Thursday, January 6, 2011

Those Who Want the Temple Rebuilt!

[the video is from CBN: I am not a supporter but wanted to show the video illustrating the plans regarding the rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem]

Many don't know about this, but there are Christians leaders promoting false end times beliefs who have given help to organizations that want to rebuild the Temple and other related activities. You know the Jewish temple? The one that was destroyed in 70 AD as prophesied by Jesus Christ?

Well here, the conglomeration of extreme false pre-Trib beliefs married with Christian Zionism, has led some "Christian" leaders over the years to support the rebuilding of the Jewish temple. Instead of leading the Jews to Jesus, they want to lead them back to Old Testament temple rituals. This is mind boggling stuff. Tied to this, are those teachers who are now teaching one of the most insane teachings I've ever seen that animal sacrifices are supposed to be brought back during the "millennial kingdom'. [I will post on that in a later entry] Remember all of this ties into other deceptions, those who do not understand the difference between the spiritual Israel in the Bible [Galatians 6:16] and secular Israel, the nation, and who are deceived by false teachers.

I found out some months ago via research online that both Chuck Smith-the founder of Calvary Chapel, and Missler as well as other leaders were involved years ago in some of these 'rebuild the Jewish temple' pursuits. Why on earth would any Christian want to hasten the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem? Many believe this is supposed to be where the antichrist will take over and the abominations of desolation will take place. I have studied for myself even the evidence that the Papal desire for control of Jerusalem is immense, who knows what deceptions are planned? Tied to this stuff is many false Pre-trib teachings and teachings about 'Israel' [read this blog entry for more context]

Mar 13:14 ¶ But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:

This article sums up, what is being done here.

The rebuilding of the Temple has played an important part in Christian pre-millenialist Messianic expectations. Such an event would for them signify the imminent arrival of the messianic age. Following the Six-Day War in 1967 and the Israeli conquest of the historical parts of Jerusalem, many pre-millenialist Christians have expected the Jews to build the Temple and reinstate the sacrifices prescribed in the Bible. The rise in the 1970s of Jewish groups that have advocated, and at times made preparations for, the rebuilding of the Temple has encouraged Christian pre-millenialists. Evangelical leaders and organizations, which represent millions of conservative Christians, have lent their support to the state of Israel as the nation that prepares the ground for the arrival of the Messiah. Some Christian pre-millenialists have taken steps to help hasten the rebuilding of the Temple and consequently the coming of the Messiah. They have helped finance Jewish groups that have called for the rebuilding of the Temple. They have also searched for the Lost Ark, helped breed red heifers whose ashes are needed in order to enable Jews to enter the Temple Mount, and researched the exact location of the Temple.

Concerning Chuck Smith, back in the 1980's, he connected with a man named Stanley Goldfoot who was the contact between The Temple Mount Faithful [a Jewish group desiring to rebuild the Jewish temple] which Goldfoot helped founded and Christian evangelical leaders. Stanley Goldfoot was invited to lecture in Chuck Smith's church and collections were taken for Goldfoot's activities. [see here]

Chuck Missler co-hosted during the 1990s, the annual International Conference on Temple Mount in Jerusalem while heading tours to Israel. These were co-hosted with Lambert Dolphin, a man who actively supports the rebuilding of the temple. Right from Lambert Dolphin's own website, he spells out this support.

See here for yourself: what Lambert Dolphin has written:[description of letter from his own website]

"I would like to see the Temple rebuilt, but am not a member of the Jerusalem Temple Foundation nor do I wish to participate in the building planning or program. This effort, I believe, is part of the Jewish religious economy, not the calling of God for the church. Of course I would like to see the Temple mount explored scientifically and non-destructively apart from all religious and political considerations.

I believe freedom of worship and prayer on the Temple Mount should now be extended to include Jews and Christians and that by faith the Jewish people should regain administration of the Temple Mount as part of your own legitimate religious and Biblical heritage given you by God"

Chuck Missler and Chuck Smith donated money for Lambert Dolphin who is a physicist to fund an X-ray exploration of the Temple Mount in 1983. You can see here that this study was immense.

