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Lonnie Frisbee, The Jesus Movement and the Early Years of Calvary Chapel

The Jesus Movement exploded in America, especially on the West Coast in the late 60s and 1970s, basically marrying evangelical [mostly charismatic-pentecostal flavored] Christianity with the hippie ethos, its influences even affecting churches today via contemporary Christian music, the Emergent movement, “signs and wonders”, and the seeking to make the church “modern” and “hip” to younger people.

Back then its members were called "Jesus freaks". While some good came of this, a few people really did become born again being led to God's truth, leaving the promiscuous sex, and drugs of the hippie lifestyle behind and coming to to a relationship with Jesus Christ, what really happened over all is the hippie ethos infiltrated the churches.

Some believe this was done by design, let's just say for now that many have theorized that there was luciferian involvement and planning into the outburst of drugs such as LSD with folks like Timothy Leary promoting it, the hippie movement itself and the resulting rapid radical changes in societal more's in the late 1960s.

Many denominations not just Calvary Chapel were birthed out of the Jesus Movement. These include also, Vineyard who had John Wimber do the leading before his death in 1997, and "The Way International" and well known cults such as The Children of God [COG] now referred to as the Family International.

One interesting compelling figure is Lonnie Frisbee, who played an integral role in the founding and expansion of Calvary Chapel and later when he parted ways with Smith, emphasizing more Pentecostal signs and wonders also played a great role in the start of the Vineyard church with John Wimber when Wimber decided to take his Calvary Chapel church on to a new path, parting ways with that denomination and forming a new one. Lonnie Frisbee has even had a movie made about him as well.

In exploring the history of these groups, what stood out to me, is the story of Lonnie Frisbee's “Christian conversion”. The Bible tells us in Romans 11:16 For if the firstfruit be holy, the lump [is] also [holy]: and if the root [be] holy, so are the branches. Lonnie Frisbie did not keep it secret from the world that his conversion to “jesus” came via an "inspired acid trip." Sadly this poor man seemed to accept what he saw as truly coming from God and was led down a path of deception via hallucinatory drugs, this probably played a role in the fact that he was unable to achieve victory over a lifelong sin-struggle with homosexuality,

In other words, he saw a vision via an acid trip and was not brought to true biblical repentance and being born again via faith. He joined with a false spirit. As reported on this website:

“Lonnie seems to have met “Christ on one of these trips” Here are the disturbing details surrounded Lonnie's conversion: Lonnie's high school friend, Judy Meston, recounts:

“Se we drove out to Tahquitz Falls and we hiked up-he wanted to go to the very top falls and once he got there, he opened his back pack and he spread out—and he had LSD and he had marijuana, and he had all his oil paints and he had his togas, so we did. And he proceeded to paint a picture of Jesus on the rocks, a full sized picture of Jesus on the rock. Then he pulled out his Bible and he got into a kind yoga position and he says 'We're gonna read the Bible now.” He was reading about John the Baptist and how John the Baptist baptized and he baptized us up at Tahquitz Falls, even though we were all on drugs...”

DiSabtino continues:

“Sometime in 1967 at the age of 17, Lonnie Frisbee took another trip into Tahquitz Canyon. There he took a hit of LSD, removed his clothing and began to pray in a relatively unorthodox but sincere manner. He would later recount here that God came to him in a vision and told him of the unique role that was he was soon to play.

This vision?

“He saw the Pacific Ocean emptied out of water but filled people raising their hands, and crying out to God to be saved. He says he saw a sea of humanity crying out to the Lord. He said the Lord told him that he would have a unique ministry, and that he was not to be afraid.” {Neal Leibig "Pastor”}

Lonnie continues:

'When the Lord called me, I was going into the desert and I was taking my clothes off and I was going “God, if You're really real, reveal Yourself to me!” And one afternoon the whole atmosphere of this canyon I was in started to tingle and get light and started to change and I was going “Uh-oh!” I didn't want to be there!”

On this video Lonnie Frisbee himself backs up this story:

Here Chuck Smith recalls meeting Lonnie Frisbee and talks about his early role in Calvary Chapel:

So realizing this was the man that help to give Calvary Chapel it's early spark for nation-wide growth and then did so much to get Vineyard off the ground is disturbing. Now God can call even the most wretched drug-addicted person to salvation. Some drug users will be on their knees calling out to God. God will lead people to Him in spite of the fact they are using drugs, or in a false religion or involved in other wickedness. However true repentance leads away from the use of drugs, not seeing the drug-vision as the impetus to start a new church. There is a reason Paul warns against "sorceries" which in the Greek is "pharmakeia" [related to the use of drugs] in Revelation 9:21: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

Many false religions and satanic mysticism have their roots in the use of hallucinatory drugs that open gateways to the spirit world. [evil spirits]. Sad to say for many without a biblical world-view, they do not discern how these drugs open the doorways to Satan and his demons,or how the Bible warns of the "mandrake" and what that means.

