Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Westboro Baptist and the Phelps: Fakes Meant to Deceive?

"The Phelps family represent only themselves, but we do not have a copyright on the Baptist name, so they have the freedom to use and abuse that name. As a result, Baptists everywhere are defamed by them. "

--The Rev. A. Roy Medley, general secretary of American Baptist Churches USA, speaking about Westboro Baptist Church, which won a Supreme Court free speech case last week. Medley was quoted by Associated Baptist Press.

For those who do not know, Westboro Baptist and Fred Phelps who is the pastor is the church making the news constantly for over-the top protests at soldier funerals and other events that focus intensely on homosexuality.

Westboro Baptist and the Phelps: Are they Fakes Meant to Deceive? Well this is my belief. Just a running theory but what makes the most sense. Sometimes I have wondered if this group is financed by someone who loathes Christians, to seek to discredit "Christian fundamentalists" and actually inversely advance homosexual agendas, because these people are so cruel and over the top. Picketing a straight soldier's funeral who died in Iraq and Afghanistan with posters focusing on homosexuality is just weird. It seems right out of some sort of PR phony stunt playbook.

Lately they have all been over the news again. I'm glad that the Supreme Court held up the right for freedom of speech, even their horrible speech but I often wonder, how come so few, have asked the question; "Are the Phelps even for real?"

For me the answer to that question is "NO, they are not!". They are being used for some agenda, though we may not know exactly what that is. [perhaps future reversals of speech freedoms?]. Even the fact they are plastered across the news on every media front, says something. Imagine if this was a true church out there witnessing to people with wholesome decent signs speaking of salvation in Jesus Christ, the media wouldn't give 2 seconds of attention to them.

Look at the picture at top: "God is Your Enemy" is written on one of the posters. That sounds like something a Satanist would write to get unbelievers to reject the gospel. While Christians understand homosexuality is a sin, their over-focus on it and hatred of those struggling with that sin, seems to be a hateful parody written by some extreme liberals.

Come on ask yourself are these people even for real?

More Satanically inspired posters. "God hates you" is written on another poster above. Again, no true Christian would write that, but what is sad, is worldwide, people see these folks as representative of "fundamentalist Christians". I believe that is purposeful. How much easier to label every Bible believing Christian, a hater, a bigot, cruel, and nasty? They are like a Landover Baptist [a website written by unbelievers to mock Christians]parody website in the flesh; they also have their own websites like www.godhatesfags.com that read like parodies as well.

Unusual theology permeates the Westboro church and endless false teachings, as well as cult qualities. It is interesting they are said to hold to extreme Calvinism here, while seeing themselves [only?] as being members of an elect.See here. There have been adult children of Phelps who have alleged abuse.

I questioned even posting this entry, the last thing I want to do is give these folks even more of our undeserved attention. If my theory is wrong, and they are "real" in their beliefs, then their church and their message still show nothing of true Christianity, just hate and anti biblical messages about God that will only dishearten and turn more nonbelievers against what they think is "Christianity". Ask yourself why this "church" gets so much attention in our media.


Anonymous said...

No matter where they're coming from, Satan is behind it. His paw prints are all over them. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

I agree. They definitely are of Satan from whatever direction they are coming.

Anonymous said...

I long believed them to be agent provocateurs.

Bible Believer said...

"agent provocateurs"--yes I can see that too.

Raine said...

Have you done much reading on Phelps and his history? I think they are frauds too, I'm just not sure what angel they're coming from.

The interesting thing is Fred Phelps started out as a liberal democrat & a civil rights attorney, which is a far cry from what he claims to be now. I think he just wants attention and wealth at any cost.

Bible Believer said...

I've read a little of the history, such as the articles and interviews about the son who spoke about severe abuse growing up, but yes to me they sure seem to be frauds. I didn't know he used to be a liberal democrat, did know he was an attorney. One interesting thing some articles point out is how his church [cult] is mostly members of his family.


Fall From Grace is a documentary that was made about Phelps and his cult.

I think he wants attention and money too, and definitely his group is being used for some agenda given the incredible amount of attention in the news they get.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying what I have been thinking about these people for years.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks last Anon, I know I have been telling people even in everyday life, consider that these people are NOT what they say they are. It is good that some are listening.

the man of a thousandp Faces said...

Agreed they are being used willingly for another agenda. Satanist use a process call transference to vilify their enemy with their own actions.