"Consider the following report by Robert Bauval concerning a Stanford Institute (SRI) project in Israel:

'The funds were partially put up by two ministers of the Christian Church in the USA, Pastors Chuck Smith and Chuck Missler. In April 1983 a seven-man team from SRI headed by Dolphin arrived at Tel Aviv airport. They had brought with them the latest and most sophisticated remote sensing equipment including high-frequency seismic sounders, high resolution resistivity electrodes, and cart mounted ground-penetrating radar -- the sort of state-of-the-art high-tech arsenal that would normally causes the Israeli security police at Tel Aviv airport to go on red-alert. The fact that SRI came with heavy US military credentials may have, however, eased the way'...

Dolphin’s main target was the Temple Mount in Jerusalem"

To me, it is frightening that any Christian religious leader would desire a temple for false Jewish old testament rituals to be erected or who would want to serve in any capacity in helping that along. Why deny Jesus Christ in seeking to have anyone return to those rituals that were done away with Jesus by His sacrifice on the cross? Trying to "speed things up" for God is also troubling, as well as just the overall attitudes. Rev 11:1 does not point to a temple on earth. The deceptions here are deep. One statement of Chuck Smith as reported by this website, has always deeply disturbed me.

Pastor Chuck Smith, Dolphin's mentor at the Calvary Baptist [sic]Church, when asked by EIR whether he had any compunctions about unleashing a holy war that would lead to the possible extermination of millions of Jews and Muslims, replied, "Frankly, no, because it is all part of Biblical prophesy."

This month, January 2011, a new conference is being held called Prophecy: Understanding the End Times: Israel, Islam, and Biblical Prophecy and Lambert Dolphin is invited along with Tim LaHaye, David Hocking, Bill Koenig, Chuck Missler, Gary Kah, Jack Hibbs who is a Calvary Chapel pastor and others. In the list of speakers, scroll down, they admit one of Lambert Dolphin's activities:

"Another of Lambert's special interests is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He helps maintain The Temple Mount site on the Internet." Many of the topics concern the Rapture and Israel.

This is all very odd. I've discussed the false teachings before in the evangelical world, but what I don't get, is these pre-trib folks, believe the antichrist is going to take power in this temple, why on earth, would they support hurrying that along or do ANYTHING to hasten it? More and more, the depth of deception here, regarding bible prophecy has grown. What is even weirder, is that there are other groups out there invested in rebuilding Solomon's temple, the freemasons and templars are among them.

Freemasonry has always planned to gain control of the Temple Mount so they can rebuild Solomon's Temple. As soon as they rebuild this Temple, their Masonic Christ will appear on the earth, claiming to be the Jewish Messiah for whom Israel has long been awaiting. This "Christ" will be the Biblical Antichrist.

For me, the excuses I've heard from some online, "its going to happen anyway" in prophecy [as people are pointed to an temple on EARTH with a misinterpretation of Revelation 11: 1 which is talking about God's spiritual temple] don't explain the monies given or the help of an active Temple rebuilding supporters. This idea of Christian leaders supporting and financing anti-Christian religious rituals, makes no sense, is irrational and speaks of knowing deception along the line.

These 'Christian" pretrib teachers are not the only ones, who have gotten excited about the rebuilding of the new Jewish temple. Other false teachers line up to give the same messages:

The Jewish Temple must be rebuilt before the return of Jesus Christ." - Jack Van Impe.

"The Temple is the last sign that needs to fall into place before events irreversibly speed toward the return of Christ." - Hal Lindsey

"Both the Old and the New Testaments say there is no possibility for Jesus to come except that there is a temple waiting for Him." - Jan Van Der Hoeven, founder, International Christian Embassy.

Even weirder is when you find out Christians are helping to finance the breeding of spotless red heifers. These heifers are needed for the animal sacrifices in the would be temple.

