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Why Does Jacob Prasch Endorse the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelicalism?

Prasch warns about globalism, false religious unity, and the ecumenical movement in the video above. Jacob Prasch tells us he is against the ecumenical movement. That is a good thing. I hope every Christian discerns the truth about the ecumenical movement. Every preacher who warns about it in a truthful manner is to be commended.

I listed to one of Prasch's recent conferences [via online video]where he warned against some false preachers [some of the most overt ones like Todd Bentley, and Rick Warren] and he repeated at least twice, that he was against the ecumenical movement. This was held last Sunday at the 2nd Laredo Bible Conference in a sermon called: "Rescuing your loved ones from Key Errors that have come into the Evangelical Church".

Which brings me to this question, how can someone endorse a Lausanne group, and claim to be against the ecumenical movement? While Prasch exposed the errors of Catholicism, odd praise for Billy Graham also occurred during this sermon! All his research for years and Prasch hasn't figured out the Grahams are some of the biggest movers and shakers in the ecumenical movement? The mind boggles at that one too. Why hasn't he figured out that the Billy Graham Lausanne Committee [Lausanne began in 1974 by Billy Graham] is ecumenical at its core? I posted about Lausanne here, Billy Graham's outfit, where evangelicals are being herded into the new global spirituality of the antichrist. The Lausanne Movement is definitely a vehicle meant to lead evangelicals into the one world religion, it is definitely Rome influenced.

But what do we see here on Moriel -Jacob Prasch's website but him endorsing a group that is part of Lausanne?

Moriel endorses Church's Ministry Among the Jews, Jews For Jesus, the Messianic Testimony, Chosen People Ministries, Ariel, the Lausanne Consultation On Jewish Evangelism, the Danish and Norwegian Missions To Israel, and Christian Witness To Israel, but warn against such deceptions as Bridges For Peace, Wings Of Eagles, the Ebenezer Fund, Christian Action For Israel, and above all the International Christian Embassy.
So in this article he warns about extreme Hebrew Roots at one end but then endorses ecumenical groups? This group LCJE, which Ariel Fructembaum used to head the North American division, is part of the Lausanne Committee, is an ECUMENICAL GROUP, started by Billy Graham. Jews for Jesus by the way is known to have ecumenical ties as well with many websites exposing their compromises with Roman Catholicism.

Google LAUSANNE MOVEMENT and ECUMENICAL they go hand in hand. Here is the deal: while witnessing Jesus Christ and the gospel to the Jews and leading Jews to become brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ are all commendable things, this should not be done at the expense of compromising and hooking up with globalist oriented ecumenical ministries tied to Roman Catholicism. Does Prasch not realize the globalist tainted objectives of Lausanne and it's parachurch organizations, as he warns against globalism in the video shown above?

Obviously since every other group is being infiltrated, why not the Messianics too, basically the Antichrist will want them herded into not only false gospels of the law instead of grace and Jewish myths, but into the one world religion at all. Right from the LCJE website, they say :

Strategize on a global level so that more Jewish people will hear and consider the Good News of Jesus

Were the apostles ever told to "strategize on a global level"? No, they were told to preach God's Word and they did it without giant conferences,seminars and global "committees".

This website exposes some of the links of the LCJE to the Lausanne and other ecumenical organizations that are tied to the Roman Catholic church. Please read for yourself. Having studied the ecumenical organizations, Lausanne is definitely Rome influenced.

The LCJE admittedly accepts the same covenant as the Roman Catholic Church who also accept the Lausanne Covenant. This shows that the Vatican has no problem with it, in keeping with many other denominations.

Read the rest at the link.

So why does Prasch ENDORSE groups that are leading Messianic Christians falsely into the one world religion? Why does he [and Moriel] endorse these groups that are ecumenical in nature while warning about the false gospel of Roman Catholicism at the same time? This could be a case of "not knowing", lets hope this would be something that is dealt with in honesty, but it is a giant contradiction of words vs. endorsements. If one is to make a stand against the ecumenical movement, they need to remain consistent.


