Monday, December 27, 2010

Energy Healing and Reiki at the Hospital?

Lighthouse Trails warns us "Energy 'Healing' and Reiki May Be Offered to You at Your Hospital". Christians should avoid this like the plague, say no to having some New Age health care worker, bringing forth 'energy' through their hands waving them above your body. This is not only charlatantry but demonic in nature. Reiki has gotten popular, in one town I lived in, the practicing Wiccans used to go to their weekly Reiki class and/or session. However they weren't the only ones, several of the ladies in my last Catholic church also had an active interest in Reiki, and sought after it as well as other New Age 'holistic' medicine.


Anonymous said...

I am a Christian and an energy healer. Rather than supplying fear, why not simply recommend that people are sure that people make sure their healer heals in Christ.

My gifts appeared without intention or training after a decade long spiritual purification process in which Jesus Christ was with me, in me and through me via the Holy Spirit.

Christians have a bad name because they damn and condemn things rather than encouraging people to become empowered in their investigation of things that can be profoundly helpful and wise. Wisdom does not include fear. It is developed through awareness and presence of mind. Many Christians are fearful. Few are truly wise.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting comment. The new agers tell Christians that they are in fear when they don't want to follow practices that are demonic in nature.

A new age friend of mine was telling me how her Reiki handler was helping her do channeling to 'meet her angels'. She talked about seeing flashes of bright light and how exciting it was.

I asked my friend to please be careful and I told my friend that the bible says satan will present himself as an angel of light.

She looked at me so sternly and told me that I was in fear!!

I have several new age friends. Since they don't believe that satan exists, they can't see that channeling to meet 'angels' is actually contacting demons. They are big on angels, so channeling to meet them is a wonderful thing to them. One new age friend of mine says she believes parts of the bible that she likes or agrees with. She said she believes what makes her heart happy. When I pointed out the verse that says that says the heart is desperately wicked, she does not believe that.

As a bible believer I believe that the bible is the only source of wisdom, God's wisdom. This wisdom will not be acquired through man's ways of self awareness, TM, etc.

The new age movement is growing like crazy and it's sad that Christians don't read their bibles so they easily fall for things they don't realize is demonic. I guess they like an experience better than the bible, they are feeling something - but it's not Jesus Christ of the bible.