In 1996, thanks in part to a cattle-breeding program set up in Israel with the help of Texas ranchers who are fundamentalist Christians, a red heifer was born. There was immense excitement among messianists of the Israeli religious Right, and their American Christian counterparts. The world media covered it as a joke, but it wasn't funny to David Landau, columnist for the Israeli daily Haaretz. He called the red heifer "a four-legged bomb" that could "set the entire region on fire."

This is a direct affront to the blood of Jesus. Then add to that those who are so deceived in thinking they can push things along for God or in other words make sure prophecies are fulfilled in the Middle East; hastening things along. Supporting false religious rituals means folks have massively lost their way. False beliefs about the Rapture, play into this as well, why care if one's actions lead to nuclear holocaust, if they are no longer "here" supposedly? We know that many false political aims and deceptions are related to these teachings, as these teachers point to an "earthly" country: secular Israel, when Jesus Christ taught "My Kingdom Is Not of This World". I believe too, that those who all desire for the temple to be rebuilt, also seem to be going to bat for the Vatican as their power-brokering for control of Jerusalem is revealed and evangelicals jump on board in support of the Pope's new Middle Eastern "crusades". Jewish people here too are deceived, instead of being given the gospel, false wicked teachers preach for them to gather in the same place they warn will have great holocaust coming and have Jesus Christ denied to them where they are told to bring back the rituals of their religion instead of trusting in Jesus Christ for their salvation even if indirectly by these actions.

One can tell bible prophecy itself is being twisted for the aims of the wicked. These teachers are NOT to be trusted.

The true temple of God is the Body of Jesus Christ:

1Cr 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and [that] the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

1Cr 3:17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which [temple] ye are.

2Cr 6:16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in [them]; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.


Anonymous said...

Amen, BB. The true Temple is the Body of Christ, and it has been being built since He brought down the Gospel and the Apostles laid its Foundation. The rebuilding of a physical temple, and the reinstitution of the sacrifices with a sacrificing priesthood is dispensational gobblygook, a pure Devil's doctrine. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Anon, I agree. They have brought much deception in with these false teachings.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article, BB.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Chuck Smith, Dolphin's mentor at the Calvary Baptist [sic]Church, when asked by EIR whether he had any compunctions about unleashing a holy war that would lead to the possible extermination of millions of Jews and Muslims, replied, "Frankly, no, because it is all part of Biblical prophesy."

Unbelievable. When Hitler did this, he was a monster. When Christians support the same thing, they are doing so in the name of GOD. It's like these people are on total intellectual disconnect. Else why wouldn't they see this and stop to consider that their interpretation of Bible prophecy could be wrong? They talk like mesmerized thoughtless robots. Where did Jesus condone his church's support of the extermination of the jews or anyone else? This is the pure satanic thinking of catholics and muslims who do such things in the name of their god.

In fact, the christians end up only aiding and abetting the muslims! What a slick deception. It could only have been concocted by the crafty jesuits which it indeed was.

Christians need to stop listening to all this false screwy end time scenario teaching that has taken over the churches, and study the prophecies for themselves.

Bible Believer said...
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Bible Believer said...

I agree, when Hitler did it he was a monster. I have tried to talk to some people indoctrinated by this stuff, and its like they see WWIII as one giant video game or something. Hagee has called for more war. Whatever happened to the verses in the Bible about Christians being peacemakers? Basically Satan is making mincemeat of people getting every group on board with the Vatican and Luciferian agenda, fighting between themselves. They definitely have gotten the evangelicals signed on to the whole Albert Pike WWIII plans and the Pope's "new crusades". Yeah the Jesuits have helped to run this show.

I agree people need to study the prophecies for themselves. I am glad I woke up, and didn't drink the Calvary Chapel-Mainstream evangelical Pre-Trib Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

Read 1. Kings 11
Thats what is it about.

Anonymous said...

Christ's own testimony and witness:

I did not come to abolish the law and the prophets, but to fullfill! (complete). Christ is the fullfilment of the ancient prophecies of a House God He would build for Himself. Not built by human hands and one that will last forever. That is the prophecy regarding the temple.

Bible Believer said...

Agree. Thank you! Those who look for worldly temples and powers have lost the plot and sadly discern nothing.