Native “shamans”, witchdoctors, Vooduns, traditional aminist religions seek after the spirit world using drugs with mind-altering effects. There have been books even written on how LSD, itself has been used for mind-control. These same effects are sought even via extreme acesticism in some religions. These drugs open the mind to the spirit world, basically to demons, who wish to deceive mankind and lead to false deceptions.

We should mourn that Lonnie Frisbee was so falsely led, any lost person is a tragedy, but be mindful of these early roots in realizing how insidious deception can be.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WCRP: World Council on Religion and Peace: Unitarian Universalist Founded: Pope Supported.

Having come out of both these false churches, I have learned some interesting things, about their working together. The Unitarian Universalist church as I detail in this blog entry, seems to be a micro-cosm of the one world church, which actively in its services combines the readings, and rituals of many different religions. One of the Seven Principles of the Unitarian Universalism reads: "the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all" this also includes the UU basic of looking to all religions: "Wisdom from the world's religions which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life;"

As Christians know bringing all religions together for false peace is Satan's delusion to bring the world together under the antichrist with the trojan horse of global unity and "peace" which is really about concentrating power in the hands of the few. Sadly as far as the Roman Catholic church goes, while they give themselves "best brand" and "the church by which everyone is saved "status {See Dominus Iesus}, they teach their people that truth is to be found in all religions and the "gods" of these religions are "archetypes" of the One True God which is totally false and the lie that pagan deceptions [which really comes from Satanic delusion and evil spirits] are "preparations for the gospel". For those who worship false gods, the answer is not to tell them "That is God as well" [this is not what Paul taught the Athenians] but to free them from bondage and bring them to truth of God. Why else would the Bible warn of false "gods" [evil spirits etc] over and over?

"843 The Catholic Church recognizes in other religions that search, among shadows and images, for the God who is unknown yet near since he gives life and breath and all things and wants all men to be saved. Thus, the Church considers all goodness and truth found in these religions as "a preparation for the Gospel and given by him who enlightens all men that they may at length have life."

This is the basic undergirding for deception and helping to usher in the one world religion under the "cosmic christ" or Antichrist of all religions. Lucis Trust, active extreme liberal political agendas aside-[The UU supports everything from abortion, gay rights to the Hemlock Society, the Roman Catholic church has the Unitarian Universalist Association along with a vast array of other false religions signed on to their one world religion harlot parade as well. The UU serves as a gathering ground for members of the liberal intelligentsia to carry out their agendas which match those of the global elite: World government is openly supported in UU churches and has been for decades. Leaders in the UU have also participated in such things as the Humanist Manifesto.

The World Conference on Religion and Peace, is one of the multitudes of interfaith organizations out there, that brings together representatives of different religions, to bring together interfaith "understanding" and promote "dialogue".

The WCRP {World Council on Religion and Peace} was Unitarian Universalist founded out of another group called IARF which is basically a UN NGO with "consultative status" that works for "freedom of religion".
Many key members of the then IARF included Unitarian Universalist ministers such as Dana McLean Greenley and Homer Jack. These two UU ministers are credited with founding the group along with other notables. Both groups still work together.
The WCRP has also had Unitarian Universalist ministers as important members of the group, such as John Buehrens who was elected as an honorary President while still in position as president of the Unitarian Univeralist Association. Another Unitarian Universalist President Bill Sinkford in December 2003 visited the Vatican. Catholic cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns and other Catholic religious leaders work with the Unitarian Universalist church along witha vast array of other false religions and United Nations organizations. The Vatican hosted the first session of WCRP's sixth general Assembly in 1994. So the Vatican's one world religion aims remain blantant especially in their partnerships with the Unitarian Universalist Association regarding this organization. There is no doubt the Vatican is in full support of WCRP. This was shown when the last Pope [Pope John Paul II] stated
"It is with joy that I have learned that the World Conference on Religion and Peace will celebrate its Thirtieth Anniversary with a commemorative event in Kyoto on November 27-28 this year. I would ask you kindly to convey to all present my best wishes and the assurance of my support."

Let this serve as a warning as to what agendas the Catholic church is invested in, and how millions are going to be deceived, with the abuse of the word "peace".

