Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kathyrn Khulman and Chuck Smith

Watching videos of this lady in her long silk dresses and odd speech patterns, the falseness of her preaching and pretense is glaring to the discerning Christian....

Kathyrn Khulman was a popular faith healer and evangelist that took the world by storm especially during the 1970s and had a TV show called "I Believe in Miracles". One of Pentecostalism's most shiniest stars during that era, Benny Hinn ever wrote a book about her called "Kathryn Kuhlman: Her Spiritual Legacy and Its Impact on My Life" and credited her extreme impact on his later ministries.

Kathyrn Khulman was one of the greatest promoters of the one world ecumenical movement and unity with Rome and in many ways helped to set up Pentecostals today who hold an ecumenical view of Rome. She had many nuns and priests invited on her TV show, and even her biographer wrote

"She had a special love for doctors, and wanted them either on the stage or on the front rows of the auditorium. The same was true of priests and nuns — especially if they were ‘in uniform’. Nothing thrilled Kathryn more than to have thirty or forty Catholic clergymen, especially if they wore clerical collars or, better yet, cassocks, sitting behind her while she ministered. Somehow it seemed to lend authenticity to what she was doing — and helped create the proper climate of a trust and understanding which was so necessary for a miracle service." (Daughter Of Destiny, p. 221.)

Some would report this too:

"Kathryn had but one pass through Las Vegas, and she would deliver the gospel with power! Hundreds of people in Las Vegas as well as the faithful in Youngstown, Pittsburgh, and Franklin had agreed to pray that the Holy Spirit would stir the city. Not far away a Roman Catholic priest said a Mass for the meeting the day before." (The Woman Behind The Miracles, pp. 229-230.)

Anyhow like any good "daughter" of Rome, she made her homage and visit to the Pope as well. By the way, wearing of black is a sign of submission to the papacy.

Now how does this all connect with Calvary Chapel? In the early years of the Jesus People Movement, Khulman gave her "blessing" as it were to Chuck Smith, Duane Peterson and Lonnie Frisbee, on her TV show "I believe in Miracles". A DVD of this has even been put on sale online and ebay.

Watch a segment of Kathyrn Khulman here with Chuck Smith video here: Under [Video Vault]with the title..."Kathryn with Duane Pederson and Chuck Smith"

By the way, this is just one connection and initial endorsement that is questionable: more on the early history of the Jesus Movement and Calvary Chapel will be forthcoming on this blog.


believer in Messiah said...

The one who owns this blog has no room of repentance or those who do REPENT.

Anonymous said...

Kathryn Khulman was totally a catholic plant. Nothing more. And supposed evangelicals went along with it.

Bible Believer said...

I agree she was a totally Catholic plant.

I plan to do a blog entry talking about the RCC involvement with the modern day Pente and Charismatic movement.

Anonymous said...

Looking at these videos brought back memories. My mom used to watch Kathryn back in the 70s on TV. I always thought she sounded like a snake with was she would drag out her s.

Bible Believer said...

Funny you say that because I was just over on the Whosoevers article, a commenter posted a video of Vaughn [one of Crowder's associates] and wrote that I could not bear but a few seconds and he was dragging out the "s'es. Wonder if it is sign of honor to their true master, Satan to talk like a hissing snake. Khulman was bad news. Newly saved, I saw one picture and KNEW she was false, never saw a video etc at that point. Remember I was raised Catholic so Khulman I didn't even know the name til I started this blog.

Julia said...

I'm so concerned re khulman (and links to Hinns necromancy, seeing, talking and channeling her). Now I know why my mother thinks catholics are also christian/born again. More material to share with her now!

The very first video i watched of khulmam was immediately obvious she hisses like a snake!! she sounds evil.
Pray that our fellow brothers and sisters eyes and ears be opened to the truth.

Julia said...

Hi .. do you have a link to this article?
God bless

Julia said...

Apparently, the RCC didn't recognise Evangelicals, only as Heretics. So the question is, why is the Pope "recognising" Kuhlman in the picture?
This last Pope Francis now recognises Evangelicals and Islam .. preparing the world for the one world religion under the Antichrist.