Dan said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are making changes to the web page. This article is quite old and unfortunately things on the Internet sometimes don't get updated as they should. Jacob Prasch withdrew from Lausanne Consultation a number of years ago, in part due to the doctrinally compromised and ecumenical stance of the central organization, although this was not true of the Jewish evangelism sub-unit of which Jacob Prasch was a member. The Lausanne Consulation, like many other things, is something which began right and ended badly. We apologize if this information was not revised sooner.

Moriel Ministries

Bible Believer said...

I am glad to hear that Dan. Is LCJE or any of it's leaders planning to break away from Lausanne? Some of the focus on "unity" even in LCJE is concerning.

One thing, I think Mr. Prasch should reconsider Billy Graham and BGEA since I heard him praise Billy Graham at the conference I listened to recently and the Grahams [Franklin is taking over for his aging father] role in the ecumenical movement. Surely Mr Prasch has encountered some of those websites that warn about how at Graham crusades, people have been sent to Catholic churches and even Catholic Cardinals like Mahony have given the Graham crusades their full support. Here David Cloud did an article outlining some of those problems and what I am talking about:.

This is something that I hope Moriel and other ministries need to be mindful of. Even here I wrote a blog entry worried about Calvary Chapel's involvement with BGEA.

There are people who simply do not know about the ecumenical aims of BGEA nor ones like the Lausanne Movement [which was founded by Graham]

Thanks for your polite response.


Dan said...

A large website is like a library -- articles, books and materials must be considered in light of the date they were published. Jacob Prasch worked on Billy Graham's London 1989 conference and separated himself from BGEA after that when Billy Graham had the Roman Catholic Cardinal of London on his platform. Thankfully Franklin Graham does appear to be somewhat more conservative than his father, but we know that Billy Graham no longer holds the views he once did. We do not however, agree with the brand of fundamentalism of David Cloud whom you cite, as he is among other things Cessasionist while we only oppose Charismatic and Pentecostal extremism. You may have heard this recording recently, but the recording itself is far from recent. I trust this helps. Any overview of our website however, would firmly indicate that we are anti-Ecumenical.

Also: You bring up a very good point Moriel Ministries is struggling with, which is old and changing information on an Internet that often does not update itself. We appreciate your bringing these things to our attention that we might correct them.

Moriel Ministries

chr378999 said...

It is funny to hear the Moriel group saying that Franklin Graham is not as compromised as Billy. In reality, Franklin Graham is just as compromised, and praised his father's continual unity with catholicism, which has gone on since the 1950's. Franklin Graham said it was the best thing that his father ever did, and Frankin intends to continue that unity with catholicism.

If Moriel is ever to be taken seriously by anyone, they would never praise the Graham family's ministries, that have sent so many off the track. Pointing out David Cloud's lack of believing in tongues, is the silliest thing I've ever heard, when you find that Franklin Graham believes that catholicism is Christian, and Moriel supports Franklin Graham.

I believe that tongues are active today, but which issue is more important?

Moriel is trying desperately to gain popularity in the evangelical circles, so they have to compromise with the Graham family. They'd lose their popularity in Calvary Chapel circles if they spoke against the Grahams. Since CC is in bed with the Grahams to the fullest extent.

Bible Believer said...

Welcome to my blog chr, I hope you saw my article about all the Calvary Chapel pastors who are working with BGEA, including the ones making appearances at the Cove [BGEA conference center] and others that have served on BGEA boards.

Dan, I am glad you are updating your website and understand as time passes people do grow in knowledge or leave things behind they once associated with. However I do not buy into the idea that Franklin Graham is more conservative then his father: Franklin even has praised the Pope in this article: [if this isn't an endorsement for the one world church, I do not know what is]:

As for David Cloud's cessationism, I may not agree with it all {I do not believe in tongues as practiced by the majority of Pente churches, and believe they were real languages] but the main point relating to the Grahams that David Cloud stands up for is biblical separation. It is very sad to me that Calvary Chapel people are being led into the ecumenical movement. Some are against the ecumenical movement but don't realize as their Bible conferences warn them about the Emergent movement and other things, what is going on behind the scenes with their pastors.

