Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bad Churches Produce Unbelievers

Almost doesn't cut it...

The fruits of bad churches are growing. Many Christian believers are seeing them in everyday life, even as they are witnessing to others. I have dealt with everything from a young man who was told by a Pentecostal church that his tattoos would disappear if he had "enough faith", to an older man who was told he had to be baptized to become a Christian [a false teaching in the Seventh Day Adventist church]. These things actually can make it difficult to witness to others, the churches are teaching so many falsehoods and influencing people not to become Christians, that you have to stay in constant prayer, it's making things very tough out there. There is a point where only prayer is the answer asking the Holy Spirit to help someone see the truth. Give people the gospel first: tell them to repent and trust in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation and stress at the same time how important it is to read God's Word. This will be the only thing that will allow them to get through the muck, as well as the teaching and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Bad churches produce atheists, secular deists [see article about young people below], lifelong agnostics, and help lead many into cults or into the bad church itself where spiritual poison is shoveled from the pulpit. People with no biblical foundations are being given a false version of "Christianity", either the sacramental "works" version of Catholicism, the post modern-Emergent/ liberal Protestant variant, or watered down "have it your way" mega-church seeker sensitive lowest common denominator "Christianity" that I found in Calvary Chapel.

Telling young people "you have to believe because we say so!" {Think Catholic Magisterium} isn't going to CUT IT, and is FAILING MISERABLY. How many of the young are being told, you are born into this church so you must stay this religion, or this is where Mom and Dad go, so this is where you must commit your entire life? Many places do not have the gospel, so the young person thinks being a Christian is just going to church every Sunday. In churches today, the facts of the Bible are neglected, superficiality rules, and being like the world and utter conformity are promoted.

So wonder everyone gets so confused and led into paganism or give up, fall away and run after what the world offers. If I didn't have my own foundation in Gods Word, the leading of the Holy Spirit and relationship with Jesus Christ, just watching the antics of the war mongers, politically manipulative, endless streams of false preachers and of the mean "Christians" would have been that much more difficult. I can hold to the truth knowing God took the time to warn me and all other Christians about these things happening.

In churches today, the FACTS {yes I said facts} of the Bible are totally neglected. Peoples heads filled with so much nonsense and false versions of Christianity, so wonder they get deeper and deeper into confusion. When I was a little budding atheist at age 10, and in the Catholic church, a future UU pagan, I knew things didn't add up. Anyone with half a brain connected to any cult, knows that things don't add up. Some make the decision to stay away fearing the repercussions of non-conformity while others stay inside not really believing. Others just lock those questioning thoughts away, and stay busy and distracted. Still others, may progress to a certain point, ie; realizing the Catholic church is false, but still embracing mega-evangelical seeker sensitive garbage and other falsehoods.

The "thinkers" who are born into false religions often will question that religion. That includes all the poor young people having their parents drag them to a labyrinth ceremony at an Emergent church to the Crystal Cathedral. They will see it for the dreck it is, and many will say "FORGET THIS" believing that is what "Christianity" is all about wrongly and go either into some other pagan route or hardcore secularism: ignoring God all together. This I believe is going to happen with many young people in the watered down evangelical and other mega-churches, these people have been given pablum and facing the difficulties of life which is getting harsher as the economy implodes, the lowest common denominator false "Christianity" sold to the demographic of suburban masses isn't going to measure up. When you have no job or face severe illness, memories of a rock concert isn't going to comfort you, the Holy Spirit and biblical truths will. There is no spiritual preparation for what life can bring including tribulation and hardship.

I more then anyone understand why and how people are led into disbelief. The sad thing about me is around age 9, reading "Late Great Planet Earth", and getting VERY INTERESTED in the Bible, is that was definitely squashed by outraged nuns, and others who told me fundamentalist Christian Bible Believers were "crazy". I know by the next year, I was thinking "well if the Bible isnt true, why bother with any of it?" I know that nun who grabbed my LGPE book and told me to no longer read it during free reading time at school [and no that book is far from perfect--I may do a post on Hal Lindsey later] got me even thinking that way. One thing, that book did get me to go and read the Bible even if I read it from the position of unbelief for years.

When young, I was very precocious, and one thing I noticed was how upset adults got when questions about religion were raised. Today I believe when young people ask questions they should be addressed, and if the response is anger, instead of sincere and honest responses, this is not going to be any help to that young person. Christians need to know their faith and why they believe it. Blind obedience to men, is not the domain of a strong Christian faith. God says in Isa 1:18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

The Holy Spirit will be the Christian's teacher, and God will show things as you pray and ask. Faith will grow too, so doubt becomes a thing of the past, when you know what you believe is "real" and the "truth" and God's Word serves as that foundation. This is why you see doubt discussed so much in false churches, many of them do not really truly believe, they may feel bad about it, but they've been going through the motions for years, sometimes from childhood remaining in a mainline or other church they were born into, and their parents took them too. Many of these people are good people, well meaning, wonderful individuals, but need to have stressed to them when you witness to them, the need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and true repentance, that being in a church does not necessarily make you a Christian.

