Sunday, January 2, 2011

Politics and the Christian: Deceit of This World

Christian Triumphalism is a phrase I have seen used, and it fits well, this adds to the premise, for those Christians who believe Christians are to conquer this world and "take over" and to create the "cultural mandate". Many good people are getting swept up in this stuff, their intentions are based in desiring the world obey God, and for morality to stop it's downward decline, but sadly this is a way that is only leading to corruption. We are called to love even our "enemies" in the Bible-[Matt 5:44], this just doesn't apply to those who share the same politics!

As I have studied Dominionism, Rushdoony is a name that keeps popping up. Rushdoony said "“The cultural mandate is thus the obligation of covenant man to subdue the earth and to exercise dominion over it under God (Gen. 1:26-28).” and then added this in his book The Institutes of Biblical Law: " “All enemies of Christ in this fallen world must be conquered" Lets not forget that top religious leaders out there such as Pat Robertson support Rushdoony's teachings.
He helped influence the march of Christians into the political arena to 'change the world' instead of following the biblical mandate for Christians to preach to the lost. Rushdoony was a top member of the Council of National Policy as well [discussed before on this blog], and Gary North, is his son-in-law.

That seems to be the prevailing cry of the Dominionists today and the "Christian" right. Those who literally desire to 'conquer the world for Christ" [the gospel is supposed to be not about seeking political power but knowing people will change via the Holy Spirit and regenerated hearts. This is where they have gone off the rails! As I have written before on this blog both right and left are a lie, and in examining the right, it is interesting to see how these leaders have led people to reject all compassion, with more defenses of the powerful and global elites, with the praise of mammon over everything else.

I believe at this point in the game, all politics are corrupt, even the third parties seem to be owned. The Christian will do better to stay out of politics. I don't mean never vote again, pray and do as you feel led. You are not sinning to vote for town mayor but realize the dangers inherent in politics out there. Here the temptation to leave the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ is strong in seeking worldly solutions to problems. Politics and political arguments can lead into major sin. Here this verse, even points to some of the pitfalls of politics [people all battling to get their needs met] where their "God is their belly" and who "mind earthly things".

Phl 3:18 (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, [that they are] the enemies of the cross of Christ:

Phl 3:19 Whose end [is] destruction, whose God [is their] belly, and [whose] glory [is] in their shame, who mind earthly things.)

Phl 3:20 For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:

The new world order is a reality, and politics to be blunt ARE dirty in most places. Politics can lead one into carnality even the so called "right" sided version. The spiderwebs of power are immense, and the more they are examined, the more one sees the connections to wickedness. I've been on 'conservative political" message boards, one which I left behind, on this particular one praise of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck ruled, no criticism of Mormonism was allowed, the religion sections ruled by cultists of even an exceptional nature--never met so many kabbalists in one place, and racists ruled, using intense discussions about ghetto crime [with many having been it's victims] to steer conversations to very carnal places.

The Christians job on this earth is not to "fight the liberals" but to preach the gospel.While we may stand against evil itself joining the "political fight" is just a pathway to perdition. Even here while a Christian wants to be aware of what is going on, even websites, that warn about things that are really happening, one needs to be careful! The "death panel" warnings definitely have validity now, many of these websites are full of fear-mongering, I don't think all those articles on how the oil spill would lead to the South being destroyed via endless acid rain helped anyone and just created a lot of fear and distress. Christians need to be awake and aware but also realize there are a lot out there, who have an interest in keeping everyone afraid as possible even if they have to lie. It increases their power! Watching the news today, "wars and rumors of wars" [Mar 13:7] could not ring more true.

I have encountered people who really cannot think outside of the LEFT vs RIGHT BOX. Tell people that people should help the homeless and poor and some in those circles scream "Socialist!" What is funny is why the bankers got trillions in tax-payer 'welfare', this 'conservative" guy focuses on the poor as usual instead. This of course applies to the other side too, where indoctrination about certain key topics [abortion, gay rights, etc] is familiar to everyone. No one's mind is going to be changed via Theocracy though!

Here though, do not follow the political way in getting angry at people where endless arguments spiral down into fruitless endeavors. Today, I understand how strong the indoctrination is, having had the times where I was involved. Getting caught up in political fervor is easy to do. There is nothing wrong in warning but here we must not be prideful elevating ourselves. I know even with some of the things I've studied here, many people even Christians do not have the time, or the inclination, to have encountered these things or learn about them. Don't follow those who incite you to be angry at the "liberals" or those who share other differences, but understand in this world without God's leading there is much confusion. Even in Christian circles, it can take time, study and lots of prayer to see through so many deep deceptions.

Years ago, I discerned that the Al Frankens and Michael Moores of the world were just the opposite side of the coin of the Ann Coulters and Sean Hannity's. The chattering of both sides, drowning out quiet thinking to ask more questions, and think about what God desires in this world.

As I examine the religious world, it seems "fight the liberals" seems to be the top message rather then "preach the gospel", and what does that do but make people even more adamant about NOT becoming a Christian. Maybe this is why there is some rumblings out there of people not being so happy with the church and state connections such as in this poll that found out "Most Americans uncomfortable with church and state mix" where it stated:

Currently, half of all conservatives believe churches and other houses of worship should keep out of politics, up from just 30 per cent four years ago.

Finding out the ties of Vision Forum [the Quiverful Dominionist organization--headed by Doug Phillips who was the son of Howard Phillips one of the founders of the Constitution Party, was interesting the other day. I do not think the connections of the Libertarian or other third parties would be much better. I've had some tell me that Christians need to compromise, compromise is necessary when it comes to politics, and this "logic" has been used to excuse their favorite church leader hanging out in some new world order political group.