I know that Chuck Smith has praised Billy Graham, [] and the whole evangelical world is under awe of them, so making a stand against them is not the easiest thing to do. Chr is right about those who may fear losing the love of men or "popularity" in doing so. The people in Calvary Chapel should be warned about Billy and Franklin Graham, BGEA and Lausanne.

chr378999 said...

BB, thank you, I also was once in Calvary chapel, but left when I saw doctrinal things that I didn't agree with, such as how they don't believe in unconditional eternal security, which rejecting that inevidably leads to teaching works for salvation.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am so happy to finally see a comment on the LCJE and their ecumentical thrust. I was begining to think that Jewish Missions were beyond criticism. While it's true I have received more from them than any other ministry--I'm afraid to say I don't think they realize what they have done by signing the Covenant.
The only defense I've ever seen came from Mitch Glazer at Chosen People. He presented a paper at one of their conferences the year after the publication of "The World Christiam Movement" by Al Dager came out exposing the nature of the Lausanne covenant. The defense wasn't very clear--no names were mentioned--and you would have had to know ahead of time about these developments in order to undertand what Gazer was referring to --or at least seemed to be referring to. Sigh. It's very SAD indeed. Thanks for making these points.--Alex in Seattle

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Alex, Lausanne's tenacles reach into many places and worldwide too, there are even endless parachurch and other organizations. Al Dager's article helped to wake me up, and realize the harlot is fully invested in the evangelical world.

Miguel Hayworth said...

Having read your article on the LCJE their has been recent additions to the webpage since you posted the link to my webpage on the LJCE on this I am greateful for, for most people the LCJE is a no-go area of ecumenical research, I did contact Moriel and they are no longer part of the LCJE.

Miguel Hayworth said...

I did get a report from the LCJE's magazine called Bullitin, to answer Bible Believer's question no their is no future plans for the LCJE to pull out of the LCWE.

The Next is the Report of the Offical Ecumenical Gathering lead by Roman Catholic Archbishop, Monsignor Luis Alberto Rivas of Saint Joseph Basilica, these ecumenical gatherings has been going on since last year 2010, I believe when Rome has added its possition to the acceptence of jews the LCJE will be one of the first to work with them, their sister organisation Jews 4 Jesus already in the UK run events in side catholic churches where they are invited for these people Doctrine is not essentual it is just about Jesus.

Anyway here is the new stuff below.

Miguel Hayworth said...

one report says

Page 13 Title: The LCJE's first ecumenical gathering reports.

"The first was an ecumenical gathering organized by the Messianic Jewish community of Buenos Aires on October 20, 2008. The event took place at the “Beit Sar Shalom Center,” and the main speakers were the Roman Catholic Archbishop, Monsignor Luis Alberto Rivas of Saint Joseph Basilica, Dr. Thomas MacKey of Once Baptist Church, and Messianic Rabbi Ricardo Chemi, from Chosen People Ministries Argentina. The theme was “Sukkoth, A Vision of Hope for Eternal Indwelling for All Believers.” Monsignor Rivas opened, speaking on the topic of “The Eternal Hope For All Believers.” In addition to the importance of having such a high ranking Archbishop of the Catholic Church attend a Messianic Jewish gathering for the first time, there was a musical recital by the Choir of the Church of Pilar and Flores, one of the most outstanding choirs in Argentina. Dr. Tomas MacKey spoke on the prophetic significance of the feast of Tabernacles, and he was also accompanied by his church choir. Messianic Rabbi Ricardo Chemi ended with the topic “Yeshua portrayed in the Jewish Festivals.” "

Dr. Tomas McKey,
Messianic Rabbi Ricardo Chemi,
and Roman Catholic Archbishop
Luis Alberto Rivas praying together.