Dan 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify [himself] in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Lausanne Movement: Bringing Evangelicals Into the Antichrist Fold

One thing in studying the interfaith movement all these years, almost every group is being brought into the antichrist fold of global spirituality, one world religion and one world government. There is nothing wrong with desiring to "help the world" but when it is used as a "smokescreen" for false global unity, that is a major problem. Something was needed to unify the evangelicals worldwide and bring them into the new world order. With endless associated groups and connected parachurch organizations, Lausanne is one of those organizations that has filled that endeavor since 1974. One Lausanne connected group has had the participation of Calvary Chapel pastors as well. Billy Graham is the founder of Lausanne. Lausanne, with its ecumenical themes for evangelicals definitely is advancing the Vatican II and one world religion aims of the Roman Catholic church and globalist elite.

The story of Lausanne begins with Rev. Billy Graham. A powerful preacher, Graham quickly rose to prominence in the 1940’s and 50’s to become America’s foremost evangelist. As he began preaching internationally, Graham developed a passion to “unite all evangelicals in the common task of the total evangelization of the world.”

In 1966 the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, in partnership with America’s Christianity Today magazine, sponsored the World Congress on Evangelism in Berlin. The Congress brought together 1,200 delegates from over 100 countries and inspired a number of follow-up conferences in places such as Singapore and Bogotá.

Just a few years later, Graham perceived the need for a larger, more diverse congress to reframe the Christian mission of evangelization in a world rife with social, political, economic, and religious upheaval. He shared this idea with 100 world Christian leaders, and the affirmation of the need for such a Congress was overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

The official "covenant" of this group is of interest as well. Its advancement [section 5] of the false social justice gospel [this time in global rather then national form] speaks for itself. Do not let the nice words and phrase "World Evangelization" fool you, their aim is to water down and twist the true gospel of Jesus Christ and advance false world evangelization as warned about by Al Dager in this series of articles warning about the "World Christian Movement".

Keep this distinction in mind from the link above as you read and as you watch the video below:

"True evangelism follows the spreading of the pure Gospel with the planting churches and the discipling of believers that will guard the biblical truths and practices vital to sustaining a viable relationship between individual believers and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Evangelization is the term used by the global, ecumenical World Christian Movement to gain the support of churches throughout the world. It denotes the "Christianizing" of all a world's "people groups" by means a work that combines social and political action as equal elements with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To the average Christian there is no distinction between evangelism and evangelization. But to the World Christian Movement there is a distinction. Essentially, that distinction is that evangelism involves the saving of souls, while evangelization means the saving of whole nations or "people groups spiritually and temporally through political and social action."

This fall, Lausanne is having a new Congress in Capetown. Where thousands of church leaders will be brought together yet again:

Cape Town 2010, held in collaboration with the World Evangelical Alliance, will bring together 4,000 leaders from more than 200 countries to confront the critical issues of our time – other world faiths, poverty, HIV/AIDS, persecution, among others - as they relate to the future of the Church and world evangelization.

I find the phrase on the above website "Global Conversation" quite interesting going along with the world unity theme.

If your pastor or church is part of Lausanne or associated with an associated group, please be wary, as some of what the pastors are even taught shows the "influence" this group wants to spread. Don't miss the section instructing your church leader on "An indifferent Attitude towards Unity"

Pastor Bob Coy: "These Elements Will Become Part of Who You Are"

Bob Coy is head Pastor at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.

Bob Coy is an excellent speaker and does very captivating sermons, one thing we all need to be careful of as the Bible instructs is

2Pe 2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

With time, while things appeared good on the surface, I was noticing some problems with time, discovering this video online, definitely brought up a lot of questions. Did ex-Catholics among his congregation issue a protest? Maybe a few did or ended up having to leave.

He states:

"I want you to see what you hold in your hand is that love and that grace, and that when you eat this and you drink this, there ought to be that declaration, that proclamation God just, "I do want all your amazing attributes coursing in through me. Think about it. You are going to eat and drink and these elements in just moments will become part of who you are.

Does Bob Coy know he basically taught what is Catholic theology in this particular sermon?

As we consume the bread and wine of the eucharist and these elements become a part of our physical body, we are in turn consumed by the Lord of Love and become a part of his living body on earth. Christ's true presence in the sacrament transforms us who receive it in faith into images of the living God. With it goes the responsibility to love in the way he taught us so that the world will know that God is indeed in our midst.

New Age Code Phrase #1: Interfaith Dialogue

New Age Code Word I--DIALOGUE

What ever happened to talk? preach? witness?

