Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Odd Calvary Chapel Position on Communion

This is a very odd teaching on a Calvary Chapel website. Now this is Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship which is an organization that works with Calvary Chapel pastors, basically a "pastor to pastor" ministry, and is where folks go who want to become affiliated with Calvary Chapel to apply for membership.

This could be where Bob Coy may have gotten his teaching from, when he said of communion "These elements will become part of who you are". Online, I found this Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship document that describes a belief about communion that was kind of surprising:

"3. The breaking of bread. This to us is a tangible representation of the unity that we share in Christ for we understand that the bread speaks to us of the body of Christ which was broken for us, and as we all eat the bread and it is assimilated into our bodies, we are spiritually united through Jesus
with each other; in the fact that the bread that is nourishing me and is becoming a part of me, is also nourishing you and becoming a part of you.
Thus, we are united together in Christ. He dwells in me; He dwells in you."
The Catholic teaching lest anyone forget...from a Catholic website:

"As we consume the bread and wine of the eucharist and these elements become a part of our physical body, we are
in turn consumed by the Lord of Love
and become
a part of his living body on earth"

Given many Christians are discerning the growing Catholic mysticism, Emergent false teachings and growing idolatry including the growing appeal of sacramental and idolatrous teachings concerning "communion" or what the Catholic church calls the "Eucharist" in
evangelical churches,
seeing the above is very concerning. To me, it seems a more subtle way of pushing the idea of the Catholic "Real Presence" teachings regarding the eucharist: [Catholics do literally believe the bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus Christ during the Mass] Does the "bread" itself taken in communion bring one into spiritual unity with Jesus? [as the CCOF statement says] Even that is an odd conjecture, a born again Christian is already united with Jesus Christ via faith with the Holy Spirit indwelling, they do not need "bread" to make it happen. The Lord's Supper is supposed to be a memorial, the body of Christ, is born again Christians, not pieces of bread being eaten.

Lest someone think I am nit-picking, the falseness of the Catholic Eucharist, is something many born again Christians who leave the Catholic church realize with the help of the Holy Spirit from the start. Jesus warned of those who basically taught that the "bread" itself ["consecrated" or not] had power or had become 'God'. Even the subtle illusion to the digestive process helping someone become more holy [as the bread is "assimilated into our bodies" in the CCOF statement] is wrong.

One thing, the word "draught" in the Bible, is basically the 'sewer', it doesn't get much lower then that.

Mat 15:17 Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?

With many of the errors, I've seen in Calvary Chapel, this odd teaching seems to match the same home to Rome agenda that some have theorized is behind, the odd consorting of Calvary Chapel top leaders with so many top ecumenists out there. I hope this is something not all of the pastors have adopted. Surely there are a few ex-Catholics in Calvary Chapel who would see right through CCOF's words. Some are subtle. Watch out for any church that starts teaching about the 'bread' in this way. They may not go all the way but its about breaking down barriers and the many avenues where people are being led to the harlot, and false mysticism.


Anonymous said...

Good catch on that. If I heard this "assimilation" thing taught in a church, I'd walk out immediately.

It is to be a remembrance, not an "assimilation" Romish thing.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks, one thing as I have studied the fallen away churches, it all leads back to Rome. To me this is definite cloaked "Catholicism" being introduced to evangelicals. [this time in Calvary Chapel]

believer in Messiah said...

Whoops, Bob Coy is the ONLY Calvary Chapel pastor who has ever said anything remotely close to that.

Quit lumping the ALL into a select few bad apples. There are Calvary Chapel pastors warning about folks like him!


Bible Believer said...

No, CCOF also published a like statement to Bob Coy, which is what this entire blog entry is about.

Many defenders of false things in churches will make the false claim that ALL the churches have to be guilty to warn about anything.

It is interesting how angry Calvary Chapel defenders get. For my other readers its worse then I ever dealt with witnessing to Catholics and other groups.

I do not care if someone considers me "legalistic" in standing up against the ecumenical movement.

As for the Calvary Chapel pastors WARNING about these things. This poster is free to post a link actually backing up that information. Perhaps there are a few. But considering Calvary Chapel culture from what I seen here and reactions of this person, why wouldn't they call those would be people "legalistic" too?

Bible Believer said...

Here is something else I want to say to "believeinMessiah" Give she is an ex-Catholic that warns against that church elsewhere, why on earth isn't she concerned about the Catholic flavor to the teaching from CCOF in this document considering communion? That seems that would be the Christian seeking after truth's attitude. They would be concerned and would stand against these things in their favorite church denomination.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Calvary chapel as a whole, has endorsed this Romish false teaching. Not just Bob Coy.

Some Calvary chapel people refuse to do their homework, and even just click on a link and see that it is an official Calvary chapel link that you posted, not anything to do with Bob Coy alone.