Page 14: As a consequence of the ecumenical event convened by the Messianic Jewish community of Buenos Aires, the most important Argentine newspaper, Clarin, ran two articles on Messianic Judaism. Rabbi Chemi was interviewed, and he unashamedly said that those who follow Jesus, whether they be Catholic, evangelical, or Messianic Jewish, need to respect but to reach out in love to the Jewish community with the gospel message. It was the first time that a major newspaper, with a daily circulation nationwide of 2 million copies, introduced Messianic Judaism to the general public. Another event that made an impact on Jewish evangelism was the “Conference on Israel and the Church,” convened by Chosen People Ministries and chaired by Dr. Carlos Villanueva, Dean of the Baptist Seminary of Buenos Aires.

It is my desire that more Latin American leaders will attend LCJE events and that there will be a time in the near future when we will have a Latin American Conference of the LCJE.

By David Sedaca
Chosen People Ministries

Miguel Hayworth said...


Twenty-sixth North American LCJE Meeting:
Phoenix, 2-4 March 2009

International LCJE Report 2009
Kai Kjær-Hansen

LCJE and Good Friends (Ecumenical Ties)

LCJE is a global but small network. What unites us, whether we are Jews or gentiles, is the commitment to share the gospel with Jewish people.

We may sometimes be disappointed at how little importance is given to Jewish evangelism on the agenda for Christian mission –
if mission to Jews is not downright rejected. Against such a background it is good to see that we are not alone. We have good friends.

When I look back on the year 2008, I am pleased with the support for Jewish evangelism which has been expressed by World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). First they sponsored a full-page advertisement in the New York Times (March 28, 2009) with the headline “The Gospel and the Jewish People – An Evangelical Statement”, an advertisement which was later printed in other newspapers and Christian magazines. Next the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance brought together a theological task force on the outskirts of Berlin in August, which resulted in the statement “The Berlin Declaration on the Uniqueness of Christ and Jewish Evangelism in Europe Today.” The papers from this conference will appear, in a shortened form, in a book in 2009, edited by Dr David Parker, Executive Director of the WEA Theological Commission.

(The WEA have also included the Roman Catholic Church from with in the WEA this is their report [34] "Towards an Ethical Approach to Conversion -

Christian Witness in a Multi-religious World The World Evangelical Alliance, together with Pentecostals from the United States were invited by the World Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (PCID), to participate in a consultation entitled "Towards an Ethical Approach to Conversion - Christian Witness in a Multi-religious World" held in Toulouse, France, 9 to 12 August 2007. Three delegates represented the WEA: Richard Howell from India, Thomas Schirrmacher from Germany and John Langlois from the UK. ")

Miguel Hayworth said...

[35] On the primacy of the Roman Catholic Church

by William D. Taylor, Global Ambassador, World Evangelical Alliance

Almost two months have now passed since the Vatican’s most recent and important statement on the nature of the Roman Church, published June 29, 2007 with the approval of Pope Benedict XVI by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). The document re-affirms the historic position on the primacy of the Roman Catholic Church and articulates its relationship to the Eastern Orthodox churches as well as those coming out of the Protestant Reformation (including Anglicans). These weeks have given time for the dust to settle, time for the secular media to criticize and move on, time for Catholic leaders and priests to explain the implications of the statement, and time for Orthodox, Protestant and Evangelical reflections to emerge. And these different voices are emerging. In this essay I will attempt to articulate a global evangelical response out of the voices of World Evangelical Alliance[i] leadership from different continents and contexts.

(LCJE Responds to the WEA)

[36] "In LCJE we cannot very well do without such friends."
The World Evangelical Alliance has associations with the World Council of Churches. (Aka WCC)

WCC UPDATE: Conversion: Evangelical support for code of conduct:

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is ready to join the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Vatican in supporting a code of conduct to guide activities seeking converts to Christianity.

Please Click on WCC UPDATE to read more.

(More Ecumenical Ties)


Also in the Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization (LCWE) we have good friends. As LCJE we are part of the Lausanne “family”. The countdown has begun to the next major international LCWE conference, which will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, October 16-24, 2010.

