Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another "Christian" Defends Halloween!

Am I missing something here? You mean that those of us who say something is evil about a holiday where they display every wicked thing such as plastic skulls, decapitated fake heads, giant spiders and wicked witches and celebrate it, we are the crazy ones for saying it may be incompatible with being a Christian?

Even the usually bland and pedestrian comic strip Family Circus has gotten really strange this week where the three year old character Jeffy, sends the youngest member of the family P.J. crying by wearing a mask that looks like Satan with fangs and all, and then watching his Dad, fake a heart attack after seeing him wear the same mask. Is it weird of me to ask why child-hood trauma has been added to the comics page or thinks having little kids run around dressed as demons is funny?

Add to that, driving around you see suburban families having set up entire fake plastic or Styrofoam graveyards in their front yards, [haven't they ever faced a real death in the family before?] along with witches hanging in the trees, fake spider webs, and the rest. Even many Christians realize, that they see fellow Christians who put up pictures of their kids dressed for Halloween, witches, ghouls and all. You realize fast the world loves Halloween while you understand its spiritual roots, and are working to warn people. While the majority of people especially among the unsaved are just ignorant and do not know any better, among confessing Christians who should know better, in some cases they sure love their holidays more then they love God.

What is wrong with letting the kids play dress-up [ innocent characters like boys dressing up as a cowboy or girls as a nurse] and giving them candy as a treat on a DIFFERENT DAY with no Halloween nonsense? Conformity to the world comes first to far to many and peer pressure to the world.

But here we go again with a young "pastor" who works in youth ministry, defending Halloween, and telling Christians that to refuse to celebrate Halloween is basically being a party-pooper in this article: Halloween--Satan's Birthday? Here we see the usual moral relativist message along the lines of "something may be evil for you but not for someone else" which is totally deceptive:

Don’t get me wrong. Christians have to be aware, holy and wise. We want to make sure that, just because some use this holiday to celebrate evil, we are using it to glorify God. If you choose to protest this holiday do so without condemning the Christians who don’t.

He goes on further with the typical "do not judge" message. Now certainly, we cannot expect those who are not born again with no conviction to not embrace Halloween wholeheartedly but to suspend all "judgement" concerning Halloween in the church and among Christians, totally wrong, and double minded and a defense of the blatantly wicked and evil. The following makes no sense to me, as how could you rescue folks from something if you are fully involved with Halloween yourself and calling people legalists who warn openly about it?

Whatever you think of Halloween, use it as an opportunity to rescue people from the real danger of the spiritual realm, Satan and his demonic army.

He follows this by telling people to pass out lots of candy and insists that Christians must participate in the trick or treat ritual, and please others, rather then bowing out of this satanic holiday. There is no "love" in honoring Halloween and leading people especially Christians to excuse and embrace it more. The last thing America kids need too is more unhealthy junk food and sugar which are OK as an occasional treat but not for giant bagfuls. Halloween like Christmas teaches greed and getting as many "goodies" as possible.


Labby said...

Thank you for standing firm. It is an encouragement to me. I think the best way to deal with an evil holiday is to simply not consider it a holiday or any day of exception.

A morning radio personality on Christian radio, Mornings with Brant, actually said last week that Christians should not worry because Halloween is not a high-holy day for Satan. He basically was telling Christians to not get so upset because he had inside information that the holiest Satanic holiday is the person's birthday. I hear COMPROMISE with watered-down Christianity coming through that message.

A week or two before that he was urging Christians not to be judgmental about Christian music artists. Guess we're not supposed to question anything or anyone anymore without being called judgmental?

Is there any discernment out there anymore?

Maganimate said...

It is of importance we stand firm to our belief to Jesus...I don't have a problem letting folk know EXACTLY why I don't celebrate Samhain (or Xmas). I was in a thrift store yesterday and saw two gay men trying on shoes 4 their costume...when inquired they were going out as hookers. There are so many facets of sin, its sickening. There's a brother I talk to at work who is the treasurer @ his church who happily informed me he dressed up as a cowboy. If u go up on U tube key "John Todd". The audio on the occult is a fascinating listen to some of the inside operations and explains why our culture embraces this holiday so much.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Labby,

Thanks for your encouragement, I know I consider these holidays like anything other day. Paul said this

Gal 4:10 Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years.

Gal 4:11 I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain.

Which I think brings into question all this esteeming of special days.

Definitely the message throughout "Christian" media, its radio and magazines, is COMPROMISE, COMPROMISE, COMPROMISE.

Don't any of these media members ever think for themselves? I dare say if some guy wanted to warn about Halloween they censor him. I'm not surprised this was accompanied by defenses of CCM.

There is very little discernment anymore.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Maganimate, I agree we must stand firm, even if we are are the only Christian who isn't celebrating today's pagan fest. I tell people why I don't celebrate these holidays but its not always a welcome conversation, one said to me..."Soon you are going to ban yourself from everything!". Staying away from events because they decided on a Halloween theme, Ive already had to do, not wanting to be surrounded by all the trappings.

The costumes out tehre are getting more nasty, especially in the so called adult market, so what you saw I am not surprised, I read on the news the most popular Halloween costume is "Snooki" from Jeresy Shore, a show I've never watched, but definitely one from what I've heard endorses less then moral lifestyles.
It is getting sickening out there. I have to admit I was very disappointed to see "Christians" I know even of the "fundamentalist" ilk celebrating Halloween.

I know about John Todd what he said about the invention of CCM was interesting, I do not know if he was totally true or not but a lot of his warnings hold truth. They have come to past. Kind of like Alberto Rivera and the infiltration of Protestant and evangelical churches.

Bible Believer said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for standing up for the truth! People will speak vilely of others for quietly not participating. I had undergone this many years ago from family members who though I was being cruel for not allowing my children to participate in Halloween and Santa. Last year I was rebuked by my oldest grown and married son for not putting up decorations for Christmas and for preventing a traditional family feeling about it. He is married now and his believing wife wishes to enjoy the "holiday" to the fullest. Although I have never said a single word or given a single gesture to judge their decisions, my mere refusal to dress up the house irks them. Their concern of course would stem from having to visit during the holidays should they have children in the future and seeing their grans not decorating anything for them. It seems that many are unwilling to sacrifice "tradition" rather than concentrating on the eternal well-being of others. It is BECAUSE I love both my children and their possible grandchildren that I won't do it. I feel tht if I were to do it, I would not be walking in love towards them (besides the fact that it really sickens me to see it all anyway). That's the price I'm willing to pay and it is the least I can do as Christ paid that dear price for us. Anon.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Anon,

I am going to keep standing up for the truth so thanks for your encouragement. In this life, we will have to make sacrifices in standing on the Word. The world has it's siren call, join with us..join with us. People will be condemned for not celebrating certain holidays, even if you command some respect so there is not insults to your face, you can feel the subtle repercussions. I know with children, the social pressures probably are higher, everyone says "you are mean" for not celebrating. Sorry to hear your son gave you a hard time about Christmas. I am the only born again Christian in my family so they do not understand refusal of these holidays even Halloween. I don't argue about their choices, but you are right, if you don't decorate or participate, often people will say something. I think your example, in refusing to celebrate does show more love in trying to show them truth. Try and show them, that presents can be bought on different days, just to show love, and small joys of life not consigned to these certain days. So many children are not being given a good example or told the truth. I have nieces and nephews who definitely got a full indoctrination to Halloween, even being read Harry Potter at school, so I'm glad you are there to serve as an example and stand up for truth. You can be a witness to Jesus Christ to them, it may take them some years, to understand fully but at least you have been able to warn them.