Monday, July 26, 2010

New Age Code Phrase #2: UNITY IN DIVERSITY

This one cropped up in the mid 1980s in the UU church all the time but now it's all over and actually so commonly used, it is mainstream. What is "Unity in diversity"? It can be used regarding racial differences but here I am focusing on the religious uses of the term. Basically it is people of different persuasions [religions etc]-- the so called diverse coming into "unity". It is one of the main tenets of Universalism and even of Freemasonry which has held the agenda for centuries for having all religions around one altar. "Unity in diversity" in religious organizations is not only used to promote false ecumenism, but interfaithism as well.

Alice Bailey being a Theosophist [basically out of the foundation of the New Age movement] praised "oneness" or "unity in diversity". She wrote:

"Fundamentalist Christians have great fear of any movement towards world government such as the United Nations or toward "oneness". They see this as the work of the devil...a helpful way for fundamentalists to overcome their fear is to remember the unity in diversity theme, which forms the basis of both the work of the United Nations and the New Age movement--respecting diversity while focusing on the underlying unity"

[quoted in Billy Graham and Friends, Cathy Burns, page 536]

The Catholic church supports it:

Article written by Catholic religious on Unity in Diversity, one world religion concepts included:

I share these personal experiences as apropos to the theme of this talk, ‘Unity in Diversity’, because they illustrate how dialogue arises in even the most casual circumstances. Those engaged in such religious encounters must be alive to the everyday opportunities given them to understand each other’s faith, to discover points of agreement and convergence, and to welcome even the puzzling perceptions requiring further study. When one grasps the truth of some aspect of another faith, one should consider whether it may be just the balance needed to complement a better understanding of one’s own faith.

Pope John Paul II celebrated the concept:

The Holy Father prayed the rosary with thousands of students on hand. The event marked the resumption of his public engagements, after a week of Lenten Spiritual Exercises.
Thousands of youths in Cologne; Krakow, Poland; Fatima, Portugal; Uppsala, Sweden; Bratislava, Slovakia; and Vienna, Austria, heard him live through a television connection.

"Christian young people are called to proclaim their witness to Christ and to be architects of unity in diversity, of freedom in truth and of peace in justice, a peace of which the world is in particular need," he said during his address.

Evangelicals and others are carrying it forth:
"Will the Church Ever Be Able to Find Unity In Diversity?"

Then there is the would-be one world government pushing the theme, with a "world currency coin" minted for G-8 members in 2009:

While the world is gleefully skipping into the false promises of "peace" and pseudo-Utopian visions of peaceful unity: denying the realities of human sin and quests for global power: avoid the "one mind of the beast"! Keep in mind what Jesus Christ taught:

Luke 12:51 Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:


Lisa Ruby said...

Your article reminds me of an oft-repeated saying that supposedly originates with Augustine:

"In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and in all things, charity."

This closely parallels the New Age slogan of unity in diversity. Why? Because on the things Christians cannot agree on, they must have charity. What is the definition of charity in this particular context?

Does it mean you should not stand firm for truth lest you be regarded as not having charity? That's exactly how the leaders of the Ecumenical Movement implement the "in all things charity" philosophy to bring in the One World Church. We must accept all churches in order to be loving. To exclude anyone because we disagree with their doctrines is not being loving or not having charity.

And what doctrines in the Holy Bible are non-essentials in the sight of God? Which ones are expendable in his sight? God's word teaches that outside the Heavenly City are those who "loveth and maketh a lie." I don't see any scriptural precedent for safely ignoring the revealed truth of God. Yes, all of us are imperfect in our understanding of scripture, but the ecumenical slogan I cited above indicates that there are doctrines that are not essential for a Christian to obey. This idea is foreign to the Bible.

And yes, truth does divide. And no, I am not your enemy for telling you the truth. Indeed, not telling you the truth is the opposite of charity.

Bible Believer said...

Yes they are following Augustine's false teachings, and he definitely influenced all of this. I realize that many folks have abused the non-essential vs. essentials thing, basically saying church wide, doctrine is not important when the Bible says otherwise. Most of the neo-evanengelical churches have watered this down to "if you say you are a Christian then you basically are", referring even to those in churches like Mormonism or Catholicism that preach false gospels as "fellow Christians" so doctrine in general is not paid attention to at all.

We know that even now just making a stand gets one called a "hater" no matter how polite one may state something. Here they abuse the word charity, where charity is only deserved by those who accept the status quo. A Christian who stands for the truth finds the limits of that their version of "charity" pretty quickly.

