Thursday, April 28, 2011

Glenn Beck Endorses an Author that Supports the New World Order?

Hey I am really NOT surprised, Glenn Beck having a show on Faux news, but how many evangelicals love Glenn Beck thinking he stands for truth? Remember that church, I talked about, visited a couple times then left?, the pastor there, loved Glenn Beck.

Click on the picture to enlarge it and notice the yellow badge on the upper left hand side, with in it, it says "This is the only person I have heard who seems to have the total picture and the guts or the insanity to actually say it aloud"--Glenn Beck.

The other day, I got this book "The Day After The Dollar Crashes" by author Damon Vickers from the library, and actually thought, "Wow a book warning against the new world order on library shelves!". Talk about a brain fog moment, this book SUPPORTS the coming new world order and tells you how to deal with it.

While he has some good "economic" advice, and admits to the economic meltdown--that alone is rare, what is supported is very scary. The book is horrible mixing gleeful globalism with New Age/Buddhist teachings. Let me quote a few. First I want to point out his love of the New World Order, as illustrated in Chapter 4 "What People Fear About the New World Order".

He writes starting on page 61:

"These leaders will attempt to terrify people. They will describe a New World Order as a fascist police state where an army of people in uniforms and riot gear, with tear gas, tasers and armored vehicles will describe a world where the few will crush the man with an iron fist. They will do their best to terrify people into continuing to hand over their power and trust them to do what is best"

How odd, how many leaders out there are there WARNING about the NWO? Is it strange for me to shake my head and ask what is this guy even saying?

He goes on to talk about people being fearful "when their beliefs are threatened".

"We need to realize the game has changed and those old beliefs may no longer be relevant. We need to set our old beliefs aside, and assess our new experiences without prejudice, because we never have been here before."

Isn't that what all the New World Order supporters say, set aside old beliefs? Often one of those old beliefs is biblical Christianity, whose members know the truth about a one world economic and governmental order and what it means in the Bible.

He goes on trying to claim industries in America were nationalized via "fear" rather then planned, and that "resistance to change" is a bad thing.

He writes on page 74:

"We need to remember that as Americans we still have it easy compared to the rest of the world. We don't have to work in the fields under a hot sun 16 hours a day from dawn to dusk, grow our own food, milk our cow, and beat wheat stalks for grain before collapsing exhausted in bed and having to get up the next day" He goes on to describe someone coming home from an air conditioned office, partaking of imported wine and cheese and Kobe steak--as if that was affordable to most Americans?

One thing I've realize is how easily they have been able to lead Americans to embrace things, that never would have been acceptable before with subtle deception. How many times have I seen these NWO supporters say Americans need to get "used" to a third world life? Well that is the program after all isn't it? What is sad, is the other countries, the people are better off in the way, they still have an intact social structure where they can grow their own food, help each other and survive. Of course not said, is that globalism is destroying them too.

Of course the book contains New Age nonsense. This chapter includes the Buddhist like teachings on page 75:

"We must realize that we infect the atmosphere with our thoughts. We create exactly what we think about. That may sound like simplistic, new thought mumbo jumbo, but your belief is not required for this to be true. It is a law of the universe and no amount of resistance will change it. It is simply the way it is"

Interesting how he added the "resistance is futile" message straight from the Borg on Star Trek....Some of the sentences get interesting, and well this one should alert you to this guy's true agenda.

"Our grandparents and generations right back to the inception of this country faced nearly insurmountable obstacles and still managed to create order out of chaos, Now it's our turn."

I guess he couldn't resist using that "order out of chaos" phrase, we all know so well.

The book continues in Chapter 5 "Build and Prepare for the New World Order" with general things with some boiler plate NWO environmentalism, "We Need to Reduce Our Sprawl" [agenda 21 stuff] and "Where are the Bees"? Good question and "We are a Global Village", "Think Globally and Act Locally" brainwashing.

Under the subheading "We Can Move Mountains", his take on religion is the typical NWO loving universalism on page 90:

"If you've studied the masters, you know that faith does have incredible power. Jesus, Buddha and Allah taught ideas that transformed the hearts and minds of millions of people around the planet"

He goes on to speak of "Your Conscious Shift to Oneness" bringing more Buddhist New Age teachings for the forefront emphasizing New Age "collective consciousness".

