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"WWIII: One Nation At A Time"?

WWIII: One Nation at a Time

I saw this article the other day, and found it very interesting. [I am not sure I agree with the part about Russia and China being powerless and unprepared--its says "APPEAR" to be, but read on...]

The globalists are infiltrating, corrupting, and turning the entire planet, one nation at a time in a combined scientific-geopolitical dictatorship that will be effectively impossible to reverse once it is completed. The latest Western-fueled conflagration in the Arab world indicates an accelerated regional strategy of destabilizing and taking over target nations. Nations like Russia and China, whose interests are being directly threatened and stripped away in this malicious melee, appear powerless and unprepared.

Some nations succumb in silence behind the scenes, others are invaded, mercilessly brutalized, and assimilated into the globalist combine. The civil society overlay the globalists use to establish what amounts to a subversive shadow government is always creeping forward no matter how hard a target nation may try to ward it off. Only in the most extreme cases, such as Qaddafi's Libya has civil society been uprooted entirely - making military intervention an acceptable and inevitable alternative from a globalist perspective.

Indeed there is a battle raging between the corporate-financier oligarchs of New York and London and their ever growing collection of globalist stooges and vassal states worldwide against the rest of free humanity. Each nation that falls to the globalists, however far from our own shores it may be, empowers and emboldens them and is one nation closer to their ultimate goal of one world government.

With political science, much of what is happening in the world is very complex. I am not going to claim I'm a political science expert, but one can tell when they are being bamboozled and when things aren't adding up. How many of you believe the conjectures, that these dictators of long lived status are being toppled by a "fight for freedom"? Well that is how its being couched. We were told the same thing for the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan that America was going to be bringing them "democracy." See any democracy yet? It's eroded here. Those countries have become violent money pits, that have only bankrupted America. What did this country gain by going to war there but profit for the globalists? We only have lost. The world has only become a more dangerous place. Obama isn't worried about spending more money from the already too empty American coffers [America needs to start taking care of itself instead of endless foreign entanglements our founders warned against] as he marches America into another war, this country can't afford. America has been turned into the policeman-war state for the globalists, we are fighting their wars, not our own. One thing to notice, is how now they have both the "right" and "left" on board for these wars in America--as I have always said, two wings of the same poisonous bird.

The above author is right, the end goal is world government. Consider it that way, and the "revolutions" are happening because they want them to happen with price fixing on food, resources and all. Hopefully few of my readers have been tricked by all the fear mongering and 'war on terror" stuff, that has led Americans to willfully give up their freedoms, accepting even getting strip searched at the airport. That one I never thought would be accepted by the American people, but it has been. Any protest was very short lived and now basically non-existent with a few individuals as the exception.

Years ago, watching what is happening in the Middle East, I remember reading about The Plan for a New American Century, remember Cheney's outfit where they detailed America's geopolitical future? Where in the document "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources" [google the title, you'll find the essay right on the PNAC website] they talk about in this document written in the year 2000, future plans, including the still to come war in Iraq. Years ago, I remember talking about this document to people including it's strange reference to a "new pearl harbor" on page 52.

But connected to my research on that document when I was like many others looking at 9-11, I remember seeing this book some years ago by naval officer Thomas Barnett in the bookstore. "The Pentagon's New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-first Century". One thing to remember is they always do outlay their plans, and I remember reading through this book with astonishment, as it was all about globalist plans, and America serving as a de facto policeman and enforcer over the entire planet. The author loves globalization and call it "this country's gift to history" and spoke of a globalist future including a one world economy in a positive fashion. That said, much of this book, spoke of the Non-Integrating Gap Nations, [those who stood outside or rebelled against the whole globalist system] and how the plan was to "integrate them". I find it interesting that definitely Libya, fits on the map in terms of one of those nations. [Read here and here to get more background]

Look at this map and put it in context as to what is happening now.

It was kind of ominous, to read about Putin's reaction to what is happening in Libya. The choice of the venue says it all: he was at a missile factory:

"Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has slammed the UN resolution allowing military action on Libya as a "medieval call to crusade" and hit out at Washington for its readiness to resort to force.

In one of his most virulent diatribes against the West in years, Russia's de facto number one said there was no "logic" or "conscience" to the military action."

Of course there is disagreement between Russian leaders but Putin is the one in charge. Anyhow, this world is becoming a tinderbox on the edge, and Christians must make sure they are turning to God and preparing themselves for what will be coming.

Daniel 7: 23Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.

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