Thursday, August 26, 2010

Presbyterians Acting Just Like Unitarian Universalists.

If you want to see how far gone the mainline churches [Presbyterian USA in this case] have lost the plot, this video will display it more then any words could. I saw this video on The Museum Of Idolatry; a website that exposes much of the craziness happening in the fallen away church. The weird giant puppets, "liturgical" dancers and Pan flute music, actually outdid anything I saw in the UU for pagan pageantry. Whats with all the people dressed as animals? Is this a rendition of the Lion King?

Well finding the service online: I see they do eco-spiritual Prayer of the Four Winds, popular in the New Age movement and sadly some scouting groups which in the Unitarian Universalist church was done all the time, especially during solstice services.

One telling segment of Presbyterian USA service: [SEE HERE, the service that goes with the video is online]

Call to Worship
We begin our worship with a moment of silence.
Please rise in body or in spirit and turn slowly and carefully to the four directions, as indicated by the worship leaders.
We are called to worship this day in the tradition of my people, who, for generations, lived here,
at the Big River where the prairie meets the woods. Please rise in body or spirit, and join us as we turn to the four directions of God’s creation.
How does one rise in spirit? Astral Travel? Oh well, its disturbing in it's entirety. Here is another pagan prayer segment:
Leader: We turn to face West:
We welcome the color of this direction – black, still and quiet.
We thank you for your creation and welcome,
For the bear, mighty and purposeful,
For your lessons calling us to balance of emotion in wisdom and honesty.
We pray for your spirit of introspection, for seeing within.]
…Give us your strength and the courage to endure, as we pray together:

Do these folks even realize they are doing pagan prayers and rituals? Get this: the puppet and theatre company that did this show for Presbyterian USA, is called "In the Heart of the Beast" :appropriate huh? [see here too from their main website for proof that's who they used]

I think the "Mother Earth Goddess" made her appearance too in puppet form.

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