Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Mystics, John Crowder and the "Drunken Glory Tour"

Warning be careful watching this one, I put it up to expose, it is full of blasphemy, wicked music, well you will see:

You’re watching Drunken Glory Tours.

Interesting video [it's full of occult symbols for those with "eyes" to see, as well as subtle and very obvious stuff]. Is that a pentagram draw on the halo of David Vaughan? Look carefully.

They dress as friars ,hey why not make the Catholic false contemplative links clear, with a dash of their usual praise for intoxicants that permeates their videos? The girl holding a copy of the book, "The Incorruptibles", says it all, that book is about Catholic "saints" who die and have bodies that do not decay. The clueless people having in many cases occult symbols draw on their faces in markers are to be pitied for their lack of discernment. Is that two men kissing, blowing up a condom like a balloon? [it flashes quick]. The disgusting praise of drunkenness and equating it with the Holy Spirit in a blasphemous way: 'the toking the holy ghost" message continues in this video as well. They know exploiting drug use is a way to get the kids to like them and join the luciferian parade. These men show out and out demonic involvement mocking the holy things of God. The very fact anyone takes them as serious is astonishing but that is how deep the deception has gone today.

If anyone wants to see how far the churches have fallen away then go research John Crowder's group further, they call themselves the New Mystics and are related to the "Sons of Thunder" movement. Many ask is this a "put on"? It sure seems that way, but they have many followers who see them as a legitimate group. They basically are extreme Emergent Charismatics who push false mysticism and signs and wonders under a "Christian" veneer. if you want to see false counterfeit Christianity in all its loathsomeness, this group sums up many of the bad trends out there in one spot.

Crowder is tied to many movements out there including Joel's Army. He also considers himself a follower of many New Apostolic Reformation leaders such as Knights of Malta member, Rick Joyner.

See here:

From the onset of the present-day prophetic movement, the emergence of this company of forerunners has been a hot topic. Prophetic voices such as Bob Jones, Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Jack Deere and countless others have heralded the advancement of an end-time generation that would demonstrate signs and wonders like never before in history.
Definitely this is all counterfeit stuff, which the Crowder specializes in, including as one can even see on the video above, gold leaf appearing in Bibles and other tricks.

Reading the history of Crowders on their website, is interesting, his wife, Lily Crowder, who works in his ministry, from what I see on their website, talks about an interesting connection. She was raised in the Jesus Movement and as a child and teen heard Lonnie Frisbee preach:

When I was six, the famous hippie evangelist Lonnie Frisbee (who helped to start both the Calvary Chapel and Vineyard movements) was speaking at our church, which doubled as a Christian commune. That was when I responded to give my life to the Lord.
Later, at the age of 15, Lonnie was at a home group meeting I attended. I remember him calling me out specifically with a word of knowledge and I was baptized with the Holy Spirit. I fell to the floor shaking. I was the only one in the room that this happened to, and I didn’t know what hit me. I had never been around this type of thing in my teenage years. I was not expecting it, and I remember crying a lot. When the power of God hits you, you don’t care about anything else in that moment.

Where are the fruits of the Holy Spirit among the "Drunken Glory tour"? There are none, Christians should head for the hills even thinking of 1 Cor 5:11 and those who want to equate the Holy Spirit with inebriation.

Just the fact these guys can tour mocking God, and teaching these things with nary a word from the Christan community, tells us how lukewarm things have gotten, I was in shock to see this paragraph from a Jackie Alnor article reviewing John Crowder's book "The New Mystics":

While she gets many facets of this movement correct, to me this statement is unbelievable: so called "christian" mystics [remember the mysticism is Catholic and contemplative in flavor] are not Christians nor showing any Christian fruits.

"With that in mind, we can’t say whether the author of “The New Mystics” is a tare or a wheat. Nor can we say with authority what the final resting place is for the mystics he uplifts throughout the book. All we can do is test all
things and hold fast to that which is good and reject what is false. Jesus said, “by their fruit you will know them."

I can say they are definite tares. Have no problem with it. In Crowder's case, I have seen videos where the man shows major signs of possession . Watch this one:

Talk about being lukewarm in the face of object evil. Talk about not even being able to call a spade a spade. So wonder folks like Crowder and his so called "Sons of Thunder" have blown the church doors wide open to full blown satanic infiltration and open blasphemy of God.


