Monday, October 25, 2010

The Church For Hypocrites and Liars

You know times have gotten scary when a church decides they have to appeal so much to the lowest common denominator, that they advertise themselves as the "church for losers, hypocrites, and liars". I can't help it but I wonder if some knowing deceivers are having their satanic fun at the expense of Christians. Check out their website here, where they focus on the liar part. Now I was a low down sinner, before I became born again, as people have read here especially with my Jesus Christ-rejecting past in the UU. Every human being on earth has been a hypocrite, and liar at one time, but this is totally non-biblical, how does this bring anyone to conviction? It just brings them down, and sinks a church into accepting sin. I'm sorry but knowing these folks are far from the only one, in many ways, churches have become an absolute joke in America. The obvious sun worship logo, doesn't surprise me either.

Some of these advertising campaigns are getting out and out stupid, in their desire to appeal to unbelievers who "hate" Christianity and trying to sell themselves as a "cool" church that is "different". Check out for yourselves, the advertising campaign that focuses on a church that says "Go to a Church that doesn't suck". It's getting bad out there.

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