Wednesday, October 6, 2010

World Communion Sunday

The other day, going down the road, I saw a church with this mentioned on their marquee. It announced World Communion Sunday for last Sunday:, it seems this is an ecumenical annual event now put on by the National Council of Churches. This event has been going on since 1936 and is popular in the mainline churches. This is where things get interesting, checking out some of the websites, one can find at one Reformed website, a special book they'd like you to use: "Prayers Encircling the World: An International Anthology" . The Catholic church does not participate in this but many mainline members of the NCC do. This is about advancing global ecumenism.

The Rev. Karla Cooper, minister at Quinn Chapel, said the shared communion brings to life John 3:16-17.

"It's the totality of God's creation from various hues, ideologies, theologies, together to worship, fellowship - living, even if for a brief moment, what the kingdom of grace is really all about - all God's children together.

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