Thursday, August 12, 2010

Witnessing Today and My Testimony

It's hard: many people I love and care about are not Christians or have rejected the gospel. I am the first born again Christian in my entire family that I know of, which being traditionally Catholic rages from ardent Mass attenders to the openly agnostic. Many old college friends and others have beliefs that range from secular agnosticism to dabbling with Buddhism and New Age spirituality.

I've prayed to God before, knowing a prophet in their own country or their own house isn't necessarily welcomed, {Matt 13;7} after witnessing myself, I have asked God to please send some Christian brothers and sisters out to witness to loved ones, always within a few days this happened, but in all of the cases the gospel was rejected, I do hope it at least planted seeds. So sometimes it can get difficult. You sometimes think is anyone going to listen? I believe Christians should keep preaching God's truth even if they have no one listening or there is only one person saved. One person saved is worth everything, to have that soul in heaven. There is no doubt, it isn't easy out there, the whole world is coming under delusion. {2 Thess 2:11} Remembering my own days of delusion, this has me press on and praying every day.

I suppose most people here can figure I am no lifestyle evangelicalism supporter. Those are the people who always say this:

This always makes me cringe, because there are lots of nice charitable unbelievers but it doesn't mean they have a relationship with God. Until I had a street preacher basically say to me: "Hell is real, and you could end up there"; I went with the "good person" hypothesis if I turned out to be incorrect in my pagan beliefs, surely God had to let me into heaven for being a good person. Kind of like this witnessing video describes:

I spent years actually as an outspoken "freethinker" while in the UU, and had many from the nice "lifestyle evangelicalism" brigade pat me on the head [well speaking metaphorically] telling me "that's nice" when I told them of my alternative religious forays.

How can I say this plainer, but lifestyle evangelicalism does not work. It is the sum total of compromised churches that want to water down God's Word. What did work, is hearing the gospel directly, which I did in college, reading tracts--I collected Jack Chick Tracts for years from an big city alternative book store--kind of as a lark for hipsters, other Christians preaching, a street preacher preaching the gospel directly to me, reading the Bible and of course the work of the Holy Spirit overall.

My own coming to be a Christian was a very odd affair. You see I was an atheist pretty much by the time I was ten, realizing a lot about Roman Catholicism didn't add up greatly troubling the nuns at my Catholic school. Still remember the time I told the priest I was an atheist in confession, but they proceeded with my confirmation classes anyway.

I wasn't a bad child--more of a quiet book worm type, but reading some books from the public library, I read stuff by Thomas Paine, and other folks and figure out quick there were other viewpoints out there as far as religion went. By age 18-19, I was attending the Unitarian Universalist church with a good college friend, and buying Free Inquiry Magazines and "Freedom From Religion Foundation" newsletters. My latter explorations in the UU church would lead to Theosophy and reading Quest magazine and like many UUs forming a mishmash of dipping a toe in the rites and rituals of many religions--believing they all lead to the same "god" and traditional "freethought" along with very liberal politics. At the time, I was the least likely person anyone could see as one day being a Christian, and even owned a series of books, that were focused on disproving the Bible. Oddly I did read a lot of God's Word back then to disprove it, having an inquisitive mind, but definitely scripture did take affect on me.

Without God's grace I would have ended up in hell, I did have poor health by my 20s, and did almost end up almost departing this earth a couple times. Oddly there is some truth to "there are no atheists in foxholes"--but remember praying to "god if he was out there" that my life be spared.

I would leave the UU in ONE DAY, after thirteen years, and having been a full blown Humanist, Theosophist and rest, used to hearing sermons that preached against Christianity and extolled every liberal agenda [such as abortion and euthanasia]. One day I was at a UU service which would change everything. This wasn't the typical usual Antichrist fare: going actually a bit beyond the typical "Jesus wasn't God but he teached some moral truths" message many UU ministers imparted. During this sermon, the openly lesbian minister, basically did a sermon on how Jesus Christ and Christianity as a whole had caused trouble for homosexuals worldwide--this was pretty typical, but the statement that hit me was she called Jesus Christ--- "an insane itinerant preacher". All of a sudden it was like I had been slapped on the face. I had this thought go through my head: "Jesus Christ is Lord!" He is not an insane itinerant preacher!". It was my own thought: wasn't a voice in my head or one I heard outside but just a very strong thought. Today I believe it came from the Holy Spirit.