Labby said...

I am starting to save articles or videos which clearly show extreme cases of this "prophetic" movement and its falsehoods. I think in showing the extreme, one can see that there are severe problems (I'm being nice there) with their Biblical views.

Here's one where Crowder is using the Bible to snort lines:

Here's another where they use the "Holy Spirit" (not) to smoke Jehovawanna to get high:

It's sick and so distorted and so wrong. Anyone that loves Christ and His word would not behave in that way.

My theory is that people should really view the videos of these events before ever attending one. I think when you attend you may get overcome by emotion or in the "flow" of things and find yourself allowing these things into your life. If you know beforehand, you can be alert and aware so you can run the other way.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks, if you get more articles or videos, I'd be interested to see them. This one is so beyond the pale, I thought the NAR 'witchcraft" took the cake, but it all comes out of the same place. What is scary, is I posted this on another message board, this article, and while acouple Christians shared concern, I had the usual neo-evangelicals more outraged with me, then Crowder, but what else is new? Satan himself could show up to do a sermon at an evnagelical church, and some of these folks, would defend it and use the usual scripts of "leave the tares alone!", "you basher, hater, bigot!" so forth and so on.

Dealing with these folks, tell me how Crowder and his pals were able to come into churches in the first place and do their luciferian show with its drugged out antics without anyone showing them the door. The wicked know most of the so called Christians are too weak, too sold out, too intimidated, too "brainwashed" indoctrinated by false pastors to stand up against evil. What is sad, is these folks are probably making a living doing this and considering the travel aren't living out of a cardboard box.

I know some people may be overcome with emotions and go with it, yes they do need to watch and be aware, these type of folks, know crowd control and how to use the worse aspects of mass "hysteria" and swaying the group. This is how they succeed even in getting people to humiliate themselves.

Group and peer pressure is strong in Christian circles, where most have already been told to keep the peace, don't rock the boat, and to go along to get along.

Anonymous said...

They're really disgusting over on those forums! Their arrogance is beyond imagination.

Bible Believer said...

Yes those forums are pretty bad. I need to just stay off there. Some there, have been very disappointment, its a place of throwing pearls before people who are not interested in listening at all. What is scary is how they have been trained to think it is ok to insult someone simply for holding more Christian fundamentalist beliefs then them. But Jesus Christ warned us how the world would hate Christians. It's getting scary out there, and honestly that is the norm for the majority of Christian message boards. I go into this topic somewhat on the Scripts blog entry but may do another on Christian message boards. I think there are those who "work" the boards who are not Christians at all or what they present themselves as being. Just think of this, I wonder how many were treated the same way in real life, who said "Don't invite Crowder to our church!" he teaches false things.

This is fallen away "Christianity" now in full throttle.

Anonymous said...

The oldest trick of the Enemy is to present both a "reasonable" and an "unreasonable" semblance of a movement. These he puts forth all at one time. The "unreasonable"--such as the DEFINITE TARE described above--is sure to be rejected. But this is his plan all along, because in rejecting the "unreasonable" human nature is such that it will run into the arms of the "reasonable". If that is what they do, then the Enemy has done his job. The tactic is quite simple and effective: provide a feint that will force the sheep into running into the intended trap.

The only safe place IS THE SCRIPTURE, AND NO MAN.

Labby said...

Here's a song that when I hear it I think of the prophecy movement. It's a great tune, but think about the words:

"It's gotta be, more like falling in love, than something to be believe in..."

"Cause all religion ever made of me
was just a sinner with a stone tied to my feet.
It never set me free"

"I need more than a truth to believe
I need a truth that lives, moves, and breathes
To sweep me off my feet"

It's like the theme song for the Third Wave movement!

Bible Believer said...

Labby, Reading those lyrics and seeing others like it, in my last Calvary Chapel church notice it's the "all about me" mentality. What can God do for me...narcissism 101. What is a "truth that lives, moves and breathes". Just weird.

Bible Believer said...

