Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mystery Babylon Sun/Moon Worship and the Eucharist

"And beware, lest you lift up your eyes to heaven and see the sun and the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven, and be drawn away and worship them and serve them, those which the Lord your God has allotted to all the peoples under the whole heaven." Deut 4:19

Sun WORSHIP is RIFE in Catholicism. For most in the pews, they do not recognize what is "hidden"? right in front of their eyes. This blogger details things here: "Sun and Crescent Moon Manifested in the Roman Catholic Eucharist" Read this first before continuing.....

One thing to remember SUN WORSHIP, forms the foundation, for false religion worldwide. For context read this past blog entry : "False Sun Worship #1 Solar Wheels and False Religions" Do not forget Romans 1 where we are told to worship the Creator instead of the creation. This dates back to the Old Testament where a great abomination to God, was described with people worshipping a "god" of the sun, Tammuz in Ezekiel 8.

Sun-worship is the BAAL backdrop to the Catholic Eucharist [an idol in itself] and how it is presented. The false worship of Mary is akin to worship of the "goddess" the daughter of Chaldea warned about in the Book of Jeremiah as the queen of heaven in chapter 44. This is a statue on the Los Angeles Cathedral "Our Lady of Angels". Notice, the moon under feet and the sun symbol, the androgyny and eclipsed sun are on purpose. Catholics are being led directly to Babylonian "goddess" worship:

I think the connections between Isis/Hathor [who really serves as only one name of many for the "goddess"] are definitely there as described in the first article link.

The sun-rays of these monstrances speak for themselves, and many do not know this, but in the Catholic monstrance, they use a moon shaped enclosure to hold the round sun-shaped Eucharist "wafer" up which they call a LUNA/ or LUNETTE.

The lunette, known in Germany as the lunula and also as the melchisedech, is a crescent-shaped clip made of gold or of silver-gilt which is used for holding the Host in an upright position when exposed in the monstrance. The crescent which holds the Host is securely attached to a small stand or frame and the receptacle of the monstrance is usually provided with a groove into which the stand fits so as to be held firmly in its place.

Notice the crescent moon cradle within the sun shaped monstrance of the Roman Catholic church. This is where they place the communion wafer for the priests to parade it before people so they can worship this idol.


gregasola said...

What is awful is not the 'rife-ness' of Sun worship in Catholicism but the suppression of true open and honest Sun worship by the Abrahamic faith-based religions. We fail to even recognize the true light of our life though we know that our life force is recycled sunlight and our bodies are made from stardust.
Gregory Sams, author "Sun of gOd"

Labby said...

I suspect that the worship of the sun and goddess worship is more prevalent than we may think. When I think of our nation's own Lady Liberty, Columbia, or the Goddess Liberte, I am astonished that this is not a symbol for the US as I always thought, but of an ancient goddess. It is disconcerting that our nation's capital is the District of Columbia.

We have been conditioned to accept much of this, whether from the "church" or from the state and hopefully we can look on these ancient things with fresh eyes, especially now with the age of the internet with much information at our fingertips.

Bible Believer said...

Greg what is the sun going to do for anyone? It is a mindless ball of rock and heat. Isn't sun worship silly on the face that there are many other "suns" [stars] out there.

I found your theory here to be very unusual..

"Could the Sun be aware and with purpose, rather than an accidental ball of gas? Could all stars, in fact, be conscious entities? And what does this mean to us?"

If one would ask that question, they would have to wonder if all the rocks on planet earth are having thoughts about us all.

When I was in the UU, I remember how they made a big deal of telling us we were all made out of star dust and advancing pantheistic thought, that there is consciousness in inanimate objects.

Bible Believer said...

Oh it's prevelant Labby, all over the place, I am going to start my series on symbols, I plan to show some different ones that tie into the sun and moon worship. One blog entry I have planned is the use of SUN SYMBOLS in the churches and also the symbol of bees. With the "goddess" remember the daughter of Chaldea is given many different names, so Isis, Columbia, the queen of heaven, its all different names for the same thing. Yes the internet is opening people's eyes though I think time is very short as the totalitarian govts of the world all want it censored/shut down/suppressed including now our own.