Monday, November 15, 2010

Goodbye to Crystal Cathedral?

This is not a sad moment, I think as time goes on, even many popular mega-churches of today which are more the focus of false preaching and fads, will close their doors as well. Why would any of these places last very long centered in false doctrine? Robert Schuller is a false prophet who has influenced many churches and other false preachers, Rick Warren is even considered to be majorly influenced by him. Schuller mixed together false Norman Vincent Peale 'positive thinking" new ageism and California "self esteem" psychobabble, to mislead millions. Crystal Cathedral has twisted "Christianity" for decades and even as late as 2007 held a "Rethinking Conference" where such notables as ex-President H.W. Bush, Chuck Colson, and Rick Warren's wife Kay Warren all showed up.

Even the name itself is New Age; such as in New Age Crystals.

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