"The moment you change your mind or your behavior, you might become that hundredth monkey that tips the scales on this planet by adding your mental energy to some master plan we all share."

The book continues with more economic advise, what should investors do, when the dollar crashes, etc, what could happen as the economy implodes and then odd chapter 7 called "Shaping the New World Order" Where he asserts to us:

"That is why I believe that we are nearing that threshold in several countries. That is why I believe we will see the necessity of forming a Central Government {CG} that can operate in the New World Order"

Basically this guy calls for a one world government, you know namely to contend with all the economic chaos. He goes forth illustrating this: "In the New World Order, the Central Government {CG} would need to have the power to regulate the size and growth rate of the governments of individual countries" [p. 120], "The CG should protect cultural identities", [p. 123] "The CG should have the responsibility and power necessary to place the protection and preservation of our global resources above the interest of any single entity" [p. 127], it goes on outlining what he think the CG should do, controlling the economy, the Internet, and into Chapter 8 called "Shaping the New World Social Order", he continues with the same themes.

In one section on page 138, under "Where Will Our New Leaders Come From?" He basically trumps for the Antichrist, even admitting that it brings up things like the Antichrist [see how that works, when they desire to confuse?]

"I believe we will see at least one individual come forward to lead this group. I think we will see a charismatic, singular global figure who will lead the world. That person needs to be willing to stand up and step forward and say, "I will lead. The challenges are great, but here are the solutions, I am willing to lead." ......This person will come from a position of conscious unconditional love as others before them"

Page 144 and 145, he trumps for the one world church and then tells us we must 'Connect as one".

"I believe our ultimate task is to learn to unify in Oneness".....

This is the guy, that Glenn Beck says has the TOTAL PICTURE?

Beck has invited him on his show before, how interesting that Glenn endorses this guy....

Now I'm thinking about all those deluded evangelicals who listened to Glenn Beck and attended his rallies with baited breathe, thinking they were being told the truth.


Anonymous said...

These evangelical homeschoolers write about Glenn Beck on their homeschool blogs,and write about the Passion plays(Hebrews 6:6 KJ) in their churches at Herod's Easter(Acts 12 KJ). Movie /TV propaganda goes back to Thomas Edison(evolutionist agenda)-a good book about that is called Remote Control at answersingenesis. I like the "faux news" spelling.

Labby said...

I think some are starting to see the truth about Glenn Beck. As likable as he seems, he is not to be trusted. Thanks for doing the homework for us yet again, Bible Believer!

Anonymous said...

That evangelicals can even listen to the guy says a lot about them, no? I can't stomach him and refuse to watch him. He gives my spirit the heebie jeebies. Yikes! Yeah, that was a good name: faux news. I like to call them the catholic news network, with their own resident cutsie faced priest. Have you noticed how many of their personalities are catholic? Even the few evangelical types they have are ecumenically minded. The rest of the media are the liberal flavor, so we don't have much choice. One has to get their news with lots of discernment. I don't watch Fox on TV (don't watch tv, though other members of my household do), but I do get articles from Fox's website for my discussion board. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

First anon, yes I see many evangelical homeschoolers and others praising Glenn Beck on their blogs and you are correct about their love of false passion plays, and holidays like Easter and well Christmas too. Even watching old movies from the 1930's one can see the blossoming of propaganda, in old movies they were promoting adultery and other wicked things very early on.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Labby, I hope more wake up to the truth about Glenn Beck as well and figure out this is something mixing a few truths [warning about imploding economy etc] with many lies!

Bible Believer said...

Last anon, remember Rupert Murdoch owns Fox news, and he is a Knights of Malta, so that huge number of Catholic commentators such as O'Reilly, and Hannity, is no accident and evangelicals listened to those guys too.

They are basically a Catholic newsnetwork, or Vatican News, that is what they ought to rename it, and yes they invite many priests on there too, I don't recall the resident priest's name.

Here is one of the priests that work with Fox News...

Fox News is part of the Helgian Dialectic, all liberal on one side, but then this false channel that presents itself as "conservative" but its the false right, which leads to the one world govt and religion.

"Fox" in the hen house, I think they probably chose the name on purpose too.