I know this word wasn't used as much during my childhood within Catholicism but I knew it was used predominantly within New Age circles by the early 1980s. Many churches have now adopted it.

In regards to interfaith dialogue, I may talk to non-Christians myself, have discussions with them, but it is not dialogue. The main component of this type of "interfaith dialogue" is the seeking of truth elsewhere.

Deuteronomy 12: (30) take heed to yourself that you not be snared to follow them after they have been destroyed before you; and that you not inquire after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their And I shall do so, even I. (31) You shall not do so to Jehovah your God;....

Dialogue is a conversation among persons or groups who differ on a subject, the primary purpose of which is for each party to learn from the other.. Religion (or its functional equivalent, ideology) can be understood as "an explanation of the ultimate meaning of life, and how to live accordingly." Religion, or ideology, is at the source and sustaining core of every culture.

What you have here is as people participate in interfaith dialogue, they all bring together bits and pieces of their own religions, and move more towards a religion of "all faiths" [a universalism as it were]. Also one fact about most of those who participate in interreligious dialogue, is that they see the "gods" of all religions, not as the false "gods" [false spirits], we warned of to stay away from in the Bible, but an archetype as it were as the "one true god". In other words Allah, Buddha, Shiva, and Vishnu, become representatives of "god" and all religions as implicitly "true" or as "holding many truths".

From a Catholic website called Monastic Interreligious Dialogue written by a Jesuit.

Dialogue requires that we preach the Gospel “in its entirety”. The qualities required are: sincerity, honesty, love of truth. But it also requires that one listen, “believing that the Spirit may speak powerfully to us through Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews....If we persevere in our journey through the storms of dialogue we come to deep inner peace in the appreciation of what is essential in our own faith and what we can profitably learn from Buddhism.

From UNESCO [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization]:

22. We will promote dialogue and harmony between and within religions, recognizing and respecting the search for truth and wisdom that is outside our religion. We will establish dialogue with all, striving for a sincere fellowship on our earthly pilgrimage.

These are the lies bringing forth the one world religion of the last days.

Rev 17:13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

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Leaving the Pre-Trib Position Behind

One time this Baptist retired preacher said as acouple of us at a Bible study, were talking about RFID chips [it had been in the news] and how it could be the mark of the beast, that we needed to stop talking about that..."Christians are not going to be here!".

First let me say, I believe there are many people who are truly born again believers who are Pre-Trib even if I disagree with them on this matter. Eschatological timings are not a salvation issue though one suspects with time, those listening to the Holy Spirit will be led into more truth {that is to be applied to all of us}. I was Pre-Trib for years, and many of the books, I read warning of Bible Prophecy served a good purpose for me in helping to wake me up to the deceptions out there.

The idea of a Pre-Trib Rapture "saving" Christians from all trouble and turmoil seems to be a set up for more deception and to bring the churches into the full grasp of the antichrist. Some Christians are definitely having persecution and trouble in this world right now, so the idea that Christians will automatically be taken out of here before trouble starts, seems to be based on false "Christian Triumphalism" which ignores the fate of thousands of others in the world. In other words, too many Christians have been indoctrinated by their churches that they have nothing to worry about, before the bombs go off, or anyone is rounded up into camps or before there is any martyrship, that the "rapture" will whisk you away.

Others teach too, that the antichrist can't do anything in the world as long as "the church is here" even claiming things like "I do not believe that the Antichrist can take over the rule and authority of the earth while the church is still here.". Not said, is that the spirit of the antichrist has already taken over the churches themselves, with ecumenicalism and unity to the world system taking precedent. If one makes the mistake of thinking they are "safe" because they are in a "church" they need to think again. Sadly this is what is taught from the pulpits country-wide.

While the Bible warns us of the Great falling away of the churches and Jesus Christ warned of the mustard seed that grew into a garguantuan tree with vultures in its branches, what am I to think of Christian pastors who preach over and over, "there is nothing to be concerned about"?

Luk 21:8 And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am [Christ]; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

I have warned many Christians have been lulled to sleep in the pews thinking they will avoid all trouble and turmoil. This includes the propensity to embrace false pastors and ties into the message that once someone says a sinner's prayer or along the lines of easy believism that being deceived is not a possibility.

2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for [that day shall not come], except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

As I read the Pre-Trib writings, thinking of what I read in the Bible, too many discrepancies stood out to me. This was the biggest one:

Rev 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

Rev 13:8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

How could the antichrist "make war against the saints" if they are all "not here"? Odd conjectures about this all being people who later converted or Jewish people who had, just didn't measure up.