Anon you are correct they push the extreme who help cover up the more "reasonable". This is kind of why some can see through the Calvary Chapel pastors who praise BIlly Graham-ecumenist with Rome, while railing on about the emergents. Obvious culprits cover for the less obvious ones.

Labby said...

I have to write also that my daughter's school just did a production of Godspell and after watching the 1973 version so I could go into the dress rehearsal prepared (we did NOT buy tickets after I saw it) I was sickened to see her Christian private school doing this show.

The same maniacal laughing, fake happy/sillyness, acting drunk, high and speaking scripture in mocking and silly tones was there. It reminded me of this Third Wave movement. The same type of spirit present. hmmm

Also, interesting how the whole show is set in a clown/circus atmosphere with Jesus and His followers being labeled the Holy Fools. Even the title Godspell - Based on the Gospel of St. Matthew is inaccurate. The parables in the show are mostly not found in the book of Matthew.

Interesting to me how the same type of spirit is behind much of these types of things and it gets easier to identify if you really try to look.

Bible Believer said...

A Christian private school choose Godspell? That is horrible. I suspect it is just as bad as "Jesus Christ Superstar". Do you remember that one from the 70s?

I went to go read about it here, awful stuff.

" The company enters and takes the role of various philosophers throughout the ages (Although many times this section of the play is excluded): Socrates, Thomas Aquinas, Leonardo da Vinci, Edward Gibbon, Jean-Paul Sartre, Martin Luther, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Buckminster Fuller (In the revival, Gibbon, Luther, Nietzsche and Fuller were replaced by Galileo Galilei, Jonathan Edwards, Marianne Williamson, and L. Ron Hubbard). They sing fragments of their respective philosophies — first as solos and then in cacophonous counterpoint — in "Tower of Babble (Prologue)". In some productions, "Tower of Babble" is replaced by "Beautiful City," which Jesus sings to open the show"

That's awful.

Yeah there is the same type of spirit behind these things. I believe a lot of this stuff was written to dupe people and mock God right in front of their faces.

Anonymous said...

You guys are religious!
Get free!

Josh Burns said...

PS: Read your bible people!
Drunk in Jesus = Pentecost... new wine... an outflow of the gospel...

Dont listen to these people bashing John, they dont have anything better to do with their religious spirit then to try to bash a fellow son of God who is tapping into the bliss...
bliss is a word created by the followers of Jesus.
It is defined as the ecstasy of salvation...
maybe you should get some of that and rest in the love Christ has for you...
it may end up looking like John Crowder... or way different... who cares!
Dont mistake what Jesus is doing for what the Devil is doing!

Bible Believer said...

Tapping into the bliss?

What does that mean?

The Bible talks about being "sober-minded", what are we to think of the utter foolishness before us, when we watch videos of John Crowder?

1Pe 4:7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

Do any of you ever wonder if Crowder is mocking his audience, I sure do. He is pulling the wool over your eyes and then going back in the room to laugh. None of this is of Jesus Christ.

Where does ecstasy of salvation appear in the Bible? It doesn't, it is based on false experiences and false mysticism.

Joseph Campbell came up with "follow your bliss" [as well as other Hindu gurus and those in false religions]

It has nothing to do with Christianity.

Myles said...

The word bliss was invented by Saints who followed Jesus. The definition is truly the ecstasy of salvation.
THE AMPLIFIED BIBLE along with many others uses the word bliss throughout the bible.

When we fully experience Jesus and Heaven, you will be happier then you are now. You will be experiencing bliss. Drunk on Jesus. Its just a phrase. It shouldn't be linked with the enemies version of drunk.

One definition of drunk is defined as:
overcome or dominated by a strong feeling or emotion: drunk with power; drunk with joy.
... how about being drunk of Jesus.
Dont get offended by a word that isnt evil. It can be the other way around when referring to alcohol. Not when its Holy Drunkenness

Being "drunk on the Holy Spirit" is true experiences...
ACTS 2:1-15: they were experiencing something better then wine... bliss
EPHESIANS 5:18... The writer drew the similarities of being filled with the spirit being similar to wine... bliss
PSLAM 63:5... bliss
PSALM 16:11...You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore... bliss

Saint Paul The Apostle had a mystical drunken experience after slaughtering tones of Christians.
Poppa God came from out of the sky and asked why he is persecuting Him...
from the moment on, Paul had a three day drunken blissed out encounter with the Holy Spirit were he said these words;

"I have been the subject of an incomprehensible Ecstasy in which truths too great for the human language were imparted into me were I became a depended passive instrument of the Lord.