They refuse to do their homework, because they don't want their little world shaken up to realize that Calvary chapel is just as affected by these problems as many other groups are, Calvary chapel is just as ecumenical and just as watered-down. It removes their illusion they hold of being in the "one true church" when you show them the reality of Calvary chapel, that there are serious problems there too.

Bible Believer said...

You are right Anon. They won't do their homework, and realize how infiltrators work. They may warn about some false things while bringing in error through the back door and in other words the possibility of those out there who are simply out and out lying is there. I believe Calvary Chapel is very subtle and insidious in that way, on the outside, they make a big deal of Bible prophecy conferences that warn about error but bring it in from another direction. Considering the reactions of some Calvary Chapel defenders to what I have exposed [trying to silence people, using the "you hater scripts", even going as far to post out and out lies, on other websites, I have linked or posted some of my blog entries on] this tells me why the churches have gotten as bad as they are, since so many embrace error and blindly follow. I am incredulous, that I am the only ex-Catholic now Christian who even saw this document and protested it. Where is the discernment? It's simply not there. I have met Calvary Chapelists [this of course would not describe all] praising the theology of the Lutheran/Orthodox and Catholic church, the ecumenical movement and worse. If Satan is misleading the churches, why not start from the top and mislead the pastors, with Catholic theology infused into the supposely evangelical paperwork?

Bible Believer said...

I want to repeat to "believerinmessiah", send me links, cites, book cites, writings, etc. of Calvary Chapel pastors who are doing the warning. It would be nice to find one or two who are warning of these things. Perhaps a few have even challenged Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie on their ecumenism, good for them then.

I have never denied they could be out there. I just do not want to hear about someone hearing so and so at an obscure bible conference once doing a warning. Do not want personal links either where someone I do not trust, could send a virus, just direct internet, video or paper cites, that can be looked up or watched or read. I want a cite or link to something they have written. After all if they care and want to warn of error, shouldn't they be getting the message out there? Roger Oakland who is not a pastor proper, is the ONLY one I know of, as well as one other website I was shown by someone who worked in Calvary Chapel ministry but was not a pastor as far as I know from another message board.

Considering the reaction of the Calvary Chapel defenders I have dealt with if there are some pastors out there warning, I'd like to know of them if they are out there.

Anonymous said...

The "we teach line by line" thing is dead in many Calvary chapels. Even the main Calvary chapel in Costa Mesa, doesn't teach line by line in the Sunday morning services anymore. They teach topical messages.

Of the Calvary chapel people that I have run into, most of them think that catholicism is a Christian denomination, at least among the people I've spoken to. That should tell you how lacking many Calvary chapel teachers are in their doctrine.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for telling me they have switched to the topical sermons, Anon.

Well my last Calvary Chapel pastor told me Rick Warren was a Christian, but you are right most of them do think Catholicism is a Christian denomination. On another message board, I saw more Calvary Chapelists defending the Catholic creed, Catholic inspired "church history" and more. They are very lacking in doctrine and it shows. The renounciation of biblical separation, ecumenical teachins and subtle deceptions bringing in false doctrine, have produced their rotten fruits.

Anonymous said...

There is very little meaty doctrine in Calvary chapels. It is very watered down and nonoffensive. Chuck Smith wrote in one of his books that you have to do that, to keep the people in. That is in the distinctives book, I believe.

Anonymous said...

That is a despicable teaching which they are doing with communion. I am anon. #2, not the same anon.

Bible Believer said...

To Anon #1, Let's not forget this quote by Chuck Smith:

Some people object because they feel that I gloss over certain passages of Scripture, and they’re correct. But glossing over controversial issues is often deliberate because there are usually two sides. And I have found that it’s important not to be divisive and not to allow people to become polarized on issues, because the moment they are polarized, there’s division.

~Calvary Chapel Distinctives, Chuck Smith, pp. 55

This waters down doctrine majorly. There are smaller matters that are non-essentials but this ropes in a lot of essential stuff, and seems to be a "Oh sit on the fence", "lowest common denominator" Christianity.

Anon #2 You are right it is despicable. The worse thing to me is how people are being led right back to the idolatry of Roman Catholicism but in a horribly subtle and wily matter. There they want to influence the pastors and work their way down.

Anonymous said...

I have been associated with Calvary Chapel since 1978 and have not some much heard of this ignorant stand that is being shared by some.
I have noticed the change in teaching also and have started to teach classes on my own in Hermeneutics and the Attributes of God. This seems to straighten out a few ignorant individuals.
You need to understand that the chosen few "Pastors" are part of a Nepotism. They say you need to be called and get some Bible training, and be married. I did all of those things and 25 years later I am still not a Pastor, because I don't know how to surf or know a Pastor as a personal friend.