Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Animated Jack Chick Tracts: The Sissy and This is Your Life

Here is the description:

"This is the Sissy in 3d animation. It is based on the tract by Chick Publications. If you would like a hard copy, you can purchase a copy through or We hope it is a blessing to all who see it."

I posted on Jack Chick here. For this one, there are some flaws, think depictions of God should have been avoided, [the whole fiery eyes thing], but it gets the gospel message across.

This one, avoid the music, is good too...this is one of my Chick's most direct gospel appeals. "This was Your Life". There are many people out there like the guy shown in that tract.


michaelxy said...

Yes, blow up our minds with "christian" 3D Tracts. NO - real believers read the Bibel in 1D and the lost, too.

Bible Believer said...

I suggest reading the Bible all the time. What happenbed to your website? Why did you erase all your writing?

Oh that banner, you may not know this, but that sun spiral is a bit dubious and on the right those black blobs look like a skull, I'd maybe choose something else.

michaelxy said...

Be blessed Timothy,

I made a account by wordpress only for the reason, to be able to write comments. Thanks - I have chosen now a other cleaner template without this symbol. My real website is here:

I think the NWO, Antichrist will come - ok, but this ist the message of the bible too. I thing we should not spend to much time on this, than its Gods will, that this will occoure to the bad world. This all can make us joyless and peaceless. Better we use the time to prepare US, that we are able to face the Antichrist because there is rapture before the tribulation. This is a dangerous lie. But IN Him we will overcom. Let us shut down our PCs and Smartphones 3 h before we sleep und spent THIS time with Christ und our Father in heaven. Lets speak the word of God to us, than word of man to others. best regards from Germany

Bible Believer said...

I agree we need to balance these things out.
We do need to warn WHILE keeping our joy and peace. I know not everyone is inclined to have a blog like this one. There is this "think positive" ethos that has infected Christianity from the human potential movement where to even deal with anything "negative" is seen as wrong. This is especially strong in America. Sin is a negative thing, and talked about in the BIble. I do think one does need to focus on their relationship with God and Joy in the Lord too and HIs Word but this does not mean being enablers of evil, in staying silent in the face of it. I notice you do warn about the NWO on your website too. That is good. Freedom on the internet is growing short, I have read articles that have talked about how they want to put internet ID on everyone, and also from Canada, they plan to raise the prices of internet expozentially, probably making the internet only for the wealthy, in the near future.

We agree about the Rapture. I think the Rapture is a deception.

Bible Believer said...

I know a lot of people do not like Chick. I do not consider the man perfect and disagree with some teachings like the Rapture and more. Recently I have found out about a tract, that people are concerned about talked about here. Some of those concerns if what they say about this tract is true, sound valid.

{warning some language--not Christian websites]

I have yet to see the tract, it has been removed from the articles.

Like when it comes to the Catholic church, abusers should not be hidden away. Chick may have meant to protray that any sin could be forgiven, but the whole thing as written about it bother me too.

The outraged secular boards, well considering the hidden sex abuse in Catholic church, one needs to be consistent across the board for the evangelical world.

I see molestation as tied to total reprobation in most cases.

Sola Scriptura said...

False prophets and teachers are everywhere says the scriptures....