Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Emergents Remind Me of Unitarian Universalists!

When I meet Emergents or talk to them mostly on line, they remind me of UUs. As people know on this blog, I am an ex-Unitarian Universalist as well as ex-Catholic [cradle Catholic]. For back ground on the Unitarian Universalist church, read this blog article.

I remember a few years ago, the Emergent movement was seen as a separate movement, with their own websites, and books, and more, but they have moved more into the mainstream of the so called Christian church where their leaders and books are accepted. In fact years ago, when warning about Emergents, very few knew who they were, "aren't those new hippies who break out the lava lamps and have church sitting on couches in a coffee shop?" To me, Emergents hold the same world view of most of my used to be fellow Unitarian Universalists except they throw a little Christian lingo into the mix and see to have a penchance for wearing goatees [among the men] for some reason.

One of the main websites for Emergents, just so you can get a feel for what the Emergent movement entails is the OOZE website. Interesting name that. One magazine out there promoting CCM music, the latest rock bands, and Emergent books, is called Relevant and can give you a picture of the young Emergent movement.

The Emergent church often adheres to Leftist politics, forming the opposite side of the coin to the false right politics within the church. [the false culture wars and delusion of the so called Christian Right. The Emergent movement is designed to appeal to young people in their 20s and 30s but is bringing older people in well. As I have stated before there are many good articles describing the Emergent movement and how it is a road to Rome bringing Catholic mysticism into the evangelical churches.

There is much about the Emergent movement that reminds me of my almost 13 years in the Unitarian Universalist Association.

1. Exploration, and acceptance of other religions as pathways to truth. The UUs see all religions as all pathways up the same mountain to 'god". Emergents praise other false religions in the same way. See here, here, and here. Seeing the "gods" of false religions as all representing "god" or archetypes of "god" as it were.. The Emergents speak of Jesus but seem no different from those who praised Jesus Christ as a "great moral teacher" within the UU church. New Agers in and out of the UU considered Jesus Christ a "great avatar" among MANY. This too is the Roman Catholic indoctrination [read Nostra Aetate] where the Catholic church speaks of the 'jesus" as the "universal savior" that will save even those in false religions.

As I have stated before, here the Unitarian Universalist church is involved too in many of the interfaith activities of the Roman Catholic church. UU leaders have paid visits to the Vatican and been involved in Vatican 2 as you can see there. I have found other organizations with both UU and Catholic involvement. The Unitarian Universalist Association is VERY involved in the interfaith movement.

The Emergents love and support the interfaith movement too. One example was the Seeds of Compassion event with the Dalai Lama leading the way, that had Emergent leaders involved. [see second to the last link on that too]. The unity with other religions, and praise for their endeavors pours from Emergent circles.I was taught no different in the UU, told to unite with "like-minded" religions over and over. In fact the UU, spoke constantly of the unity of the world and in bringing all religions together.

Remember my prevailing theme on this blog, Mystery Babylon overlaps with Rome heading the pack; spiritually one will either be with the "one mind of the beast" or standing up for Jesus Christ.

In fact Emergent churches have become more and more like the UU especially when it comes to interfaith, there are Emergent churches, that almost fully resemble Unitarian Universalist congregations that preach unity of all religions instead of even bothering to point to Christianity or seeing it as just another spoke in the universalist wheel. Faith House of Manhattan, would be an example of one of these. [look to the right to the supporters, there is the "friend of the Emergent Village" logo] You want to see Emergent one world religion stuff taken to it's zenith, that link will tell you all you need to know.

I somehow doubt there is any witnessing of the gospel going on with these Wiccans!

What is the message there? That its only big "meanies}, who do not embrace the religion of the Wiccans nor embrace "The Other"? Even here we see the usual theme of supposed xenophobia pushed on people to get them to conform. We can be friendly to unbelievers, talk with them, etc, but religiously, it's our duty NOT to have tolerance rap sessions while embracing their religion but to preach the gospel and warn them of what they have been deceived by.

