Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Scripts Used To Silence and Mislead Christians

I have noticed that when others want to silence the Bible Christian in the crowd, [the one who is standing up against deception, or saying something isn't right here] many of the same messages are used to silent that Christian and send them to the back of the room. Having spent time on many websites including Christian message boards and places witnessing to Catholics, and others, one sees these messages time and time again. Sadly these "scripts" are rife through out the secular world, the religious world with such religions as Catholicism but in the fallen away evangelical world too!.

1. "You Have Committed A Thought Crime!"

I consider the use of the term "conspiracy theory" or "You tin-hatter" to be likened to the use of the phrase "Thought Crime" in the book 1984. Yes there are websites full of disinformation, and stuff that is based on fantasy and foolishness, but you know something is wrong with a society when all the "thinkers" are so quick to be labeled with that phrase that has been so oft-used, it causes eyeballs to glaze over, almost at the first syllable. It doesn't even need to be "fringe stuff" anymore, you can ask questions like "I wonder why so and so sold off stock [a factoid found in hard news] before such and such disaster happened"? Only to have people get angry at the mere mention that there could be some conspiracies for profit behind closed doors. The oddest thing is many conspiracies have been exposed like the S&L scandal of the 1980 to various affairs and malfeasance in high places. The Bible warns more then often of how this world really works, and those who think all politicians and religious leaders have only their best interests at heart, need to come out of that childlike naivete'.

Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

2. "You are a "Basher", a "Hater!".

One thing I've found is just being a Christian in some circles, is enough to be labeled a horrible and hateful person even if you have remained quiet. The Bible warns us the world will hate Christians, and the gospel will be of offense to many an unbeliever. There are many who call themselves Christians who are not, who seek to institute the "you are a basher" rule should you speak of a sincere belief they do not agree with. The world shows much hate, while screaming hater at everyone. The same as militant homosexuals have adopted screams of "Homophobe" at anyone expressing a biblical opinion about homosexuality, there are many in so called "Christian" circles who scream "hater" at opinions they want silenced as well. Sadly they know it works.

This is basically ideological bondage, as discrediting the Christian's character and personality becomes the focus of the discussion instead of the actual message and content. It does serve as a diversion, and usually with such types, you will find people who will write paragraphs about how pure and holy they are, and how much of a miserable, horrid creature you are. That said, I know I'm far from perfect, but I've seen this script instituted so many times, it's easy to see when it's happening, because the topic no longer will be addressed but your many faults [sometimes among people you just met !] will be the active topic of discussion.

If you warn of the new world order, of deception in Christian churches, some of these folks will toss as one of their charges that you have a "pre-occupation with the dark side". Of course in New Age- Norman Vincent Peale influenced America, warning about evil, isn't high on the list of priorities anymore, humanistic "positive thinking" has invaded the churches. I know this blog does warn of some evil stuff, and have no qualms in talking about it and warning others. Christians are supposed to expose evil: Ephesians 5:11.

Anyhow Christians should know in this world, we won't be liked and will be hated and persecuted. If you are doing a discernment ministry online or warning of things you know God has led you to warn of, forget about winning any popularity contests. You won't. You will lose friends and make enemies, just by your sincere beliefs and warning about things. I pray for people who have to resort to these tactics, praying one day, they can come into truth. Remember the workers of iniquity, don't want any Christians in the room warning anybody!

Jhn 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before [it hated] you.

3. Sell Out For Fellowship!

We all want friends, and strong social networks. Why do you think "love bombing" works or why closely united cults no matter how evil or strange get new members? The third false message that many will tell you, is that to keep friends, popularity, fellowship, one must keep silent, and not "ROCK THE BOAT". This is told to many a Christian, who has found false teachings and false yokings in their church. This is a good way, to get people to shut up and not say a word, because they are afraid to earn the ire of the group. There is much deception in the churches coming about even through the known dynamics of groups and peer pressure. Delphi and other psycho-social techniques ARE being used in the churches to manage and control outcomes. This is how the cell groups are being used too, that I already posted a blog entry on.

You will be told to accept the unacceptable, because these types will tell you, "YOU WILL END UP ALONE!" [well so be it, other things can bring solitude too such as illness, the Lord will comfort you and send you Christians as needed: no one is ever really alone if they have God with them.]

These folks may even say to you, "DO YOU WANT TO BE ALONE? HOWS IT OVER THERE IN YOUR CHURCH OF ONE OR TWO?" Many present day home churchers heard this message over and over, but still remained brave in the face of the Lord and marched on in His Will. Have those people forgotten about the centuries where Christianity was underground during Roman persecution and then during the Inquisitions? This is one reason that churches have become so bad as they have, the people who do ask questions, are told, "you are destroying unity", "you are destroying group cohesion", "you are trouble-maker", and the worse one of all "you are crazy!". Do not listen. Realize that many Christians in this world had to be faithful unto God, even being TOTALLY ALONE aside from Him. Have your loyalty to Christ and your relationship with Him, be such, that even if you STAND ALONE, you will remain strong. People don't realize it that having enjoyed the true and nice fellowship of a wonderful church family in my fundamentalist church for many years, that walking away from it from a church I was in here for a short time [Calvary Chapel] was not easy, human beings are social creatures, but we must always put God first and foremost and do as He directs.

