Saturday, March 26, 2011

The USA Navy: "A Global Force For Good"?

I do understand the need for armies and navy's, many go into the military truly desiring to serve their nation and in America often the military is one career track that is more open to people from more humble origins. Many veterans have made immense sacrifices which sadly right now too many of those lives are being risked on the globalist battle fields, where defense of America seems to no longer be the primary objection. Yesterday I saw this commercial...I guess it's been around for more then a year but saw the logo at the end. The USA NAVY "A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD".

This should tell you the indoctrination of America's military serving as globo-cop for the rest of the world has already been set in place. The march of globalism continues.


Christian said...

Hmm no comments here?
All for the bloodthirsty state of israel?

Israel-Firsters The Greatest Danger

Bible Believer said...

The luciferians that have deceived the Israeli people are HERE too in the USA and every other country on earth. Please stay on topic. If you are going to turn every thread into anti-semitic commentary, I'll have to remove your posts.

You have been deceived by the two sides song and dance show. Also if you had read enough of my posts you would know I do not support the 'neo-con" crusades in the Middle East on behalf of the Pope and global elites.