I am praying more are called to examine the Pre-Trib position. This blog, has some of the best warnings about Pre-Trib. I do not agree with everything [do about the overall luciferian deception] but his warning about Pre-Trib rings true, and is a line of thinking I came to as I read the Bible and thought there is many pieces of the puzzle missing here.

What's wrong with this picture? Personally, I reached the conclusion at a certain point (many years ago) that the reason so many aspects of PreTrib appear to be unfathomable is because they are…unfathomable. And that the reason PreTrib appears to be unrecognizable in any passages of Scripture…is because it isn’t found in any Scriptures.

Of course, that is what I am attempting to demonstrate over the course of this chapter. Continue reading!

I truly believe huge numbers of aspiring 'followers' of Christ are stumbling tragically into the gaping jaws of a roaring lion, in thinking they’ll be whisked off to heaven on "flowery beds of ease". I would strongly assert that Pretribulation Rapturism does not survive a simple reading of Matthew 24 (along with Mark 13 and Luke 21).

I agree with him.

The Hold Celebrity Preachers Have

First of all I will define "Celebrity Pastors": those are pastors with known names, whose faces appear all over the web, church conferences, published books and TV shows. They have their "A" lists and "B" lists as well just like Hollywood. A top celebrity pastor would be someone like Frank Graham, Pat Robertson and Rick Warren, where a "B" lister would be someone lesser known, perhaps just among one denomination but with a national following, perhaps Joyce Meyers or Peter Wagner. Calvary Chapel has Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie, and associated teachers like Missler and Prasch, other denominations, their favorites, with a wide arrange of favorite authors from Beth Moore to Max Lucado. Other known "A list" names would be someone you see on TV all the time even on newsreports such as Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn and many more.

While many people simply do not know about or have not discerned the false teachings of different preachers, there is blind following that keeps these celebrity pastors in their positions. No criticism is allowed. No question of their actions. No biblical questions [the celebrity will not allow you an audience anyway]. Even asking questions such as "How come this pastor has invited on to a religious stage, someone he once renounced as being a false preacher"?, will bring out the claws of religious fandom. You will find yourself banned from message boards, forums and in some cases even ostracized in real life if you speak out publically. I have seen folks throw away long time friends, strongly held beliefs, and their own integrity to gain the "love" of man or keep it. This isn't always a known celebrity pastor, there are many low-level ones who manage a blind following too. What is funny is how many of the "defenders" of false preachers claim to know them personally. The "star" gives them a glance in an audience of 5,000, they say hello at a distance over coffee, or imagine their eyes meeting at a $500 dollar conference, and the resounding loyalty to every word coming out of the lauded "Bible teacher's" mouth is impossible to break without the Holy Spirit.

The sway that celebrity pastors seem to hold over people is growing stronger. They take the man at his very word and stop checking his messages and teachings against God's Word. I even ask myself how a church full of people, can sit hearing a man, tell us "that witnessing to people is offensive and better off avoided".? Doesn't this ring a few alarm bells? Well I have personally witnessed that in at least 2 churches. Today, most of these pastors due to the indoctrination in the churches to "obey" the one guy in the pulpit above everyone else and not be labeled a "trouble-maker" or "divisive", can get away with even the most grievous statements.

Realizing the depth of allegiance by some [over everyone else] for favorite pastors and "bible teachers" has been very interesting to me. The cult of personality rules. Looking at the world and it's worship of the famous [Hollywood and sports stars] the same thing has affected the churches. People assume someone because he is a "known name" and famous is on the spot, when corruption actually is more possible for those who are loved by this world and part of it as Jesus warned.

Jhn 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

False religions like Catholicism and Mormonism and even out and out cults do not have the monopoly on advancing leaders who teach themselves that their authority is not to be questioned. The evangelical world has it too in spades. Ever seen someone infatuated with a 'star", like a teenager, who moons over her favorite rock star?, the churches today are not immune to this phenomenon even among the adults! Everyone is labeled a "liar", a "troll" for questioning the inconsistency of these leaders or ostracized for daring to disagree with the "lauded" ones expert "bible teachings". Gatekeepers for the status quo on a variety of message boards, will ban or suspend those, who dare to question the wisdom of the crowd in following these men. Blind obedience rules and then excuse making for a variety of evils then comes about.

There is more to the so called acquiescence to the "beautiful and famous" people, and the little guy gets shoved aside. Alphas shove aside the Beta's in the so called Christian world, status seekers gaining more and more publicity, more money and more invitations to the halls of power. This as well too ties into the false teachings of Dominionism, where political power is sought and marriage to politics.