2Cr 1:3 Blessed [be] God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;

4. You are Too Black And White!

Having been down the roads I have in life, I understand those who may be in a different place then me --baby Christians, the innocently ignorant, and being mindful of our own lost places before in life and that no human being including ourselves is perfect, one of the most insidious lies, out there, is the moral relativism lie, of "you are too black and white".

If anyone repeats this to you, to get you to compromise do not listen to them, it is a lie from the gates of hell. Liberal lies about tolerance, and "accepting" all false religions or beliefs as equal also are on the extreme end of the spectrum with this one. In my case, this constant drum-beat of "you're a legalist" came from a self confessed Pentecostal, who disliked my more fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Thankfully, I did not listen and stayed strong in the Lord.

A Christian should be loving to even those they disagree with, and there many people who are innocently ignorant of things, including Christians, who simply haven't learned something yet, or who may be new Christians. Here you will note the teachable vs. the non teachable. You will note minor disagreements vs. a entirely distorted world view. In all of our cases, there are many more things for the Holy Spirit to show us and to learn.

However those who repeat this lie, will tell you that Christianity is NOT delineated, that things are not concrete, but the fact is Christian is a religion of ABSOLUTES, and whenever someone says otherwise do not listen. This is something the Emergent movement has thrown out, teaching there "no absolutes" as my picture above illustrates [shown on this website here]. Many false teachers out there will use this message to tell you to shut down your mind, shut down your discernment and tell you that you are to remain in the middle, on the fence, lukewarm. This is one subtle way, that deceivers can lead Christians to violate scriptures and teach that sound doctrine isn't important. With this one, many a Christian will be told to lower their standard, that they are expecting too much out of their teachers and churches. It silences discernment and the voice of the Holy Spirit. One thing if someone tries to act incredulous that there are so many wolves out there, the Bible warns of the Great Falling away in the last days, so we were warned.

2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for [that day shall not come], except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

2Pe 2:2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

I have seen all four of these repeated in different guises all over message boards, blogs, websites and elsewhere, all designed to throw the Christian off track!


foundthetruth said...

Hi BB,

I believe it is the age old tactic of our enemy to devide and conquer.. i have followed some of the conversations on DTW and am not commenting on these matters anymore, it is no use in trying convince christians about the dangers of the pretrip rapture, they just do not want to go through the tribulation, thus they will interpreter the Scriptures any way to fit in with their believe, for example 2 Thes 2:1-3 as you mentioned. For myself i work it out this way, if it is a favourite of this world, for example the Left Behind series by Tim La Haye, then you should have a real good look into it to see why it is so. Also the favourite book The Shack. Anyway you know these things, just wanted to say carry on with youre good work in carrying the truth. I have read a good book the other day called Til Eternity by Paul Bortolazzo- good reading on endtime events.

Take care and God bless

Bible Believer said...

Hi Foundthetruth, welcome to the blog. Yes I agree it is about the enemy dividing and conquering. I have left DTW [do think my posting privs were banned anyhow], I guess I am disappointed believing at least from the first surface glances, I had found like-minded Chrsitians.

With the Rapture stuff, it took me time to figure it out with study of God's Word, help of Holy Spirit and patient Christian friends, but even years ago I would muse about the "other possibilities" mentioning "mid-trib" all the time. One aspect of their reactions there I found so unsettling was how angry they got at someone just wanting to discuss things and analyze them. What is wrong with testing one's beliefs?

You bring up something good too, if something is loved by the world, run, I have realized if popular culture, endorses it and "loves it" most of the time it is probably something we should run from. Left Behind bothered me when I first was reading it, I kept thinking what kind of Christians can hang out in the same room working for the antichrist or even WOULD? I read Lisa Ruby's God's Wrath on Left Behind, after going through the internet wondering if other Christians were having any doubts when I found that book. I'll check your book out too.

Thanks so much, God bless you too. :)


believer in Messiah said...
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Ruth said...
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Bible Believer said...

Some people aren't happy about me exposing Calvary Chapel. Well, suppose that is the price of business and all. If people fill comments with personal insults, yes they will be removed.

camilyn said...
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Anonymous said...

I had been discussing the bible with a friend at work. She doesn't read the bible - it's too boring. Her church using Warren's Purpose Driven book. She's is very much into the world, enjoying it very much. After speaking to her about some things, trying to warn her, she said she wondered if I was a witch.

I told her it's interesting that she would say something like that because it has become very common these days, when speaking about the truths in the bible, to be told that you are the evil one, the hater, bigot, the prude, and now, a witch.

She admitted, she said, yes, people want to silence the ones speaking the truth.

Please continue exposing false teachers such as Calvary Chapel. I notice people can get pretty vicious when their golden calves are exposed. A friend at work likes Calvary Chapel because she said they told her she can listen to any kind of music she wants to. She likes the Beatles and no ones going to tell her she can't listen to them. So defiant! I do not understand why a Christian would like to listen to a music group that ridiculed Jesus and was very much part of Eastern religion. Someone I know talks about God but then takes her kid to see Marilyn Manson. It's a very strange thing to see today - People claiming Jesus but then loving evil things. If you call them on it you run the risk of being cussed out!