Thursday, August 26, 2010

Memories of My First Christian Church

How fortunate I was to be so blessed that I was in a church that did seek after the truth in God's Word, and where true loving Christian community was present. This was my first church after being born again, and I miss them badly. Praise God that after I came out of the RCC, I didn't end up in the variety of cults and ditches waiting for someone like me.

Does this mean it or the people were perfect? No, there were times I was concerned about creeping Dominionism, and the other things that have come into fundamentalist churches and taken over, but overall the pastor taught, "Follow God's Word and if I even preach against God's Word, I want you to biblically confront me!" {I have not since heard anyone in person preach like this}. In other words he taught us to test everything by the Word of God, and there was one time I disagreed him, but instead of excuse-making and instant meanness one gets from the hirelings and others who follow them in other pews, we were able to talk things out in prayer and he saw where I and another member was coming from.

We used to refer to ourselves as a "church family", and there was a closeness there, I haven't seen in other churches. Church members would fix each others cars, the sick and housebound would be visited and checked on, ladies with newborns would have meals cooked for them, we had church members teaching others how to bake bread and live frugally, shared dinners and the church had members who would street preach and most would openly past out tracts and witness to others. The modern churches here don't do any of that, [sure they help the poor, but its always helping the poor "over there" instead of the church body actually having poor members within it and sharing together]. But most importantly my old church followed God's Word and tried to live it best as the Holy Spirit showed them. Church members even discerned the truth about that popular movie "The Passion" as the rest of the evangelical world, fell head over heels to get to the movie theatre. Missing this type of Christian fellowship can be difficult, but came to realize after I moved to an area with nothing but liturgical, Rick Warren influenced, Emergent modern churches, that replacing a church like this was not as easy as I thought. You all have heard my Calvary Chapel experiences: Nice people in the pews, but false stuff from the pulpit.

I still remember the Christian love, from this church family shown to this day, just mere helps and concern and the respect shown between members is something I will always remember fondly. This included times when they personally helped me and family members. Yes I still have long distance contact with them. The pastor did end up leaving, I have prayed they have a pastor now who has remained true. The rural town the church was in, experienced severe economic devastation, that did not leave my old church nor its members untouched.

Out in the world there are many Christians who cannot find a good church. The Bible tells us that the churches are going to fall away, [2 Th. 2:3] and I believe this is HAPPENING NOW. Even the fundamentalists ones are being infiltrated or falling away. I have visited fundamentalist churches that were dead or had a preacher preaching false things such as the possible shill, who told us at a Wednesday service, that he held supreme authority over church members and that to criticize any politician [including Hillary Clinton should she be elected--this was 2007] was a sin. There are some that are fully embracing Emergent theologies, and jumping on the "world evangelical" bandwagon, Calvinism or other errors. Today the fundamentalist descriptor is limited and doesn't tell a person if that church is following God's Word or not.

One's first loyalty is to be to God. So even if this means being without a church, so be it. One is to seek assembly as they can find it, either in a home church, or with Christian friends for prayer and Bible Study, but the numbers of lone Christians who have had no choice but to "come out of her" [this just doesn't include the RCC but false Christendom as a whole] are growing, even if they feel isolated and alone aside from their relationship with Jesus Christ, what other choice is there? Sitting in a pew drinking in spiritual poison and compromises is not the answer. Keep in God's Word, there are many Emergents and others exploiting the "home churches" and those who have fled the institutional church to bring in false things as well.

If anyone reading this, is in this position, without a church, please comment on your experiences, I would like to hear them and why you left:

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