whole "collapse of Communism" lie they promote, is a subject that would take it's own entry, but definitely we see a politician invested in promoting Rome.

"We believe the pope's message of freedom through faith and his principle that no government can get between you and God is a principle that is relevant in every country, for every person around the world," Gingrich said at a news conference in Warsaw attended by the film's director and the other producers, among them his wife, Callista Gingrich."

The Understand the Times article goes on to say:

"The Jesuit connection to Christian leaders seems to be making itself clearer all the time."

I totally agree. One thing about Satan is he sets traps, and there are plenty for those who come out of the Roman Catholic church and other false religions. More and more even churches that claim to be against the "errors of Roman Catholicism" are in backrooms uniting with representatives and leaders who are stumping for the Vatican. Please read the rest of this article at its link and check out these older blog entries too:

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Anonymous said...

This is nothing new. Chuck Smith said years ago that a person is unpatriotic if they don't agree with the Iraq war. They intermix into politics all the time, politics that inevitably end up helping catholicism.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Anon 1. That's what the so called Christian right is all about too.

Chuck Smith left Calvary Chapel open to fully accepting the RCC and Jesuit influence from the beginning, with his strange inclusion of Catholics in the Body of Christ statement a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Smith has always been ecumenical. He has always hobnobbed with or otherwise accepted the most radical ecumenists - Billy Graham, Bill Bright, Paul Crouch and others. When we disobey God's simple commands to be separate and to expose error, all the enemy's chickens come home to roost.

Christian said...

He is a mainly a cabalist and a friend of the jews.[img][/img]
For now, though, it’s all Newt Gingrich. He has been ultra-loyal both to the Jewish money men and to the secretive Vatican group Opus Dei, another group of money men. A fanatical Israel supporter, Gingrich is continually pimping for more wars and death in the Middle East. He supported the Bush torture and gulags and can be counted on to siphon trillions from the U.S. Treasury into the coffers of Wall Street’s Jewish bankers and ponzi scheme artists.

To prepare Gingrich for his role as Rothschild front man in 2012, Newt recently “converted” to Catholicism. In February, 2010, some 500 Catholic millionaires, initiates of the Opus Dei affiliate Legatus, met in Dana Point, California to honor Gingrich and former President and Jew-Catholic loyalist George W. Bush. Gingrich was lauded by the group for his conversion and even gave his “Christian testimony” regarding his leaving the Southern Baptist denomination to become a convert to “Holy Mother Church.” His new wife—his third—was on hand.

The Jewish Jesuits

Also present was Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer, a Jew who is Chairman of the Vatican’s Magis Institute and Spitzer Center. The Jesuit Order is, in fact, a crypto-Jewish organization and Spitzer is one of the many Jews who claims to have converted to Catholicism. He and the debauched Gingrich must have really been laughing up their sleeves.

Bible Believer said...

First Anon, you are right, Chuck Smith praised the Iraq war, when I was attending Calvary Chapel for the short time, I read Calvary Chapel magazine, and in it, it advanced the Iraq and Afghanistan war so much so, while they spoke of witnessing to the soldiers, I felt like I was reading army recruitment ads. They show the soldiers helping children, when while that may happen, what is the object of war? They are not in Iraq and Afghanistan to be social workers. Here is a blatant example...notice the propaganda...

Chuck Smith has done seminars with that one general tied to torture in the Middle East. General Boykin...

Yes all the politics they support, are the same politics that back up the Vatican.

Bible Believer said...

I notice Christian is still seeing the "Jews" as the center, he does not realize that the Vatican has desired the world hate the Jews and to be blame them. In fact the Vatican program has been to lead the Jewish people away from Jesus Christ for the last 2,000 years and to bring oppression and Mystery Babylonianism into the fray--the kabbalah etc.

The elites that Christian calls "Jewish" are really luciferians. Can you take that step in stopping the hatred of Jews Christian, and realize what the Bible says about those who say they are Jew and are not? You do have some facts straight about Gingrich, am glad to see that. Now if only you could figure out the roles that the Roman Catholic church from the BEGINNING has played as well as the false Mystery Babylon Orthodox church. One thing I sure see a lot of Orthodox patriarchs at all those ecumenical, and interfaith meetings I have studied.

Bible Believer said...

Yes Chuck Smith is ecumenical to the max, signed in with the Billy Graham program, as I exposed at the beginning of this blog. I thank God daily He led me out of the RCC and also that I was told the truth about Calvary Chapel.

Then there was the Rick Warren fiasco as well, which let me know where Chuck Smith stood.

