Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trad Catholic Calls for Catholic Dictatorship

Is he much different from the Dominionists? Think on that one while watching this..Not really, desiring theocracy, "philosopher-kings" to take over?

Meet Michael Voris who believes that the country needs a dictator who is “benevolent” and most importantly a Catholic. Voris advocates Catholic rule for the nation in this video, which surprisingly does not appear to be a joke.

Voris’s call for a “benevolent dictatorship” of a Catholic ruler is part of a video that has gone viral on the Internet

One thing, always remember the Roman Catholic church was the original Dominionist organization...[and every Dominionist, evangelical or not, deceived, knowing or not, serves as a de facto DAUGHTER to ROME.]

Many here are already familiar with the wicked history of the RCC, where all human freedom was suppressed, the church ruled over the state--even the kings were threatened with interdicts, and freedom of conscience, religion, speech, and the press was severely repressed or destroyed and many true saints of God put to death.

We know that Rome from my previous articles, definitely supports world government and hates national sovereignty, and what the Bible tells us about the one world religion and government.

Don't let this guy fool you, right NOW, they are taking control..[remember the blog posts I did on the Pope's desire for world government? [#1 and #2], they are being enacted NOW] they just aren't being as direct and blatant about it as this guy.

One thing Michael Voris isn't just some lone unknown guy off the street with a few crazy ideas, but has even had high level media jobs...hmm interesting...

Michael Voris is a graduate of University of Notre Dame in Communications. He has spent over twenty years working in the television industry as a CBS News affiliate anchor, Emmy Award-winning broadcast news reporter and producer, and independent production company bureau chief. In the 1980’s he spent two years in seminary at St. Joseph’s Seminary in New York. In recent years he has been a frequent host on Michigan Catholic Radio and guest speaker at various parishes. He founded St. Michael’s Media in 2006 and hosts the television program The One True Faith.

Today I found this article dated April 12, 2011: "Supreme Court May Soon Lack Protestant Justices", if you look at the charts looking at the make up of the Supreme Court, think about why we have 6 out of 9 who are Catholics and two of those are purported to be linked to Opus Dei?

"And although Shesol notes that privately a lot of people remark about the surprising fact that there are so many Catholics on the Supreme Court, this is not a subject that people openly discuss."
Add another hat to the folks in this cartoon...

Think this is by accident? I don't think it is.

One thing if you pay attention to the role the Vatican and Catholic church is playing in government institutions and the overriding goals, this helps bring many pieces of the puzzle together. Both Bush and Obama visited and received instructions from the Pope. Obama was trained by Cardinal Bernadin.

The "Catholic dictatorship" isn't just some nebulous myth, or the idea of this lone Trad Catholic guy, it's being BUILT..NOW.

Read Smokescreens: Chapter 11 Blueprint for a Catholic America

and WATCH this too:


Anonymous said...

It's definitely not an accident that Catholics are the majority on the Court. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

I don't think so either. It's definitely planned. Alberto Rivera was one of the most hated men out there, but obviously with this one, called it right, it's happened. I really via this article want people to understand things happening in this country, and why things are spiraling downward and so fast.

Christian said...


Anonymous said...

Catholic dictatorship?! Hoorah!!! Christ the King 2012!!!

Bible Believer said...

The Bible warns of a false "christ", the antichrist, make sure that is not who you are looking for. The "woman" rides the beast.