2. Bad Liberal Politics. [remember I see a lot of bad conservative politics too] If the global elites desire it, they are on board. I noticed doing research for this article the Unitarian Universalist Association is shilling for MORE immigration even as Americans go jobless, no surprises there. Isn't it interesting how they preach the same exact message as the Roman Catholic bishops in America? One can understand the plight of impoverished Mexicans, here we see the same mentions of the "common good" and promotion of globalist open borders. When visiting the churches here, I told a friend, its like all these so called Christians turned Unitarian Universalist or something? Bad liberal politics and liberation theology and preaching globalism wasn't just limited to the United Methodists anymore. Emergents focus on the same agendas of the left, liberation theology--twisted forms of social justice. Basically what you get is the Tower of Babel globalist reconstructionism but this time sold from the leftist ideology side instead of the Dominionist "right" side. It all goes to the same place, support of one world government, and the one world religion. I sat in a UU churches for years hearing their speeches on racism [which actually brought more division and strife between people], entreaties for the planet to join together, pleads for money for the latest leftist dicator they supported while those just 2 miles down the street went hungry. There was the day they asked us to weep copious tears over Bali, while the local homeless pushed their shopping carts down the streets, as well as the open support of Communism, and globalism. Emergents are supportive of every globalist program out there too. Sadly the powers that be know how to exploit natural human altruism and concern for others and misguide it.

3. Transcendentalism, Mysticism and experiential methods. The UU church expores the mysticism of many religions. Transcendentalism which in the early years stood against some of the intellectualisms of the 1800s actually became a core part of the UU church and serves as some of its foundations, where intuition ruled the roost, as the foundation for truth, instead of religious doctrine. This tree has many other branches too including the New Thought movement, we see a huge strain of these methods in Quakerism, Religious Science and Divine Science. When I was UU, many of the ministers preached the messages of the Transcendents, ranging from Ralph Waldo Emerson, to more modern poets used in religious services. Truth was not seen as "outside" but within the person, where "the god within' was to bring forth new truth and revelations. That is the best way I can explain it. As for the mysticism, exploring the different mystical rituals of pagan religions is now unknown in Unitarian circles, this can include everything from out and out meditation practices, doing Zen-drawing where you draw the same patterns over and over to celebrating summer solstices or repeating Hindu mantras. I saw everything from Hindu sand painting at a UU church, where the picture was brushed away, to burning slips of paper with "requests to the universe" written upon them.

With the Emergents, I have seen a fascination with Eastern religions, mysticism and depending on one's intuition too, for truth. Some even come up with new unusual ways such as this online technique with a lava lamp to lead people into more tranced out states and to have what are basically religious experiences that take the place of religious truth. Now when I was UU, there was the more New Age, pagan, experiential side, that differed from the more hard-nosed agnostics, scientific and material atheists that made up the congregations but it was ever present nonetheless.

The Emergents call it experiential worship, and it focuses on false religious experiences, here there is a lot of parallels and overlap with Catholicism, Taize worship where the same 5 words are sung over and over to bring on into a meditative state, candle lighting, producing "mysterious" atmospheres chanting and dimmed lights included and special rock-light shows, to influence people. [some of these are detailed in the PBS video above]

4. Truth is NOT Absolute. The Emergents speak of postmodernism referring to themselves even as "postmodern Christians", and Unitarian Universalists speak of themselves as being postmodern in outlook and they are! I know postmodernism is a hard term to understand, but it questions thoughts and reality itself. It questions modernism and the development of humanity into modern times but replaces it with more vain philosophy. When people talk about "deconstructionism" and "cultural relevancy", just remember who is the author of confusion. The main premise of post-modernism is TRUTH IS RELATIVE. This was the prevailing siren call of the counterculture. If you want a word to make your head hurt, post-modernism is it. Here is the best definition I could find for it:

A postmodern idea/concept/etc is one that recognizes that 'true' objectivity is impossible to obtain, and that any idea/concept/etc must be defined in relation to it's social/political/etc context, and by the biases/experiences/etc of the people(s) doing the defining/creating/etc.

Read that again, postmodern thinking believes that 'true' objectivity is impossible to obtain. Now think about how that will impact one's Christian beliefs, and you can understand how this movement has been used to bring antichrist teachings into the churches worldwide. Now think about that and how it accompanies the Emergent and UU rejection of absolute truth. This also plays into their use of inculturation, where in pleading there is no one truth, that there are many different truths for different cultures and moral relativism rules. When there is no truth, any more's of any culture will do.

