Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Apostolic Reformation: Seeking Power Instead of God's Will

Here is one of the "apostles" preaching. [Yes she calls herself Apostle Barbara Yoder]

I have warned already to a small degree about the New Apostolic Reformation movement, which right now is tied into Dominionism and seeking power on the "Seven Mountains". This is where the Dominionists seek control of arts and entertainment, business, education, family, government, media and religion, as the spheres of influence for so called "Christians" to conquer. This ignores Jesus's warnings about his kingdom not being of this world. The irony on this NAR website of stating right out there: "Become a change agent" is quite revealing. A 'change agent" is not anything good!

The more I have explored the NAR world the more I have been disturbed. A few years ago when I moved to my present community, and was going to visit churches, I went to visit a large Assembly of God, there they had us raise our right arm, and pray down "strongholds" and claim "territories" for God. I did not agree with this, feeling conviction, knowing that nations and territories are not corporately saved, human beings as individuals are. In other words praying over trees, or hunks of rock and stone is spiritually a waste of time.

Do not forget in this movement which is headed by Peter C. Wagner, these folks really do believe they are 'the new apostles" and everything that entails, and that incorporates "claiming" the earth for jesus, which obviously ignores the warnings of scripture:

Revelation 2:2 I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:

This claiming territories stuff too, assigns a spiritual status to mere land, and earth. This is called "prayer walking" and very popular in Charismatic, Dominionist, Word of Faith, Latter Rain and NAR circles. Basically the "Christian" is to walk around praying and claiming "territories", physical areas for God. This can include a church directed activity as I saw, or actual literal walking around praying over buildings, parks, roads, etc.

This is never mandated by scripture. And it seems to be odd behavior for "Christians" who should pay attention to God's word and know that this planet is under the prince of the air who is Satan [Eph 2:2] and to be destroyed and replaced with a new heaven and new earth. [Rev 21:1] This is more rooted in the desire to "rule" over the earth [after all isn't that the main premise of Dominionism?], and claiming "power" over it falsely in God's name. In the occult laying claim to territory, which can include even drawing a circle to center occult power and spellcraft, is one of the basics. This is also about "controlling" people rather then freedom in Jesus Christ.

This is not just the only false thing being taught in New Apostolic Reformation circles that combines occult or witchcraft with a twisted form of "Christianity", but the many false signs and wonders, the teaching of meditation, contemplation, the focus on praying to and "commanding angels" [against Colossians 2:18 in the Bible] for false spiritual warfare and even worse.

I'm going to let this snippet from the "apostle" Barbara Yoder speak for itself. It incorporates so much of this melded in occultism in one snap shot, it definitely will give you a view of how bad things are. This was a prayer session held with "Apostle Barbara Yoder, Martha Lucia, Pastor Jim and Faith Chosa, Pastor Marsha McCoy, Cindy Williams, Julie Labin, and Pastor Lauranna Pridham.", even here they go against God's Word, and seek a "high place" [2 Ch. 14:3, just like the pagans, a mountain in a state I believe is relatively otherwise flat]:

Anyhow the blatant occult message here will astound you:

He laid his hand down on the capstone and while we prayed in tongues, he was quiet, in a spiritual tongue, going down deep into the earth, to reconnect with what God had originally planned for this area, connecting (a joining of the heavenly realm to the deep things in the earth, the original Word God had spoken and desired) breaking through ( from the under side) of the evil foundations, laid and entrenched through false worship and iniquity, bursting through and surging outward from that point, throughout the enemies network.

Then apostle Barbara Yoder stood on the capstone facing east and began to speak and drive out, execute judgment on the various networks and powers we had identified, commanding the shift in the state of Michigan. Shifting into a new (era) tilos or telos? (in the Greek, the 3rd type of time.) Prophesying to the dry bones re: Ez 37 and releasing and commanding the land and the peoples... breaking though the 'mastermind" counsel. (The Lord had told Martha to pray against the 'masterminds' who were controlling and manipulating the recent financial crisis) She turned in all four directions and continued to proclaim as the voice of the Lord, calling for the 4 winds in Zech 6 to blow north, east, south, west to come into alignment and shift for change.

Barbara took the keys of the kingdom
and unlocked the destiny of Michigan to the north, south east and west opening the door of visitation and destiny.

Then Martha, as an Apostle from the forerunner state of Florida, forerunner in the purposes of God, forerunner in revival. Forerunner in destiny, an apostolic state with a governmental mantle to shift and change the nation, released these into Michigan as the state with the keys and the voice. I come all the way up this high magnetic field from Tallahassee, Florida the foundation of this nation and I open this magnetic field to pour forth what has been held in bondage."