Mar 10:31 But many [that are] first shall be last; and the last first.

Many unbelievers watch this stuff, and their rejection of the gospel [or really what they think it is] then becomes based in watching these blind followers and boot licking sychophants of the system. One lady I witnessed to recently told me, well the Christian religion is about "mind control" and "blind obedience". I gently explained to her, to please read the Bible about what Jesus Christ taught, to try and lead her to truth and instructed her about on some of these teachings. What you are seeing is not true "Christianity".

Was the church of Jesus Christ supposed to be about one man shows where men seek glory and celebrity in His name? Where they all make sure to seek after those of high status concentrating on power in this world? One will note the celebrity pastors often seek out other celebrities. ensuring that interview with Larry King, visits with politicians including presidents, and ex-presidents, some out and out celebrities--singers, musicians, actors, visits with evangelical "A" listers like Billy Graham and in the case of others, well-publicized visits with the Pope and other world leaders.

While God is no respecter of persons, those of the world make it all about elevating themselves above everyone else.

Act 10:34 Then Peter opened [his] mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vatican Offical Tied to BP, Goldman Sachs

Vatican Official Tied to BP, Goldman Sachs

This is a concerning connection. Investigate for yourselves. This blog goes into more detail about the matter stating:

"The scariest part of this whole story is that Mr. Sutherland, the man standing with one foot in GS, and the other on the burning
Halliburton-BP oil rig, is the Consultor of the Extraordinary Section of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See. In other words, Sutherland is the chief financial adviser to the Pope".

In this world I trust only Jesus Christ, but considering the warnings some have made even 25 years ago, seeing how much has come together in one huge malodorous stew...there seems to be some aspects of truth to some warnings like these considering the Vatican's role in international world events and what they have planned for the United States.

Praying for everyone in the Gulf area.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Something is Very Wrong with This Music!

At my old church, we sung the old hymns. I grew to love hymns like THIS.

After I was in another community, I became shocked at what passed for music in the modern churches, I guess my introduction to "contemporary christian music" was not what I expected. It consisted of odd songs with repetitive lyrics, and where they tried to match the worse aspects of the secular music world. Visiting many churches and during my time in Calvary Chapel, I found much of the music disturbing. One thing that would floor me is how the name "JESUS CHRIST" was only rarely ever said, and God was referred to in second and third person pro-nouns such as "YOU", biblical doctrine was last on the list and any substance lacking. I found myself thinking..."They could be singing to anyone, and maybe the ones who wrote this stuff want it that way!"

Discernment told me how Satan was making use of rock music and genres in general, which isn't to say all music is bad, but there is a lot of what is popular out there that is spiritually dangerous and being used to entice emotions. Being young and unsaved, I listened to hard rock, punk, "goth" music, and after becoming a new creature in Christ, realized how Satan really does own the air waves and realized it's own previous negative influence on me.

It was really strange to notice a lot of these so called "Christian bands", trying to emulate the secular rockers, in dress, habits and music, but what worried me the most was the lyrics.

Let's take a look here, this is a popular Christian festival for young people called Harvest Fest [mentioned before on this blog in reference to Greg Laurie and Calvary Chapel] Lest one thinks it is just Calvary Chapel or affilated festivals introducing this sort of music, it is all over the place in many different types of churches especially with those who sadly think that they must use this type of music to "appeal' to young people. There are many others such as Rock the River and the Ichthus Festival. One thing music may be pleasing to senses, but this does not mean it is sending the right messages.

Some of the sample lyrics...from the video above:

I am asleep and all I dream is of awakening to you
Tell me you will Listen
Your Touch is what I am missing
and the more I hide, the more I realize I'm slowing losing you
Comatose I'll never wake up without an overdose of you
I don't want to live, I don't want to breathe

[camera cuts away...smoke plumes etc]

Your parents say that everything is your fault
But they don't know you like I like you
They don't know you at all
I'm so sick of when they say
It's just a phase
You'll be ok, you're fine, but I know this is a lie.

This is supposed to be a song of Christian worship for young people? With no mention of the name Jesus, this song could be to anyone, and the weird emphasis on "parents not understanding" seems to be meant to continue the modern message of seeking to divide parents and young people and adding to youthful rebellion.