I actually got up, right there in the middle of this lady's sermon, and walked out, NEVER to return after 13 years. My husband who never was UU--grew up in Lutheran church, still remembers this day, he said, "I remember the look on your face, it was like nothing I had ever seen before." We talked about this recently even though it happened years ago. Now remember sermons like this were TYPICAL in the UU. I had heard many things like it before.

I was not born again yet at that point though I knew Jesus was God intellectually, He was not Lord of my life yet. It surprised many people as I departed from the UU church.

I had been reading the Bible and continued over the next couple of years. After I realized Jesus was God, I erred and made the decision to go back to the only "Christian" church I knew. I had been raised in the Catholic church, becoming UU at a young age so went back to "what I knew". I was now well into middle adulthood. I would be back in the RCC for a short time, less then 2 and half years, even signing up for RCIA [update for already confirmed and baptized Catholics to see if I wanted to stay]--the answer would end up being NO.

During this time in my life, God's Word became very important to me. I sought Gods Word for comfort, solace, and grew in my love of it. This would be 100 times more after I was saved but I still remember those days in reading God's Word and searching for truth. I believe if one keeps in the Word enough it will bring on truth. As I studied even my Catholic NAB Bible, I realized that there were teachings that did not seem to match what I was being taught in the Catholic church. This included things about faith and salvation that were totally new, and much within the gospels. The book of Hebrews and Romans became my favorite books. I still today hold a love for God's Word that has never departed from me and I know it never will. Gods Word does hit to the very marrow as that one verse says...

Hbr 4:12 For the word of God [is] quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

At one point I bought a KJV and started noting the differences. The text seemed far more powerful. I started reading Christian websites and investigating things further. I realized that they were honest about many things I had questioned.

I realized something was missing in the RCC awhile before I left. (This is probably reason I got out earlier as youth and got led astray) Everything was immensely rote. While many of the people in the church were extremely kind, and lovely people there was something lacking. I had a priest that rotated the same 4 sermons, "liberal politics issue" of the day, "God loves you", "Compassion comes in all colors" and dealing with whatever holiday it was: Easter, Christmas or Mary's Assumption. I was starved for spiritual food and there was none.

I would think many things out, but one thing is very important, while UU I did have a Christian street preacher preach the gospel to me and who prayed for me. I had read the gospel in many tracts, the seeds had been planted, had a life-long interest in Bible prophecy even as an unbeliever and while in the Catholic church I was involved in an ecumenical Bible study for women that had some born again Christians in it [still think they were there on some sort of search and rescue mission], they shared the gospel with me also and the teachings in scripture. At least 10 Christians can be credited with giving me the gospel over the years, but let me point something out, these folks opened their mouths and preached it directly.

Then the day of importance came. I repented of my sins, and turned myself over to Lord Jesus Christ. I prayed to Him. Like other Christians can attest handing myself over to Him, body, soul and mind. Facing a life challenge that was pretty intense, and going to a place where I knew I was hopeless being on my own and needed Jesus. I put my full trust in Jesus Christ, and had Him become the Lord of my life. Before it had only been an intellectual belief: I didn't know Him. I would come to know the true peace and love of Jesus Christ, which I had never had before in my life. This was the day I entered into a true relationship with Him and started becoming a new creature in Christ. Having been a God-rejecting UU, for years, my journey was a shock to family and friends...

After I was saved, I was in the RCC some weeks but left very soon after. After I asked God to show me the truth regarding Catholicism due to the conflicts in Gods Word I saw with Catholic teaching, God opened the door to show me more and more.

I had started to notice that the Catholic Magisterium--I read alot and read tons of Catholic publications was teaching the same things that I learned as UU. When I started to realize the Pope also supported the United Nations and preached an "universal brotherhood" of man, I realized he was teaching tenets of Theosophy (which has supported world government for YEARS) and knew then something was very wrong. Discovering the universalist approach towards religions, the teaching that "Allah" is God too--[Nostra Aetate] were other wake up calls. On this blog entry, I describe a bit of what I discovered. I will be sharing even more of what I discovered as this blog progresses.