Due to that "drunken blissed out" encounter, He changed all of history for God and almost wrote the whole New Testament!

Does happy, effortless Christianity sound scandalous to you? Does a daily walk of joyful, sinless existence seem like an impossibility?

Bible Believer said...

I am sorry you are deceived by these false preachers. In fact, following this guy is setting aside all reasonable thinking, these types know how to lure people in. I pray that your mind is set free.

Watch this video...

then this one...

Seriously I can't believe anyone takes these men seriously while they make a mockery of you. "Toking the holy ghost"? while they run around like crazy fools and get others to join in the silliness. Don't miss the scene where he licks his friend's head after kissing him 6:55 The women in his audience look possessed. I see mind control, group mesmerism, love for drugs. Hmm another one who was "on acid" and supposedly met 'jesus" there. [8:18] He didn't meet "god", he met demons, and one can see the results.
"John Crowder claims he met Jesus while on an acid trip and now travels the world getting people quite literally high on God. He and his disciples 'drink', 'inject' and 'smoke' Jesus and spend much of their time seemingly wasted and posting bizarre sermon videos on YouTube."

Stop being deceived by Crowder's mysticism and blatant nonsense. His promotion of drug culture in his blasphemy is just one of the worse. As for Drunkenness, you need to reread your Bible.

Rom 13:13 Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying.

Matt Brooks said...

Pentecst=50. Not getting drunk in Jesus.

Matt Brooks said...

John Crowder's mysticism is a doctrine that was vomited up out of the pits of hell. Matthew 24:24, 2 Corinthians 11: 13-15, 2 Peter 2: 1-3

911 Family said...

Isn't Jesus anointed more than us with the OIL of GLADNESS? This word in the Greek is Aggaleao which means jumping, leaping, spinning, twirling, laughing. In John 10 Jesus again "aggaleao" when the disciples returned declaring .... Jesus even the demons were subject to us in your name. When the transcribers of the Bible saw the word "aggaleao" the Eklessa had already plunged into darkness and were crystallized, and could NOT believe Jesus was jumping,leaping and praising God for almost 30 minutes. They determined Jesus was "exceeding glad". Interesting. I'm not supporting either side, I'm just making a comment.

One thing is for certain, the Body of Christ is in desperate need of seeing the true manifested power of Holy Spirit in our nation (America). I want to see the Jesus Christ of the Bible. If we are his body why aren't we seeing the miracles the disciples saw in their day? Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Greater works Jesus said, we would DO in these last days.

I believe the only place we will find this connection is ALONE, establishing a personal PRAYER ALTAR where we meet with God from now until Jesus Christ returns. If people are running to "a man" that is all they are going to get flesh. We are scraping the bottom of the bottom in America. Our ONLY HOPE IS A GREAT 3RD AWAKENING. Young people today are so far away from God they don't even believe in Jehovah God. They don't even know the History of America. WE NEED A FRESH MOVE OF GOD and LORD JESUS PLEASE HELP US NOT TO SHOT EACH OTHER BEFORE YOU GET A CHANCE TO COME AGAIN TO OUR NATION.

We must watch and pray. This is the first time I have heard of John Crowder. One thing is for sure, if he is a counterfeit, he will fall to the wayside. The power of God is coming again to America, I know because I have been praying for over 25 years and I see Awakening is here. I will pray for John Crowder and his family. Let the wind of the Holy Spirit blow and bring correction to all error. Woe unto anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit. For they will not be forgiven. He is HOLY. There is coming a new holiness and fear for God. If this young man is in error it won't be long before correction comes. We are living in the last of the last days and God will not be mocked.

The Jesus Christ of Nazareth demonstrated the Word through power and authority. What credible miracles are associated and documented with John Crowder's Ministry? I hope he has plenty. If it's just foolishness with NO evidence of true and documented miracles, buyer beware.