Many of these false churches elevate the authority of men, and ignore this verse about how the Holy Spirit is to lead Christians:

Jhn 14:26 But the Comforter, [which is] the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

In fact one signature of a cultic religion or false church, is one where questions are not allowed and the church leaders are given this authority over normal men that is not biblical. You see it in all the false churches, the Catholic Magisterium, the Mormon Prophets who are not to be questioned, the Moses model in the Calvary Chapel churches, the new apostolic reformation where preachers claim automatic apostleships, the shepherding movement and more. It's all about that one guy up on the stage in the pulpit and doing what he tells you. Yes there are positions for teachers in the church but something has gone very wrong there.

Remember Jesus Christ said he hated the error of the Nicolatians, who were the ones who diminished the laity under clerical rule. Rev 2:15 So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate.

I have found myself saying to some I have witnessed to: "See all those TV preachers and those bowing at the foot of state power, they preach against what Jesus Christ preached and then tell them what it actually SAYS. See all those false priests preening around and insisting on their glorified authority, here is what the Bible actually SAYS." A few have been shocked at the version of "Chrsitianity" they have been given as opposed to the Bible.

I praise God every day, I got to read His Word, and I had the opportunity to find out what it really says, instead of all these false churches and preachers. In my case, I almost did up in hell due to two false churches. This is heartbreaking serious business. Its happening to many other people too.

Oh and if young people are told that "it doesnt matter what you believe, all good people go to heaven" and other universalist interfaith claptrap, such as what is taught in Catholicism and most liberal Protestant churches too, that's another sure way to turn folks into budding agnostics and Christ-rejecters. They think will think "oh the Pope thinks the Dalai Lama is a great guy, one doesn't have to be a Christian, Ill just sleep in on Sunday morning and forget reading the Bible". Why should interfaithism bring any real commitment when "any" religion will do?

Expect even more young atheists, agnostics and pagans to come out of today's rotten fallen away churches. There are a lot of older ones too. All we can do is pray and try and reach who we can. This is something probably a great deal of my own personal prayer life is committed to. Weak poisoned filled skim milk, instead of meat being preached by these churches has led to these negative fruits.

Here is an article that discusses what I have above: "Christian Apologist Says Churches Are Producing Atheists".

Horvath, who has taught religion to middle school and high school students, explained that some of the recurring questions young adults struggle with but churches often fail to address include the formation and development of the Bible, the presence of evil and suffering in the world, and the question of inspiration and inerrancy.

In large part, it happens when the church leadership is completely unaware that their members and not necessarily just the young members have questions at all, explained Horvath to The Christian Post. And [they] continue merrily along thinking that to retain the youth they just need to be entertained.
The evidence which they can see with their own eyes on TV and in the newspaper is that God is not good, said Horvath. It is only a matter of time before a young person begins to encounter pain and suffering in their own lives and has to grapple with the issue personally.

He added that these youth will be less likely to trust what the Church says as they continue to be fed easy answers which do not really explain why.


believer in Messiah said...

Yea just look at what you have become! Have you looked in the mirror lately? makes me wonder when you MIGHT have time to actually read God's Word and get instruction on how to treat believers. Obviously you don't have a lot of time for the LORD.

Bible Believer said...
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Bible Believer said...

This poster "believerinmessiah" believes that it is horrible to expose Calvary Chapel, that is why she posts responses here, that are directed towards my personal credibility, rather then the subject at hand. It is odd, that a true believer would not share in concern about false churches and would be so angry at exposes. This does not mean they have to agree with everything, but personal insults "Yea just look at what you have beome" replacing a substantive response to what is talked about here, speaks for itself.

This is one of the scripts I talk about in that one blog entry where I deal with the "scripts" meant to mislead Christians. Why not deal with the reality of fallen away churches? There are many who will stand against Christians exposing what is false out there.

Anonymous said...

CC teaches the futurist fallacy and it is that which that poster is defending--even if that means defending false teachings. Anon. #2.

Heather Noelle said...

BB - I was looking back at some of your old posts today and saw this. I have read this blog for a couple of years. I started to read that first comment from so many years back, and I thought exactly! Look what you have become! Look what God raised you up to be, through your whole path from an age 9 reader of the "Late Great Planet Earth", through Catholicism and atheism and UU and a maze of junk until you found truth. He led me through my own maze of junk too. Maybe it's in those times you can really appreciate the truth and heartily recognize your own falliability and know when you need to turn from lies to truth. I am so thankful for the truth, even when it is painful for me to see through my own pride.

He's given you eyes that see, what a wonderful thing that is. And thank you for sharing all of that with us. God bless.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Heather, I know I have been in a lot of weird places. Thanks for your supportive post and God bless you too.