The more I explored this, the darker the picture. Having been part of the occult and the New Age, I knew I wasn't imagining PLENTY OF ITS ASPECTS from the fellow Catholics in my church sharing their holistic medicine, practice of Rekki, the practice of Taize prayer-[meditation] to what was going on in the international scene in the Catholic church.

So I ended up leaving the RCC, I prayed to God to show me where to go to church and find an assembly of believers, and God answered me right away, I think of all the crazy places a new believer like myself could have ended up but with God's blessing, I ended up in a good fundie church where the saved pastor taught us to test everything and every teacher by God's Word. This is why my stay in a Calvary Chapel church was so short after moving to an area lacking fundamentalist churches. Thus would start my journey of knowing and loving God. God has answered many prayers and always been there for me, and kept me going all these years. I pray for all the people I care about and pray they one day come to know Jesus Christ, and come into the truth. Considering what I came out of, it was a total gift from God.


believer in Messiah said...
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Ruth said...
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Ruth said...
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Anonymous said...

great testimony. To all born again Christians witness to your Catholic friends!!

Bible Believer said...

Thanks. :)

I think of what I came out of and it is God's grace.

Christian Cerna said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful testimony. There is nothing that stirs the heart more, than to read/hear of other men and women who have a love for God's word, and who seek the Truth at all times.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Christian, I appreciate your comments, God bless.

Anonymous said...

Great testimony!

The thing that jumped out at me was, that we need to hear the Gospel, in words. Words must be used. It's not enough without words.

Romans 10:17.

Anonymous said...

Excellent testimony Galatians 4. I was talking to my wife about something you wrote and when she asked me where I heard the information...I said, "Galatians 4" and she said, "What!" And the Laurel and Hardy comedy situation started. Your blog has been a huge blessing. I found you through the NewJersulamChronicles blog and noticed they don't post new material. Do you know if they continued under another name? Please keep up the great work. You are in my prayers.

Knowjesustoo said...

Bible Believer:

Thank you for sharing your testimony. It truly is an amazing gift when The Lord opens ones eyes. I'd renewed my faith in Christ in 1993; but it wasn't until 2005 that a true awakening regarding deception in the Church and "churches" began for me. I, like many, have had plenty of experiences that could have completely shipwrecked my faith. But God's grace was-is always sufficient. Praise Him.

Around 2012 it finally became painfully clear, there are no "churches" for my family "to attend". Of course my thinking is no longer centered on "what church should I attend", but rather, where are the like-minded believers for us to fellowship with? There are churches "on every corner", and we've gone to a good portion of them, and searched the websites of many of the others. No matter where I search, it's unsound doctrine and strange fire.

So for the time being, my children and I fellowship daily, and occasionally with a few Christian friends who still frequent their own churches, but love us anyway, lol. Frankly, no one I personally know truly "gets" where I am at. Thankfully, Jesus does. He put me here. I've learned to study the bible and be taught by the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the nearly 10-year-long journey I've been on regarding deception in the church, I've searched MANY websites. It's amazed me how just about everything in the bible has been debated. Of course, I know now many of those debaters were likely not genuine believers. But it also helped to sharpen my understanding of God's Word.

MattTwoFour was the first site I came to regarding deception in the CCM, and it centered on Toby Mac. That was also my first introduction to the NWO stuff. The major cognitive dissonance I experienced was very difficult at first. I see now God helped me deal with things in stages. Once at the Wolves site, I found yours. I really appreciate all of your work. I personally don't like digging into world/political matters, but I know it's necessary to see the signs. So really, thank you! You do the hard work.

I've actually found more fellowship on the internet, after finding like-minded believers - and that's been possible without even dialoging with them.

I've only recently begun submitting comments online. My sons and I experienced 10 years of abusive and cultic treatment at the hands of very close family members (up until 2011); so in the midst of all this eye opening has been major healing. Nothing that words can fully describe; but God is working all of these things for our good.

Our God is truly a Mighty and Powerful One! Lord of lords and King of kings.

Be blessed,