Wednesday, April 6, 2011

William and Kate's Interfaith Wedding

Prince William is supposed to be married April 29th, to Kate Middleton. I saw this article today that talks about their wedding that plans to incorporate rituals from different religions.

William and Kate Plan To Smash Glass at Wedding.

"According to detailed wedding plans, due to be released on Sunday, a small amount of mehendi or turmeric, paste will be smeared on Kate's hand in a Muslim pre-wedding ritual. The couple will then offer each other a morsel of food to express mutual love and affection in accordance with the Hindu practice, and then William will smash a glass with his foot as at Jewish weddings. "

I wonder if Dad [Prince Charles] had something to do with this? Years ago I used to follow some of Prince Charles's interfaith pursuits, after I read the book by Joan Veon called "Prince Charles: the Sustainable Prince". The book was very interesting detailing his involvement in helping to advance the new world order, though I didn't agree with the decoy antichrist stuff, since that fits the papacy far more then the royal houses who I believe are in the Pope's service. There is a reason both the Queen of England and Michelle Obama/Mrs. Bush wore black with a black veil in deference to the Pope.

The Anglican church is a daughter church of Rome as well. Rowan Williams bows before the Pope, every chance he gets, and well, royalty historically has swore to uphold the Church of England.

The royals as global elites, follow the bidding of the Pope including helping to advance the interfaith and one religion cause. Prince Charles has been involved in many interfaith pursuits. In 1994, he stated he wanted to be known as the "Defender of Faith" rather then "Defender of the Faith" a title held by all British monarchs because this would only apply to Christians. Here he states that view:

Chances are these beliefs have been passed on to his son. Prince Charles has been involved in many interfaith events opening interfaith events and vowing to help "boost" interfaith dialogue.


Anonymous said...

Despicable! These people are carefully groomed for their roles. If they refuse to walk in the agenda, then they are likely passed over. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

I agree. They are definitely groomed. Ever saw one become born again and "buck" the system? Doubt they'd last very long and you are right, they would be passed over.

Christian said...
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Bible Believer said...

Christian no more anti-semitic posts.

David Icke as a source? While one can get some information from his website, that is a luciferian deceiver if there ever was one. Quite ideal that one, expose the machinations of the global elite, while bringing the false racist information in, and playing the Vatican "blame the jews for everything" game while introducing New Age solutions for the world's problems.