I agree all of us are imperfect in our understandings, there are things all of us the Holy Spirit will show us with time, but a dangerouis precedent definitely has been set, where doctrine does not matter, and its an insidious moral relativism which among the New Agers always was when they would say something like, maybe something is right for you but not for me, the absence of absolutes. That is what the Emerging NWO ecumenical church desires.

Those who truly love people do tell them the truth.

Anonymous said...

An interesting thing about the new age movement - they talk about tolerance and unity, but then you have Barbara Marx Hubbard who wrote about the people who do not get on board with the new age movement will go through the selection process, or the shock of fire. You will be eliminated. Not very tolerant!

They say the only satan is not believing that you are god, that you are devine. Being a Bible believer is being rigid, old fashioned, stuck in old obsolete beliefs - those are the nice words!

I have a number of new age friends on Facebook. I tried witnessing to one. She must have told her mentor, a prominent new age author that I know as well, because she put a post on Facebook pretty much slamming Bible believers. It's interesting, the posts they put up. One puts quotes by this new age author all the time. They talk about loving yourself. Everything will come together when you learn to love yourself. That's the key. It sounds like worshiping yourself. I think that's what satanists do? It's all about self?

I wanted to post so badly that loving Jesus is what gives peace of mind, obeying Jesus makes everything fall into place. But I didn't.

Bible Believer said...

When I was in the UU church, I had access to many New Age and Theosphical books, well Hubbard isn't the only one who came up with that seeing Christian people as a "cancer" on society that had to be removed. Often in the New Age when they speak of the world entering a "new consciousness" there are many who deem people who refuse to get with the program as the enemy and do not hedge their words in saying they should be gotten rid of. Yes all the claims of tolerance are a joke. They have anything but, as they advance their false unity.

Maybe later you could put up a Bible verse or try to get your friend to rethink her thoughts. I have been in that position many times. I have seen the New Age stuff, or the believe in yourself stuff, or look within. You are right it is all about self-worship and it has innudated society and even aspects of the Christian world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks BB. I have e-mailed Bible verses to my friend. I post them on Facebook occasionally. She is firm in new age/new thought beliefs. She is a detox counselor at a hospital so she will send me A.A. devotionals which are also very new age sounding. The other day she sent me one which said our mediator between us and God is our faith. But, of course, the Bible says our mediator is Jesus Christ. There's new age lingo like referring to God as the Divine Principle of the universe which reminded me of Great Architect of the universe and then I read that either Bill Wilson or Dr. Bob were masons and into spiritualism. So that was kinda interesting as people try to make A.A. out to be based on Christian principles. She said she cannot believe that a little red man with a pitchfork exists, and I tried to explain with Bible verses that satan is not a little red man with a pitchfork.

Thanks for the link about best life now. Yes, they are man centered, new age methods being presented to us. Rick Warren said that people who do not get on board with his way must change or die out. I think Leonard Sweet said something similar.

I pointed out to my friend that many new age authors have said right out that to not believe their way is to be eliminated, or they hope you die out. I have not heard back from her on that one.

I try to get her to think about things, but she said she doesn't like to think too much. At least she's still conversing with me!

I guess people just love Meyers, Osteen and Warren since they don't talk about sin. It's all new age doctrines of demons that people seem to be in a trance over. It's all about getting things now, not storing up any treasures in heaven.

That's a sad thing that pastors are not teaching us how to be strong in the Lord and be in preparation for tribulation. Jesus said in this world you will have tribulation, but why aren't pastors going over this? It's all surface stuff.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

This was kind of weird today. A lady I know works at the Calvary Chapel that I left a while ago. We are friends on Facebook, though I don't talk to her very much. She posted on Facebook a picture from conspiracy archives on Facebook. Something about being devine, and I thought that's odd - that's a new age term. So I look on this Facebook conspiracy archive and there are a lot of new age thoughts, and posters who are obviously new age. There was a quote posted, the author being the Arcturians that said: Your work is not to drag people kicking and screaming into the new awareness, but to do your work sacredly and secretly and those eyes to see and hears to hear will respond - something to that effect.
And I'm wondering who these Arcturians are so I Google.

"Arcturians are the benevolent beings from the Bootes Constellation that have kept planet Earth safe
from the evil agendas of both the Grey Alien and the Reptilian Alien. Arcturian Aliens possess
universal knowledge about the greater meanings of spiritual and mental health and allow humans to
tap into their teachings through Arcturian Alien Channeling's....."

So this staff member at Calvary Chapel is posting stuff from a new age Facebook page, and I'm wondering what else have they been introducing besides contemplative prayer since I left?