Monday, July 19, 2010

Warning About Ruckman: "I Do Not Think Abortion is Murder"

Ruckman is a KJV-Only Preacher, who I encountered while going to a message board for ex-Catholics, where many participants were followers of him. There were some very odd teachings, some that were even hard to pin down, as one follower, would refuse to even say that he believed Jesus Christ was God, because he did not believe in the Trinity. That seemed no different from the Jehovah Witnesses. This was based in Ruckman's teaching on a different "sonship" of Christ instead of standing for the truth of God's Word [repeated in many verses] that Jesus Christ IS God.

In the above, we see even one of those other odd teachings, this time on abortion. This one is an unbelievable statement for a self professed "Christian" which denies even the Bible verse used by pro-life advocates everywhere. [Jer. 1:5]

One thing even in the fundamentalist churches [as well as all others] there are deceivers, false preachers and things to watch out for and I say this as someone who has used the label myself and been in a good fundamentalist church. Here the theme continues that one must test all preachers by God's Word and that includes those who carry the "fundamentalist Christian" label as well. With Ruckman, there are many teachings that are questionable.

As for KJV Onlyism: I do believe the KJV is the BEST translation in English, [there are many false and corrupted Bible versions] but do not agree with those who teach it is "new revelation". [this view has also been called Ruckmanism. There is an agenda out there to discredit those who wish to warn about false Bible versions.

[caveat: I do not agree with video on everything including use of NIV, but agree with the maker of the video in regards to Ruckman}


Anonymous said...

Oh man I remember Ruckman. I remember 10 years ago i sent him an email questioning a doctrine he was teaching. He emailed me back and called me a jacka***. Yeah he's a real tool.


Bible Believer said...

I had to deal with some of Ruckman's disciples so to speak on acouple message boards, EXTREMELY ODD THEOLOGY, love of the NWO, republican party, and worse.

Yes JL that email showed the bad fruits...

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of people denying the Godhead (trinity), and in doing so deny the deity of Jesus Christ. Jesus is God in the flesh, and denying that means no salvation. They either haven't read their bible, or are reading the wrong bible (NIV). Plus you have people purposely preaching this to deceive. The Internet is used for bad intentions most of the time, I've sat and wondered if the whole intent behind it was to spread deception, as if television wasn't enough. That's why I think it's imperative for believers to correct false doctrine with scripture every time they encounter it online, but do so in the correct manner.- James