Thursday, April 7, 2011

Radiation In and From Japan

"Seawater Radiation 7.5 Million Times Legal Limit Already the markets are refusing Japanese Fish due to Radiation. Also read "The Japanese Economy is in Much Bigger Trouble Then Most People Think." One thing about the radiation in Japan, I doubt we are being told the truth about how much radiation is being released or its impact here. There are some websites exposing this and speaking openly about Asian protests. I have read different websites, including mainstream newsarticles that talk about how radiation has shown up in drinking water but is supposedly at harmless levels.

BOSTON -- Trace amounts of radioactive iodine linked to Japan's crippled nuclear power station have turned up in rainwater samples as far away as Massachusetts during the past week, state officials said on Sunday.

The low level of radioiodine-131 detected in precipitation at a sample location in Massachusetts is comparable to findings in California, Washington state and Pennsylvania and poses no impact to drinking supplies, public health officials said



Please keep praying for Japan and it's people, and pray for here too, and that more are led to Jesus Christ.

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