Yes he has included Catholics in the Body of Christ in that one quote that has been posted before. I think as deception has grown they are growing more blatant, they know the folks left in their church are the ones who cannot "see". If Chuck Smith hobnobbing with Rick Warren wasn't enough to get them to wake up, they know those who are still there will accept the dalliance with the denizens of the new world order and Rome like Gingrich. I believe that Calvary Chapel from the start was set up for deception.

Anonymous said...

What you don't seem to get Christian is that you are looking at fake Jews, of that thing called Judaism. This is the same Judaism which Christ was rebuking. But they were first born of the fake Jews of Samaria--Jews who are not Jews. These fake Jews infiltrated the Jewish priesthood during the Greek era. By the time of Christ, they had taken over the Temple, and by Christ were called "thieves". After the Apostles, and in fact even while they were doing so, laid the Foundation of His Body, these fake Jews also infiltrated among them and began to lay their own foundation as a fake "christianity". These infiltrators are cut from the same cloth--they are not Jews nor are they Christians. They are Babylonians--the priesthood of the MAGI, who are experts at being "shapeshifters", doing what it takes to take control in every facet of life on earth. They are empowered to do this by their father Satan. So BB is right--they are Luciferians. By continuing to call them "Jews", Christian, you are simply playing right into their hands. Anon. #1 (not the first Anon. on top)

Anonymous said...

To that I want to add that the seat of their power is now in Rome--at the Vatican. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

"By continuing to call them "Jews", Christian, you are simply playing right into their hands. Anon. #1 (not the first Anon. on top)"

Thank you Anon, he definitely is. He doesnt realize that being in the Orthodox church, he himself is in the same Mystery Babylon system. I am taking down all the anti-semitic remarks. He did know some truths about Gingrich but sadly is caught in the "blame the Jews game" and is blinded by his false church as to who the culprits truly are. Thanks for explaining the fake Jews.

Bible Believer said...

Update on this thread, I changed the video the other one was not playing and was marked as "private" in it you will see Gingrich and wife in front of the Vatican praising the Pope.

Christian said...

They call themselves Jews today and so they have to be exposed from us Christians.This is a command from our Lord.But as long people like @BB are censoring people who just tell the truth its getting worse and worse and you become part of your so called fake jewish agenda! The fake Jews are in power within the RCC within our government and they owns the wealth of this earth.In 1823 the vatican bank ist taken over by the rothschilds.So it does not matter whether i call them crypto-jews masquerading as christians to destroy the church or moranos, sephardis, ashkenazis,zionists,cabalists,freamasons, sabbateans,frankists,messianists,neocons or orthodox jews they remain modern JEWS because they adhere rabbinical JUDAISM.They all have a common enemy called gentile, that they reject Christ and that they are their own messiah.

Anonymous said...

But catholicism is the mother of all whores now "christian", and that is what is to be exposed. Yes, there are false Jews, but we are to strike at the head of the serpent, and your being orthodox shows that you are a part of it. By focusing in on the word "Jews", it just shows us that you are trying to distract from your church being part of that whore system as well. After all, it was your church's forefathers who laid the apostate foundation upon which Rome is now building her vile kingdom. And you people have never repented of that. Your church is just as guilty as fake Jews and Rome, as your church also slaughtered all who had refused to take up your apostate doctrines, the epitome of which is the "mother of god" heresy. So get the beam out of your eye, then you might see straight. Anon. #1

news4themasses said...

Francis Ignatius Loyola. He was the Jesuit Priest who formed 'Spiritual Exercises.' this is what is in the church,Pastors and Pk's are taught more and more to embrace.They're taught in seminary Loyola is reverent he's seen as the 'church' (Christianity) founder and to practice his ways...this is the OCCULT, Satan, Anti-Christ spirit. Crazy huh. The question remains of Calvary, which came first, the chicken (Ecumenical version of Evangelicalism leading to Rome), or the Egg (was 'she' CC always intended to gather the hens back to Rome from it's start)?

Bible Believer said...

Did you see this older blog entry, News4themasses?

I believe things have infiltrated in, but with the roots of Calvary Chapel, I believe that particular one [well there is evidence for much of the Pentecostal/charismatic movement as a whole] it was set up for deception to "gather those hens back to Rome" After all why not put out a net to catch those who leave the main false "church"?

On this blog even realizing the Jesuit and other involvements in the seminaries and more has been very interesting. Lots of interfaith deals going on in backrooms.

Many of those modern seeker sensitives, joining with the ecumenical parade. Today found out David Platt, author of radical, young pastor meant to influence the young people to be "more radical" in the "ecumenical cause" was a signer of the Manhattan Declaration.

Its all about carrying the "Christians" back to Rome.