Mat 23:16 Woe unto you, [ye] blind guides, which say, Whosoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing; but whosoever shall swear by the gold of the temple, he is a debtor!

Anonymous said...

It's is written that: Man shall not live on bread alone but by every word that proceedth out of the mouth of mouth of God.

Mathew 4:4

As Christians we should not be tempemting one another as believers because we are not GOD and are not privy to everything in the universe and have no idea of the number one blades of grass and the amount of gallons of water in the ocean,and if there is life on other planets. Knowlegde and wise must be ,in Christians, dually applied. Knowlegde without wisdom is foolish. As a believer I am command to have my speech seasoned with salt. I am a retired alcoholic who was saved ,Only, by the blood of Jesus Christ. I am not better than my brethern but leveled at the foot of the cross. I pray for ministers, and sinners and people all arounrd the world. For GOD so loved the world that he gave his, only begotten son, ransom for Us lowlifes and gave us Sonship that who so believed in him shall not die but recieve the gift of eternal life. JUST TRUST IN HIM. HE has never fell me yet. Keep your focus on Jesus Christ as Our Lord and Savior, and stop casting stones, unless for have never,ever made a mistake.

With the love of Christ, Farewll.

Just a though......

Bible Believer said...

Hi Welcome to the blog.

I think temple rebuilding goes beyond a "mistake" to false beliefs, and antibiblical stances.

Jesus Christ tells us where the true temple is, and it's not a building in Jerusalem, future or not.
Yes pray for the people caught up in these deceptions, but I pray that those who simply are ignorant, find out the truth, repent and come away from these things.

Praise God that He saved you from alcoholism.

Justice4 said...

Although it is true that the body is the Temple of God, the temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt. The reason the the Temple must be rebuilt, is that the Bible declares that it will be rebuilt. Is God a liar? God knows the end from the beginning, has declared the temple will be rebuilt, so it will be, for HIS namesake. The Bible is the inspired Word of God, and if God says that the Temple will be rebuilt, it will be rebuilt! Hence, it will be rebuilt for God's namesake, and to believe otherwise, is to call God a liar!

Anonymous said...

When bible prophecy in 2 Thessalonians says "sitting in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God", I always wondered if this could be talking about "new age" teachings. Doesn't scripture say we are the temple of God? Wasn't one of the serpents lies in the garden "ye shall be as gods"? If someone thinks of themself as a god like new age teaching does, and since we are the temple.......just a thought. Not domgmatic on it though lol..........James

AW said...

Actually James, you are spot-on. The Bible calls the Church (the Body of Christ), the 'mystery of godliness' or the 'mystery of Christ.' But, there is a counterfeit body, a corporate 'man of sin' who has a false spirit instead of the Holy Spirit and a 'mystery of iniquity' that binds this collective body together just as the 'mystery of Christ' forms His corporate body of the church.

From what I can tell from 2 Thess, putting together the verses about the 'man of sin' and the 'mystery of iniquity,' it is talking about the great apostasy... people who were part of the church and therefore part of the temple of God, but now have been given over to delusion (because they do not love the truth). That is how this false body/church rises and exalts itself in place of God in what should have remained His temple.

And for the folks that think once saved, always saved, or God would never desert His temple even if they desert Him -- The 'falling away' of 2 Thess 2:3 is apostasia, derived from apostasion. It means "a bill of divorcement" and just as God 'divorced' Israel and Judah for their harlotry (Jer 3), He will also 'divorce' the unfaithful "Christians" prior to His Day and His coming.

Their blasphemy is stunning... they don't curse the Lord and openly worship themselves. They don't even claim to be gods like the New Agers. But they do claim to be 'anointed' (Christos) and they do claim to be 'incarnating' Christ (and anyone who opposes them is anti-christ for 'denying God in the[ir] flesh.') The blasphemy is even worse than the New Agers, if that were possible. But they deceive themselves that they are faithfully and zealously serving God. It's the covetousness of the NAR's "Church in the Marketplace," all for God of course.

It's the Harlot who thinks she's a Bride.