Tuesday, November 23, 2010

They Want to Control the Food and YOU!

America is losing it's freedoms fast and every aspect of society is being reigned in under a control system. Many do not know about this, but this week {after Thanksgiving?}, Congress plans to vote on a new draconian law called the "Senate Bill 510 — the Food Safety and Modernization Act". Well we have heard the safety line before haven't we? Those who value safety more then liberty as the old saying goes deserve neither. All this "safety" stuff is why they are literally strip-searching grandma and grandpa at the airport. I don't fly and I refuse to allow some TSA thug to grope me, or to go through one of their harmful to DNA backscatter porn scan machines for the "privilege" of flying. Better to sit in a car for hours, then suffer the indignities of being treated like human cattle. Anyhow back to the food Act, this isn't about shutting down factory farms with their lagoons of feces, and bringing in healthier farming practices but about shutting down small farmers, corporatizing and controlling food supplies. Google Terminator seeds if you want to see human evil in full action worldwide, all the biblical warnings about famine definitely are thought of when you know they have produced sterile seeds on purpose for profit that can infect other crops. America is already getting sick from processed pseudo food, that has had all its nutrients stripped for money-making now they want to put pressure on organic farmers and others, and centralize power when it comes to food including even more regulations. Ask yourself considering the economy how will these expensive regulations help they won't.

I agree with this guy, this is the most evil bill in American history, just the fact that so few know about it, shows how asleep this country is, and how tyranny and wickedness are spreading across this land so fast.

He shares some of the bad details:

S 510 includes, at a minimum:

■A hidden take over of all seed in the US – the end of the country’s control over its food and ensuring all GMOs – corporate owned crops;
■The use of DHS and DOD - animal disease or contamination as a pretext for martial law;
■The extermination of normal farm animals in case of an emergency (to replace with patented GE-animals and force GMO meat);
■The surreptitious arrangement for mandating of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, irradiation of all food and GMO farming;
■Deceitfully forcing the US under the WTO to end its sovereignty over its own economic policy, resources, energy, health, food;
■The theft of all US farmland via false “traceability” requirements which force farmers onto international contracts that remove their property rights;
■The removal of nutritional supplements because they are the proven superior treatments for cancer, diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis, heart disease, and are essential for preventing disease – ensuring greatly increased illnesses for corporate profit;
■A corporate court outside the judicial system over all Americans, with unlimited penalties and no recourse – ending democratic rights in the US.
Food safety is a corporate lie, and already comes with violence against those providing safe food.

Biotech, agribusiness and pharmaceutical corporations, though they have corrupted government and courts, rigged markets, bribed officials, made closed door arrangements that undo democratic processes, destroyed independent scientists, had independent had armed men go after researchers, and hired military thugs, appear to have tired of even the sham of democratic processes they hide behind, and now are seeking laws that would give them total power and remove the most basic constitutional rights.

I just talk about this stuff to warn, we know where this world is going, no where good. Keep in prayer, God will provide for you. Praise God for freedoms and things we still enjoy today, such as freedom to speak out on the internet. It is heartbreaking watching where America is going. I barely recognize my own country anymore.

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Bible Believer said...

Well they passed it, most people don't even know about this bill [I guess more cared about Black Friday's greed fest]