I try to get my news from different sources and then put the puzzle pieces together but yes our news is "owned" and a lot of discernment is necessary. With evangelicals praising Glenn Beck and going to his rallies, one could tell discernment about this guy, was almost non-existent.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's the priest alright. Anon. #1

Anonymous said...

I watched the Royal wedding. I don't know if you are going to mention it but I noticed a few things: 1) The JU5T WED licence plate when William was driving the car. I remembered reading about the law of 5's in Cathy Burn's book on Occultic symbols, in a book on Masonry, and several other places. I don't know if there's a connection. 2)They mentioned the bride's yoga teacher was a guest-another nod to others listening I think,and 3) The church had trees inside-a commentator said it was at the bride's request(I don't know about that) but it turned the church into a (pagan/Druid) grove. We can read about groves in our KJ Bibles. I read about the royalty and the Druids and remember a photo. I found the date of the wedding interesting-another commentator said it was St. Catherine's Day-same name as the bride. I have to look that up.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Fox news. More than the others, it overtly pushes the Catholic church in your face. It might as well be called Vatican Disinfo straight from Rome. Not that all news isn't.

That's interesting about the License plate - I didn't notice the 5. But I thought the tree issue very strange though didn't think of the groves angle. I did notice that one of the attendees was wearing a badge or medal with an upside down cross.

Bible Believer said...

Regarding the royal wedding...

the date of it was Walpurgis Eve...and the start of Beltane.

I don't think that is an accident...

"Another Satanic Holiday that is well known amongst Satanists, is the night of Walpurgis Eve. This was a pre-christian holiday that was eventually taken over by the Roman Church who had named it after Saint Walpurga. It was a day when bonfires were built to ward away the spirits of the dead. This holiday is also associated with the spring celebration of Beltane, celebrated by some Wiccans."

I noticed that 5 too...yes that is an occult marker as well right on the back of the car, and the trees equal grove thing, yes I can go with that. I read in one article, those trees cost equivalent to $80,000 dollars to be put in there. I also noticed they had that druid Rowan Williams marrying them.

Have you seen this old article I wrote?

With the royal wedding did you notice the "handfasting"? Handfasting is a pagan wedding tradition, Wiccans and others do it world over, they are crafty folks, he used a gold banner he wrapped around their hands.

Bible Believer said...

Last anon I agree with Fox news spreading Vatican disinfo, well that is what it is being used for essentially. Yeah the insignia of the officials all occult NWO, lots of Malta crosses and probably like what you saw too. There was tons of symbols all over the place, even the myrtle in her bouquet I heard one of the news commentators mentioning over and over.

From witchcraft site:

G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.
Magical uses:Myrtle was sacred to the Greek Goddess Venus and has been used in love charms and spells throughout history. Grow indoors for good luck. Carry or wear Myrtle leaves to attract love, charms made of the wood have special magickal properties. Wear fresh Myrtle leaves while making love charms, potions or during rituals for love."

Anonymous said...

The date had something to do with May 1st-MayDay-is that correct? I looked up St. Catherine-interesting story.

Anonymous said...

A grove of trees?!! Wow. That's astounding. I didn't watch the wedding, so I didn't know this. These people are bold as....well, as hell, and do it right out in the open. Anon. #1

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about handfasting. Choke! And I didn't know that was Rowen Williams though would have if I had been thinking. They had the whole thing down.

Bible Believer said...

Yes Beltane includes a few days including May 1st. I find it interesting they selected that day--well it's today, for the Pope John Paul II's beatification.

Oh yes, they are growing more bold, I've noticed they are doing more and more right out in the open even being brazen about it, they know 99% of the people are sleeping.

Yes that was handfasting, I saw that part...nothing Christian about that part of the ceremony. [well none of it was] Also his refusal of a wedding ring where she only got one, also means something, but what? I am not sure yet, have to research that one. I've never seen anything like that in a modern wedding ceremony, even Charles wore a wedding ring. Rowan Williams was the one wearing gold if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

I Peter 3:16 KJ- "Even as Sara obeyed Abraham..."-regarding the leaving out of the word-obey-in wedding vows as Laura in the Little House books( articles/book reviews) also did. I want to balance that with an article on Patriarchy by Mary Pride(author of the great book-The Way Home) at