Monday, October 18, 2010

The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization is Underway.

The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization is underway, with many supportive evangelicals chiming in. Remember I have done articles exposing this false "unity" movement for the world's evangelicals here.

Welcoming delegates to the Congress, Lausanne Chairman Doug Birdsall said he was looking forward to seeing what God would do in the coming days.

“We have become fragmented again and to some extent we have lost our focus,” he told delegates. “Here, we are on the precipice of what we trust will be God doing something great in our time.”

Birdsall thanked God for the leadership of Billy Graham and John Stott, two of the founding fathers of The Lausanne Movement, but also spoke of his hope for the future of world evangelicalism.


The first Lausanne Congress on world evangelization was convened in the Swiss city of Lausanne in 1974 by Billy Graham and produced one of the most important documents in modern day Christianity – the Lausanne Covenant, crafted by Stott.

Like all these type of meetings, they are planning to write or release a "manifesto" of sorts. I am quite sure it will have more to do with calling for "unity". For those who are interested, this blogger who is supportive of Lausanne describes the opening ceremonies. Looks like they definitely have their eye on bringing Africa into the antichrist fold.

For those who do not know Stott, is an Anglican, has said this before: "The visible unity of all professing Christians should be our goal…and evangelicals should join others in the Church of England in working towards full communion with the Roman Catholic Church." Read the article to see even more concerning statements.

This definitely tells us where all this "world evangelical movement" stuff is headed! Realize what Doug Birdsall means when he speaks about unity and the global church: “We want the global church to experience the vitality of the church on this continent - the aspirations, the challenges, the sorrows – and so to be blessed by it. And in turn we want the global church to be a source of blessing,” he said."

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Bible Believer said...

Lots of "loves" in there. Need to watch this one, it sounds good but the globalist agenda is right there.