The Christian stands for absolute truth, but the Emergents and UUs reject it. When I was UU, they would tell me, truth was ever evolving [this is present in the Emergent view of a changed Christianity], no one human holds the definite truth, and would retell that awful story about the elephant and blind men where the blind men would feel a different part of the elephant claiming it was something else, and that this means humankind was condemned to live in the dark, and none of us could be sure about anything, and we had to at least consider truth in other religions and places. I've since heard this story told in other liberal churches. The main message is doubt, and you cannot trust your own mind. It is fascinating seeing the wikipedia link that this story is a well-used fable in other false religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Again Satan's lies remain the same in the whole pantheon of Mystery Babylon. Postmodernism is confusion and VAIN PHILOSOPHY. Never trust any religious message that preaches doubt and confusion. Reject this lying garbage of Satan. The Bible tells us we can have certainty and that is what the Christian must believe.

Luk 1:4 That thou mightest know the certainty of those things, wherein thou hast been instructed.

This is why sound biblical doctrine in these circles is dangerous and divisive. The Catholic's called the fundamentalist belief in the Bible as intellectual suicide in 1994. Emergents consider fundamentalists to be dangerous and divisive, and arrogant in their assertions of truth. UU's preach tolerance for everyone but Bible Christians.

I don't agree with this pastor on the video, on everything but he is spot on about the Postmodernism and the Emergent movement. This video will also help you understand what I am pointing at.

For me talking to Emergents is like dealing with Unitarian Universalists who use a few Christian words for kicks. That said, God set me free from the Unitarian Universalist church after literally years of indoctrination, Emergents and UUs can be set free and led to the gospel. I am proof of that. They need the Holy Spirit and God's Word to break through the deceptions they have been given.


deckard said...

Matthew 10:32-39
King James Version: Jesus Christ speaking
Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.
He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

deckard said...

In assessing the worth of any belief system, one principle prevails—let God be true and every opposing man (or spirit) a liar.[7] The line is easily crossed when discernment is lacking. To embroil oneself in deceitful spirituality is to forfeit love of truth.
In order to distinguish between truth and a credible counterfeit, one first must know “the real thing” inside-out, top-to-bottom. For Christian believers, this is accomplished through lifelong, Holy Spirit-directed study of God’s Word line upon line, precept upon precept.[8]
Knowing the Bible and yielding to the Holy Spirit protect Christians from distracting doctrines and deceit.


Anonymous said...

This site, with its emphasis on picking the right doctrine instead of living in humility and seeking kindness and justice, seems to me to have a whiff of sulphur about it.

Bible Believer said...

Are you Unitarian Universalist or an Emergent?

There is nothing wrong with seeking kindness in this world.

It would be unkind to say nothing while these people deceive others. To me that would be clouds of that sulphur you speak of.

As for "justice", that's not coming from the United Nations, or the global empire--right/left false paradigm state, they are oppressing the poor MORE, research GMOs and what the bankers are doing.
I have posted many times on the poor.





Sadly I do not see the Emergents speaking out for them.

In fact the Emergent movement seems to ignore the existence of any poor people at all unless they happen to be some third world person, they can use in pictures to exploit, while they scramble to get more cash for the elites that will be squirreled away in Swiss bank accounts and those poor will never see. Poor people in America? Ha...to the Emergent preacher there is no such thing, the hordes of unemployed, matter not. No warnings about what is happening to our economy from them.

While there are well intended people in both movements, The UUs are being led to worry more about recycling, global warming and their corporate or leftist academic jobs and positions in the literal intelligensia.

That said Jesus said the poor will always be with us. Be wary of those who preach world wide Utopia via the elites. That is the biggest scam going.

Now can you tell me how you define justice?

and what's wrong with "right doctrine"?

Don't you think truth is important?

Maybe if you learn the truth about how they exploit the word "justice" to sell more evil in this world, you'll see where I'm coming from.

I'm no longer the naive UU that weeps tears of joy over wealthy elites and false religious leaders using "nice" "fancy" words about "justice".

clothedandinmyrightmind said...

Wow, these guys really think they are rock stars, huh?!

Bible Believer said...

Yeah I think so. It's all about being "stars".