Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From Herescope: "The Next Great Awakening. . .or Great Deadening?"

This article warns about some important things going on, check this out:
"This event with Beck, and this tour over the summer, are indicative of a new way that the evangelical Right is conducting itself. Why were these high-profile evangelical and political leaders openly fraternizing with Lance Wallnau?! Do they agree with his mandate to "possess and occupy," take "territory," "take the high places," and "conquer"?[4] And how can they possibly call this agenda of aggressive Dominion-mongering a "Great Awakening"? That is the question that we will be addressing in a series of posts in the days to come"

Seriously take some time to read this article and read how the different political and religious players are working together. The New Apostolic Reformation and its marriage to the "Christian Right" is a definite trend to watch.

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Labby said...

Revival always come with repentance and this move seems to be all about aggression and strong words like dominion, occupy, revolution, uprising. I wouldn't question this group so much if it meant getting involved in the world to make it better, but taken with all of the other things these groups are a part of, I would say to anyone - run away as fast as you can.