I think Christians should still warn of things happening out there, and use discernment to distinguish between the trauma-programming fear mongering and what is really happening but this sums up what I am driving at here, most politics are rotten and to be avoided by Christians. The powers of this world are sold out to mammon, you will not do work for God, joining with them. Pray for who you can, and seek to live life day to day the best you can, at peace with people.[1 Timothy 2:2] Take people as individuals first avoiding the divisions that have been set up.

This sums up what I am driving at the best:

Does this mean that we should not care? Of course not. But to decry the state of a fallen world for the purpose of mobilizing Christians in the hope of transforming that world is futile. Sin will continue to wax worse until Jesus Himself returns to judge the nations. And even then, during His righteous reign on the earth, many hearts will not bend to him even if the knees do bend out of fear or force.

Therefore, this berating of Christians is unfounded when directed at motivating them to action on behalf of these men's doomed efforts to "win the world for Christ." If the Church needs berating it is because we have ignored the Lord's command for holiness in lieu of seeking comfort through the world system, not because we have failed to conquer the world system.


Anonymous said...

Catholicism was the first "dominionist" philosophy, and catholicism remains the biggest one to benefit from "dominionist" propaganda.

Bible Believer said...

I agree. The harlot is running this show, do not doubt that. A lot of the Dominionism traces back to some of the same groups like the Council for National Policy [which also has been written about as having Knights of Malta membership]. Even Howard Phillip's has done talks there.

This is from a liberal website, that brings that up:

See this quote:

" Ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to join with me in rejecting the politics of retreat, defeat, sellout, and surrender — as we raise once again the banner of truth, demanding justice, expecting victory, and marching forward as members of Gideon's Army, faithful to our duty, knowing that God's will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven."

It's like "Church Militant" stuff for evangelicals.

Anonymous said...

Rome is playing both the right and left. There are plenty of prominent conservative Catholics. She's got her fifth column on both sides. It's a divide and conquer strategy she's been playing since the war between the states. This way she hopes to win either way.

She tweaks things on the left in order to make herself an "ally" of the right, in an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" gambit. The goal here is ecumenicism, a warming up to Rome so that she can get her tentacles into those she convinces to "come home" or to join her. Here is an example:;col1

I don't trust either side because Rome has her filthy paws all over them.

I couldn't even read the whole article because it was making me sick!

The one who signs in as "Anon. #1"

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the link above doesn't work. Let's try this one.;col1

"Anon. #1"

Bible Believer said...

Yes Rome is playing the right and left, I am looking for a writing of mine I posted elsewhere online, where I talked about all the liberation theology used by Rome...[the left side of their actions] and may be doing a blog entry on it soon.

You are right there are lots of prominent conservative Catholics, one magazine I used to read for research [not agreeing with it: noticing the strong Catholic subtext] was National Review. Check out Free Republic message board's religion section, they may as well rename it "The Catholic Religion board"

On the left, you have the liberation theologists, the promotion of open borders, and false social justice gospel movements.

I don't trust either side at all, and now finding out about the founding of at least one third party, that helped open my eyes!~

Interesting artile, regarding GOP and Catholic church, I remember all the articles from acouple years ago where they said Bush was going to convert to the Catholic church. Obama too has his Catholic backers. Google Obama and Cardinal Bernandin. That is some interesting history.

"he continues to be profoundly influenced by the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago, whom he came to know when he was a community organizer in a project partially funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Obama said his encounters with the cardinal continue to influence him, particularly his "seamless garment" approach to a multitude of social justice issues."

Anonymous said...

Many Evangelicals don't want to hear the cold, hard facts about "conservatism", just like the individual on the forum where I posted this link. They just hide their silly heads in the sand. They don't want to hear that Rome is manipulating the right as much as the left. Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

I know it's very hard. I tried to warn people even circa 2003/2004 about the Bush admin, Patriot Act and where this country was being led to and we see the fruits today. Had many horrible moments watching so called Christians defend 'torture" and endless wars which we now can see have just served as the conduit for a massive transfer of wealth and have bankrupted this country. Even one guy, I thought was new world order aware was unable to handle finding out one of his favorite preachers was associated with the NWO connected-- Council for National Policy [fellow Knights of Malta, Rev Moon, members and all] and just responded with anger and cognitive dissonance to the extreme. Many do not want to know, at all. Fox news definitely has had a much greater influence on some out there instead of the Bible. Many of these folks do not understand, what Dominionism really means, or how Rome is playing a part in all of it. Politics has blinded many out there, and it's bad. For some of them it seems Republican or "conservative" comes first to them instead of being a Christian.[well today's 'conservativism' with its support of the police state and globalism is anything but]

Anonymous said...

Amen to that, BB! Anon. #1

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Anon.

michelle said...

I have some people in my family that are very, very right wing. They praise Glenn Back and Sarah Pallin as if they were Jesus themselves. I cringe when I hear them talking about another G.O.P. event they are going to or supporting.

Bible Believer said...

I have encountered many folks like that, even when you point out Glenn Beck is a Mormon and connected to Knights of Malta member Rupert Mudoch owned Fox News, or about Sarah Palin's Dominionism etc, it's like they can't even hear you. Then you get the churches that praise the G.O.P. like one of the local fundie churches, where the pastor taught no one is allowed to critisize the president. They keep drinking the GOP Dominionist Kool-Aid over and over again.