Here is more [from that same video]

I'm just a step away
Losing my faith today, falling off the edge today
I am just a man not a superhuman
I'm not superhuman, someone save me from the hate
It's just another war, just another family torn
Losing my faith today, falling off the edge today
Just another day in the world we live
I need a hero to save me now
I need a hero to save my life
A hero will save me just in time
I gotta fight to live another day
Speaking my mind today
My voice will be heard today

This song disturbed me even more, I suppose they are trying to promote "jesus" as that hero in the song, but again that could be anyone. Also considering the realities of Christian persecution worldwide, having people see God as a "superhero" who will save them from all suffering or hardships for the gospel in this world, is unsettling. Jesus preached we must be willing to lose our lives [Matt 6:25], what about the lines about "the hero above saving lives, saving them just in time"? If any thing a true song would be about the saving of souls. Many of those young people are folks who do seek after God and want to live for Jesus but what unbiblical things are they being fed?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kathyrn Khulman and Chuck Smith

Watching videos of this lady in her long silk dresses and odd speech patterns, the falseness of her preaching and pretense is glaring to the discerning Christian....

Kathyrn Khulman was a popular faith healer and evangelist that took the world by storm especially during the 1970s and had a TV show called "I Believe in Miracles". One of Pentecostalism's most shiniest stars during that era, Benny Hinn ever wrote a book about her called "Kathryn Kuhlman: Her Spiritual Legacy and Its Impact on My Life" and credited her extreme impact on his later ministries.

Kathyrn Khulman was one of the greatest promoters of the one world ecumenical movement and unity with Rome and in many ways helped to set up Pentecostals today who hold an ecumenical view of Rome. She had many nuns and priests invited on her TV show, and even her biographer wrote

"She had a special love for doctors, and wanted them either on the stage or on the front rows of the auditorium. The same was true of priests and nuns — especially if they were ‘in uniform’. Nothing thrilled Kathryn more than to have thirty or forty Catholic clergymen, especially if they wore clerical collars or, better yet, cassocks, sitting behind her while she ministered. Somehow it seemed to lend authenticity to what she was doing — and helped create the proper climate of a trust and understanding which was so necessary for a miracle service." (Daughter Of Destiny, p. 221.)

Some would report this too:

"Kathryn had but one pass through Las Vegas, and she would deliver the gospel with power! Hundreds of people in Las Vegas as well as the faithful in Youngstown, Pittsburgh, and Franklin had agreed to pray that the Holy Spirit would stir the city. Not far away a Roman Catholic priest said a Mass for the meeting the day before." (The Woman Behind The Miracles, pp. 229-230.)

Anyhow like any good "daughter" of Rome, she made her homage and visit to the Pope as well. By the way, wearing of black is a sign of submission to the papacy.

Now how does this all connect with Calvary Chapel? In the early years of the Jesus People Movement, Khulman gave her "blessing" as it were to Chuck Smith, Duane Peterson and Lonnie Frisbee, on her TV show "I believe in Miracles". A DVD of this has even been put on sale online and ebay.

Watch a segment of Kathyrn Khulman here with Chuck Smith video here: Under [Video Vault]with the title..."Kathryn with Duane Pederson and Chuck Smith"

By the way, this is just one connection and initial endorsement that is questionable: more on the early history of the Jesus Movement and Calvary Chapel will be forthcoming on this blog.

Worldly Attitudes Towards the Poor

Being poor in American society can be a scary proposition. I have been poor, but thankfully have been blessed by God in having friends, good church and family who have helped me. However I know what it is to lose everything and the lies told to the poor having been one of them. While American poor have some things the rest of the poor in the world don't have, such as running water and more access to food, the stigma alone can be a heavy burden to bear. The American economy is rapidly changing, for the worse, sadly unchristian attitudes and wickedness towards the poor are not.

In today's disconnected society the poor today do not even have the normal social networks or agricultural live off the land know-how that have helped them in their past survival which makes the worsening economy that much more dire, where trust in God will be paramount for believers. While Christians renounce with good reason the failed godless plans of Communism and false "social justice" globalist plans that do more to enrich the benefactors then the poor, on the other side becoming defenders for corruption is no good either.

Sadly too many have embraced the teachings about the poor from Fox News, Neo-cons, lackeys for globalists and worldly sources far more then then the Bible. One sample quote "You work hard, so they don't have to" seen on bumperstickers and quips like this one, labeling all the poor as "lazy good for nothings" who deserve their plight.
The cries even among some Christians, who twist the Bible verse 'those who dont work do not eat", it seems as these self-proclaimed "compassionate" conservatives would want to throw every widow in the street, disabled person and unemployed families in the gutter and take us back to the days of street urchins and poor work houses. In fact hearing some of this rhetoric, is shocking, and brings this Bible verse to mind:

Jam 2:6 But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats?