First Plumbline Apologetics said...

Just one more thing, I do believe in evangelism to the Jews as I am not a replacementist but we dont need these ecumenical organisations.

Their are other groups that are not part of the LCJE or J4J out their.

Bible Believer said...

I believe in evangelicalism to the Jews too, you are right there are other groups out there, that are not hooked to LCJE and are non-ecumenical. Welcome to the blog too Firstplumbline.

Bible Believer said...

Alex, sorry I missed your post, thanks for telling me those things. Well I think the more that can be warned about what the Lausanne Covenant is about, the better.

Hi Miguel, [I may have posted to you above too,] I will check out the new additions to your website. Thanks for telling me about them. I am glad to hear Moriel is no longer part of LCJE. I am not surprised how actively Rome is working to bring Messianic Jews into the one world church. Thanks for these warnings.

Miguel Hayworth said...

Hi Bible Believer

Thanks for your responce, I selected by blog name firstplumbline insted of my name by mistake sorry for this.

I also want to mention you may want to check my page on the J4J with much usefull info, the J4J are very agressive with questions asked in the nature of ecumenical issues.

At the moment I am dealing with the Generational curses issue and recently finished a new page on the Salvation Army's recuitment of its members into becoming full freemasons.

Most of my info came from my interview with leading 32o to 33o masons, it is not common that usally in other circumstances this information would be released to the public.

This particular work as taken me just over 5 years and now this is finished.

I am currently compleating an article on this for a news paper and another report I am writing about the world leader of the SA meeting with the Pope at the vatican city in Rome.

I thought this would intrest you, if you want to you have my full concent to publish anything I have on your blog as most of my material that I written has no copywrite apart from books this is to give anyone the freedom to take any form of information, the articles that were not written by me are added with permission from the authors..

keep up the good work with your blog

in Christ


Bible Believer said...

Miguel thanks for giving me permission to use your info on my blog. Jews for Jesus name, your article looks good, their name crops up all over the place when I am doing research on ecumenical movement. By the way Fuller, is always bad news regarding David Brickner as of 1996. I am glad that David Cloud has warned about Jews for Jesus too.

interesting...[he doesnt preach the same lie of Hagee that Jews don't need Jesus, but the other stuff matches and involvement with top politicians speaks for itself.]

With Salvation Army, I always found their logo quite suspect...templar crown, snake wrapped around the cross, sun with rays encircling it all. Thank you for exposing that incredible history., One thing about the Masons, I consider ALL Masonic orders behind the scenes as being under the leading of the Pope. [not just the York rite, but all of them. Yes the salvation army is very ecumenical with Rome, their organization shows up on many interfaith meeting rosters. That is some incredible history you share there. [one thing when examining different organizations, history can reveal alot, like with the founder of Jehovah Witnessess [Russell] as well. I knew the Salvation Army was ecumenical, but didn't know to what extent so thank you for that article too, very much and for your encouragement.

Miguel Hayworth said...

Bible Believer I have further info the question should be asked even though prasch has no involvement with LCJE why does he keep silent over Anold Fructambaums membership with LCJE as he signed created by the WCC the LCWE covernant.

at Cape town 2010 they had Rick Warren speak their at Cape Town 2010.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Miguel, It is something I really wonder about too, if he stands against the ecumenical movement why support this teacher or not at least speak out against Fruchtenbaum's membership in the LCJE

Here Prasch speaks out against Rick Warren but then praises Fructembaum.

I do not get it. It seems he would at least question him on the heavy LCJE involvement. Thanks for informing me Rick Warren was a speaker there.

They want to draw the Messianic Jews into the ecumenical net. Lausanne is a road home to Rome.

Miguel Hayworth said...

hi can you e-mail me I have something to share with you on this issue.

Bible Believer said...

Ok I'll email you....

Thanks Miguel.

news4themasses said...