What do we see here? First of all, their choice of a "high place" is pagan to the core and forbidden by the Bible. [Psa 78:18]. We see the use of an occult "capstone", we see the "earth worship": what does "going down into the earth even mean"? It is not a Christian concept as occultists and those who worship the creation see "power" within the earth. We see the false claim of Barbara in holding the "keys of the kingdom" something even more hideously blasphemous [The Pope lays claim to this too by the way, via his own false teachings of apostolic succession] and related to the false claims of being a present day apostle. Here too, the speaking of destiny, and opening doors [doorways to spirits?] of visitation and destiny are also deeply disturbing. This is not seeking the will of God, but seeking spiritual powers, that basically is the core of what drives the occult, human beings desiring "spiritual power" instead of obedience to God.Then we have the facing east, [another occult sign, do not forget in the book of Ezekiel those who worship Tammuz face east, [Eze 8:16] that direction is mentioned for a reason, and not by accident. It says "execute judgement" [in the way that God would do so, not a human being using discernment], what is that "new era" stuff about? Be warned about that, there's many a term for the praise for the "new world order. Commanding the land and people? Talk about megalomania, in desiring control and power over people's and to cap that off, is the usual 4 winds occult prayer, and a blasphemous claim seeking to control spiritual and occult "winds". The "governmental mantle" line speaks for itself,the appeal to magnetic forces even more occult? I find myself wondering if they selected a ley line to pray on. Truly horrifying.

This isn't about true prayer with a humble heart, but those seeking to blaspheme against God, and lock into a 'power source" the same way an occultist would. Some spirit may "answer" their prayers to deceive but it will not be the Holy Spirit. Reading the above, I am horrified, I know not everyone has studied the occult, or had the past Ive had, ignorance can lay hold in many places, but where is discernment, where is the reading of the Bible for its direct warnings about the things that are not of God?

Read through the article it gets worse then that, for space reasons, I dealt only with a few paragraphs, they pray to the dead, judging the dead of thousands of years away--I'm not kidding keep reading, positive mention of the Phoenix, and address to Satan [?] " Martha addressed the prince of the power of the air", oddly asking God to multiply riches in the earth [blasphemy against God for not being happy with the
amount He has chosen to give humankind and smacking of more occult alchemy],more crazy mentioning of magnetic fields and commanding them:

"Called forth the army, the holy nation,from the ends of the earth! She commanded against the polar shifting by any occult/ new age etc., connecting the magnetic line, etc., and perverting/manipulating it for evil purposes, commanding the magnetic line and
poles be used only by God for His purpose and intent."

It goes on further, what on earth does "speaking into visions" even mean? They are happy about being in the area, where pagan Indian Native religions sought false spirits in the high place, gleefully announcing this was an area of Vision quests, breathing life into bones? These "apostles" sure seem to think they hold all of God's powers. Odd liberal Native American reparations thrown in with a call for Native Americans to become wealthy. Anointing the earth, with water and a small trench, and then claiming a pink pearl appeared. This is either made up charlatanry or some evil spirits being called upon honoring their request for a false sign or wonder. I never knew oysters lived in mountain rocks, but I digress.

Then there is this...[by the way, I went to go make sure this was NOT a parody website, but this is TRUE folks]. This too is pure occultism, as they walk in circles around a buried stone, prayers to the earth, and 8 times? 8 is a very important number in the occult and if you remember my sun worship report, 8 spokes are part of the "sun wheels" of mystery Babylon.

WE as a Holy Nation and a Royal Priesthood
walked around the spot where we buried the stone clockwise 7 times reversing the direction of the wheel of life ritual new age and occultist perform. We then
walked around the 8th time stepping into the new era.

This is scary stuff folks...and this is a lot worse then I ever dreamed! How many of these other "apostles" are teaching and doing the same things?


Anonymous said...

Yes, beware of ANY teaching that says an entire nation wholesale shall be converted. ;)

But any teaching that encourages one to seek to one's own power and takes away from His Word is a rebellious teaching--rebellion that is as witchcraft. So it is not surprising that they would employ occult methods.

Bible Believer said...

I agree, it is a lie that entire nations will be converted. This is rooted in their lies about revival coming, [which yes is a good thing on individual, smaller basis] but ignores the Bible warnings about the great falling away. All of this is about the seeking of occult power under the guise of a "Christian veneer".

The constant references to Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz are of interest:

Labby said...

As always, you are current and on target. This just might be the most dangerous thing happening to the church right now. The worst thing is that the youth are being targeted and led right into it by the adults who should be more discerning.

I have so many videos and articles on this, but the videos are the most disturbing. They are now snorting, smoking and getting drunk in the "glory" or spirit.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Labby, It is sad, but many young people are being misled into these churches with no biblical discernment at all. The out and out witchcraft being done under the guise of "Christianity" is horrifying. I have seen some of those videos you are talking about, John Crowder is one of the worse offenders. I think he's got to know what he is doing. Mocking Christians while getting them to follow him for the "Drunken Glory" tours.

I think Ill do a blog entry on this....

Anonymous said...

Been there done that. I have just come out of all this "spiritual warfare," "prayer walks", "claiming territory for Jesus", "holy laughter" "getting drunk in the spirit" and so on. Praise the Lord that I now am once again in a Bible based, Holy Spirit filled church and have never been happier...and it is all thanks to people like you that are not afraid to speak out against such heresy.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Anon. I am glad you have gotten away from all that, Praise God! :) God bless you.

Discernment Seeker said...

It's now an epidemic where is all the discernment saints?! It's witchcraft of on a Christian level that there oblivious 2. At least the occult know what they are doing. This must be the biggest deception and falling away of all time. The anti Christ spirit is on the move. Be on guard ans stay vigilant pray for freedom on so many trapped in deception.