Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Hold Celebrity Preachers Have

First of all I will define "Celebrity Pastors": those are pastors with known names, whose faces appear all over the web, church conferences, published books and TV shows. They have their "A" lists and "B" lists as well just like Hollywood. A top celebrity pastor would be someone like Frank Graham, Pat Robertson and Rick Warren, where a "B" lister would be someone lesser known, perhaps just among one denomination but with a national following, perhaps Joyce Meyers or Peter Wagner. Calvary Chapel has Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie, and associated teachers like Missler and Prasch, other denominations, their favorites, with a wide arrange of favorite authors from Beth Moore to Max Lucado. Other known "A list" names would be someone you see on TV all the time even on newsreports such as Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn and many more.

While many people simply do not know about or have not discerned the false teachings of different preachers, there is blind following that keeps these celebrity pastors in their positions. No criticism is allowed. No question of their actions. No biblical questions [the celebrity will not allow you an audience anyway]. Even asking questions such as "How come this pastor has invited on to a religious stage, someone he once renounced as being a false preacher"?, will bring out the claws of religious fandom. You will find yourself banned from message boards, forums and in some cases even ostracized in real life if you speak out publically. I have seen folks throw away long time friends, strongly held beliefs, and their own integrity to gain the "love" of man or keep it. This isn't always a known celebrity pastor, there are many low-level ones who manage a blind following too. What is funny is how many of the "defenders" of false preachers claim to know them personally. The "star" gives them a glance in an audience of 5,000, they say hello at a distance over coffee, or imagine their eyes meeting at a $500 dollar conference, and the resounding loyalty to every word coming out of the lauded "Bible teacher's" mouth is impossible to break without the Holy Spirit.

The sway that celebrity pastors seem to hold over people is growing stronger. They take the man at his very word and stop checking his messages and teachings against God's Word. I even ask myself how a church full of people, can sit hearing a man, tell us "that witnessing to people is offensive and better off avoided".? Doesn't this ring a few alarm bells? Well I have personally witnessed that in at least 2 churches. Today, most of these pastors due to the indoctrination in the churches to "obey" the one guy in the pulpit above everyone else and not be labeled a "trouble-maker" or "divisive", can get away with even the most grievous statements.

Realizing the depth of allegiance by some [over everyone else] for favorite pastors and "bible teachers" has been very interesting to me. The cult of personality rules. Looking at the world and it's worship of the famous [Hollywood and sports stars] the same thing has affected the churches. People assume someone because he is a "known name" and famous is on the spot, when corruption actually is more possible for those who are loved by this world and part of it as Jesus warned.

Jhn 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

False religions like Catholicism and Mormonism and even out and out cults do not have the monopoly on advancing leaders who teach themselves that their authority is not to be questioned. The evangelical world has it too in spades. Ever seen someone infatuated with a 'star", like a teenager, who moons over her favorite rock star?, the churches today are not immune to this phenomenon even among the adults! Everyone is labeled a "liar", a "troll" for questioning the inconsistency of these leaders or ostracized for daring to disagree with the "lauded" ones expert "bible teachings". Gatekeepers for the status quo on a variety of message boards, will ban or suspend those, who dare to question the wisdom of the crowd in following these men. Blind obedience rules and then excuse making for a variety of evils then comes about.

There is more to the so called acquiescence to the "beautiful and famous" people, and the little guy gets shoved aside. Alphas shove aside the Beta's in the so called Christian world, status seekers gaining more and more publicity, more money and more invitations to the halls of power. This as well too ties into the false teachings of Dominionism, where political power is sought and marriage to politics.

Mar 10:31 But many [that are] first shall be last; and the last first.

Many unbelievers watch this stuff, and their rejection of the gospel [or really what they think it is] then becomes based in watching these blind followers and boot licking sychophants of the system. One lady I witnessed to recently told me, well the Christian religion is about "mind control" and "blind obedience". I gently explained to her, to please read the Bible about what Jesus Christ taught, to try and lead her to truth and instructed her about on some of these teachings. What you are seeing is not true "Christianity".

Was the church of Jesus Christ supposed to be about one man shows where men seek glory and celebrity in His name? Where they all make sure to seek after those of high status concentrating on power in this world? One will note the celebrity pastors often seek out other celebrities. ensuring that interview with Larry King, visits with politicians including presidents, and ex-presidents, some out and out celebrities--singers, musicians, actors, visits with evangelical "A" listers like Billy Graham and in the case of others, well-publicized visits with the Pope and other world leaders.

While God is no respecter of persons, those of the world make it all about elevating themselves above everyone else.

Act 10:34 Then Peter opened [his] mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:


Abbey said...

Wow, they look so honored and in awe to shake hands with the pope. Many of the "celebrity" pastors that met him were also enthralled. Then again the pictures you posted awhile back with the leaders of various nations all dressed in black acted the same way. There's no mistaking why they react that way.

I too have read numerous articles on Rick Warren. He is one of the biggest names out there and one of the most influential. With all the information out there so many are still in the dark. One way or another they choose to not believe it or don't bother researching as you said.

I think he's being a phony in that article too.

"Giving away the money was easy, he stated. He added up the salary he received from the church for 25 years and gave it all back. (I guess that's possible if tens of millions of dollars came in.) He stopped taking a salary eight years ago and he and his wife, Kay, became reverse tithers. Today they give away 91 percent of their income and live on nine percent."
(How does that work? If you gave up your salary, how can you give 91% of your income? Book sales or speaking engagements?)

"Warren and his wife still live in the house they have been living in for 19 years, Warren continues to drive his 11-year-old Ford and he wears a $17 watch from Wal-Mart."
(He started the ministry and got married 30 years ago, so they obviously moved 19 years ago. Why wouldn't he keep driving his car if it's dependable? Who's to say it's his only vehicle? The watch means nothing either, it's probably not his only one.)

Anyone that keeps saying or implying that they are humble is NOT humble. A truly humble person wouldn't say that.

Bible Believer said...

I wrote response on the other blog entry too Abbey, totally agree. Rick Warren is not driving around a 11 year old Ford to his extensive conferences, and national and international forays. I'm surprised Rick Warren hasn't met with the Pope but maybe he knows that would wake too many people up. He basically follows the Papal program.

Paul said...

We are truly in the middle of an extraordinary supernatural war, with spiritual minefields and booby traps, and double agents everywhere, even in places that have the sign of the cross and appear as safe havens.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, especially since we've been warned about wolves and transforming angels of light.

I received Jesus at 18 and am now 54, and the older I get the more the reality of what is going on all around us becomes clear to me, and even after saying that I think my words fail to express the true magnitude of the situation.