There is so much on this post you have no idea! I read this only recently and made a mental note. But now other things are coming together and this is huge. LCJE members: Mosihe Rosen and Arnold Fruchtenbaum! ok. It all makes a whole lot of sense now. There are some OG's (Original Gangstas) that started out with CC that continue to promote Billy G and Chuck Smith. Those OG's have worked directly with both and also happen to promote Prasch and Fruchtenbaum. These people are not idiots, they don't let their websites accumulate old articles that they've since broken "fellowship" with. Liars! don't believe them. They expose on one end of their mouth and with the other they propagate new lies.

news4themasses said...

this site is run by an OG

Bible Believer said...

Hey yeah the thing about LCJE being part of Lausanne, was pretty heavy. Fructembaum, supports it.

It all goes through the Billy Graham network.

I heard Prasch myself PRAISE Billy Graham via one of those online conferences, this was about two years ago.

I agree about the lies and stuff that is inconsistent.

Yep there is Fruchtembaum right on there. Radio Free church is like the Calvary Chapel teach-a-thon channel, they are often the ones who put up conferences that warn about the Emergents and keep a lot of the rest hidden.

By the way it is not just Calvary Chapel with massive links to Lausanne, plenty of other churches, too.

A lot of the deceptions and falling away trace back to that one organization.

Bible Believer said...

I have a post that is knocking about in my posting archives still in draft form, that has some more of the connections of Lausanne to Calvary Chapel. Maybe I'll post that up soon.

msindisi said...

Hi all. I have put together a petition to call lcje to denounce ecumenism which Jacob Prasch from Moriel ministries has signed as has Geoff Toole of Moriel's Japan branch and Chris De Wet of Moriel ministries in Bloemfontein. The petition can be found at the following link: and it's importance can be found explained at the lastest post of the following website:

msindisi said...

Hi all, just thought i would let you all know that I have put together a petition to ask lcje to denounce ecumenism. Jacob Prasch of moriel ministries has signed it as has Geoff Toole of moriel's Japan branch and Chris De Wet of Moriel ministries in bloemfontein, south africa. The petition can be found at the following link: and its importance explained on the latest post of the following website: . Please sign and get others to sign. Shalom. Salvi

Bible Believer said...

Would Fruchtembaum leave Lausanne? I mean they would have to RENAME the group even... being named the LAUSANNE CONSULTATION ON JEWISH EVANGELICALISM. Anything connected and part of Lausanne, is already in the ecumenical movement, that includes even related parachurch movements like Jews for Jesus.

One thing many of these teachers will outwardly denouce ecumenism while being connected to it.

Miguel Hayworth said...

Hi Bible Believer I have a photo copy from Jews for Jesus recent, on their board of Ref is Gerold Coates etc.

I cant remember your e-mail

Anonymous said...

I used to attend a Calvary chapel, which I now left. They used to invite Jacob Prasch once a year, but since he has been showing what he is seing wrong in some calvary Chapels, they have turned against Jacob and stopped inviting him, so I had to leave that church. We need to be no respector of persons, we are loyal to the Lord not any denomination or preacher. So far I have never disagreed with Jacob, may I never will,I find he is honest and he admits were he was wrong.Be good bereans and trust no man. No denomination is excempt from falling into apostacy be always watchful, we are living in evil days. J.D.

Anonymous said...

I had to comment here as well, Jacob Prasch teaches that you can lose salvation, which is a false gospel of works. Furthermore, Prasch is in bed with Franklin Graham, who openly says that catholicism is Christian and openly praises popes.

Where is Prasch exposing that satanism? Anyone can watch Rodney Howard Browne vomit in the "spirit" and call that false. But Prasch is a hypocrite if he doesn't expose the lies of Franklin Graham

Anonymous said...

I thought this interesting: and this:,-2016.html I have a friend who is a pastor's widow who is in her 70's and I had to alert her to this movie because she was trying to witness to the Catholic's next door. Why would we watch this movie with Beth Moore and Pricella Shirer? All the most popular stuff can be found on lifeway Christian bookstore which is Southern Baptist. I've only be saved 7 1/2 years and all this makes my head spin.