While one side, there are the liberals advancing abortion putting costs on human life and exploitation of the poor using them for growing power of the state, for the other side, the “free market” myths may sound good, but then it is illusionary. You see it's free when they want it to be [open borders via NAFTA] and not free, when they want to be: World Bank direction of world industry and the issuing of laws like Codex Alimentarius. Forgotten is that big business and big government have now formed a symbiotic relationship, with way too much corruption. Add to that the churches who have married the state. All human systems are corrupt and those who dream of world utopias and government systems fixing the problem of human poverty need to realize it's not going to happen: after all Jesus Christ said “For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good:but me ye have not always” [Mark 14:7] and they need to have a Biblical attitude towards the poor realizing the role they are to play as Christians instead of the ones formed by the world. [Luke 12: 33 and Matt 5:42]

While there are churches and charities and tons of well-meaning individual Christians and some non-Christians that do help the poor , there are some growing attitudes towards the poor out there, that are getting frightening. Are there poor people who drugged, partied and borrowed money into their own financial collapse? Are there those who leech off the system and do not do what is right? YES. But that is not the majority and as poor people are told "YOU ARE IRRESPONSIBLE" over and over, I wonder as their numbers SHOOT to the skies in America, are we still to believe that everyone who "fails" is a loser who deserved it? What will the so called Word of Faith people who have taught that prosperity comes to those who are "of strong faith" do as their members lose jobs? Will the "everyone's a leader" church leadership classes fold, when people realize they aren't leading much except a path to a local food pantry? Will Joel Osteen's "Best Life" now false theology sell when people are scraping the bottom of the barrel for grocery money? Will the megachurch be able to keep the lights on and all the fancy programs when the folks in the church find even keeping their ownselves and their own families afloat to be a daunting proposition?

From the 1980s on, we have had our heads filled from the media of the worse examples of “rip-off the system” welfare mothers, and other "miscreants", and how all poor people “deserved” their lowly status and did not make money because they were “failures”. Even today one will hear the worse examples of malfeasance and irresponsibility in the news. Now some bad choices can lead to poverty, substance abuse, “gangster” culture, single motherhood, dropping out of school but ignored is the fact that there are many poor who did “play by the rules” and more are falling through the cracks. With the powers that be, indoctrinating everyone to 'blame the victim" and isolating them, Americans never asked the obvious, about why all their jobs were being outsourced, or why college tuition was outdistancing inflation or why manufacturing in America was basically stripped down. Watching the bankers clean the till out to 700 billion dollars, was the icing on the cake. The right side of the new world order divide has shown just as much fiscal corruption and deception as the left side.

Some who have never been poor may be due for a rude awakening when they see their job taken away or even their stocks fall to the floor. The so called conservative
"we hate the poor" brigade and "everyone with no money is a welfare mother on crack" folks may need to wake up. Some have collected cans, sold ebay, sold possessions to thrift, gone to flea markets to make money, desperately searched for jobs or pieced together an array of part-time jobs to keep afloat. Will the haves get an ounce of compassion as they whiz by in their SUV, when they see some of their formerly middle class neighbors moving into an RV camper or a tent city? No job means no money for most Americans.

Materialism is a problem and many of the churches arent much better that exclude everyone who isn't of the right social class. Many have become social clubs for the comfortable classes. I have encountered many poor people some even newly saved who lacking expendable income, have told me, "I am not welcome at churches", "I don't have any money to tithe", "I do not fit in". In too many churches look at who is sitting in the front pew and who sits in the front, it is the complete opposite of what the Bible teaches...

Jam 2:2 For if there come unto your assembly a man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment;

Jam 2:3 And ye have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool:

Jam 2:4 Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?

While other churches will help the poor, most of this charity is for "outsiders" [20 miles away at the downtown soup kitchen] or 'clients" sent over by social workers, not anyone from within the church, because the lower classes know they "do not belong".

The whole classless society stuff in America is a myth and something that keeps people silent about the biggest taboo in American society which is not sex which fills the airwaves but money. Between the Commmie liberals who want to destroy the market place and the so called "compassion" conservatives who just want to put a boot in anyone's face who confesses to "hey I'm in trouble here", it is all very disturbing. Some need to reread their Bibles about how the poor were treated and what the Christian's duty for the poor actually is. If you push every beggar aside because you think they are all "drug abusers" or refuse to help out someone who is out of work, because you think its "their fault" even among 20+% unemployment rates, some new thinking is in gear.

We all need to make sure our treasures are in heaven, considering where this economy is going, and to not hold any trust in the things of this world.