Thursday, June 10, 2010

Worldly Attitudes Towards the Poor

Being poor in American society can be a scary proposition. I have been poor, but thankfully have been blessed by God in having friends, good church and family who have helped me. However I know what it is to lose everything and the lies told to the poor having been one of them. While American poor have some things the rest of the poor in the world don't have, such as running water and more access to food, the stigma alone can be a heavy burden to bear. The American economy is rapidly changing, for the worse, sadly unchristian attitudes and wickedness towards the poor are not.

In today's disconnected society the poor today do not even have the normal social networks or agricultural live off the land know-how that have helped them in their past survival which makes the worsening economy that much more dire, where trust in God will be paramount for believers. While Christians renounce with good reason the failed godless plans of Communism and false "social justice" globalist plans that do more to enrich the benefactors then the poor, on the other side becoming defenders for corruption is no good either.

Sadly too many have embraced the teachings about the poor from Fox News, Neo-cons, lackeys for globalists and worldly sources far more then then the Bible. One sample quote "You work hard, so they don't have to" seen on bumperstickers and quips like this one, labeling all the poor as "lazy good for nothings" who deserve their plight.
The cries even among some Christians, who twist the Bible verse 'those who dont work do not eat", it seems as these self-proclaimed "compassionate" conservatives would want to throw every widow in the street, disabled person and unemployed families in the gutter and take us back to the days of street urchins and poor work houses. In fact hearing some of this rhetoric, is shocking, and brings this Bible verse to mind:

Jam 2:6 But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats?

While one side, there are the liberals advancing abortion putting costs on human life and exploitation of the poor using them for growing power of the state, for the other side, the “free market” myths may sound good, but then it is illusionary. You see it's free when they want it to be [open borders via NAFTA] and not free, when they want to be: World Bank direction of world industry and the issuing of laws like Codex Alimentarius. Forgotten is that big business and big government have now formed a symbiotic relationship, with way too much corruption. Add to that the churches who have married the state. All human systems are corrupt and those who dream of world utopias and government systems fixing the problem of human poverty need to realize it's not going to happen: after all Jesus Christ said “For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good:but me ye have not always” [Mark 14:7] and they need to have a Biblical attitude towards the poor realizing the role they are to play as Christians instead of the ones formed by the world. [Luke 12: 33 and Matt 5:42]

While there are churches and charities and tons of well-meaning individual Christians and some non-Christians that do help the poor , there are some growing attitudes towards the poor out there, that are getting frightening. Are there poor people who drugged, partied and borrowed money into their own financial collapse? Are there those who leech off the system and do not do what is right? YES. But that is not the majority and as poor people are told "YOU ARE IRRESPONSIBLE" over and over, I wonder as their numbers SHOOT to the skies in America, are we still to believe that everyone who "fails" is a loser who deserved it? What will the so called Word of Faith people who have taught that prosperity comes to those who are "of strong faith" do as their members lose jobs? Will the "everyone's a leader" church leadership classes fold, when people realize they aren't leading much except a path to a local food pantry? Will Joel Osteen's "Best Life" now false theology sell when people are scraping the bottom of the barrel for grocery money? Will the megachurch be able to keep the lights on and all the fancy programs when the folks in the church find even keeping their ownselves and their own families afloat to be a daunting proposition?

From the 1980s on, we have had our heads filled from the media of the worse examples of “rip-off the system” welfare mothers, and other "miscreants", and how all poor people “deserved” their lowly status and did not make money because they were “failures”. Even today one will hear the worse examples of malfeasance and irresponsibility in the news. Now some bad choices can lead to poverty, substance abuse, “gangster” culture, single motherhood, dropping out of school but ignored is the fact that there are many poor who did “play by the rules” and more are falling through the cracks. With the powers that be, indoctrinating everyone to 'blame the victim" and isolating them, Americans never asked the obvious, about why all their jobs were being outsourced, or why college tuition was outdistancing inflation or why manufacturing in America was basically stripped down. Watching the bankers clean the till out to 700 billion dollars, was the icing on the cake. The right side of the new world order divide has shown just as much fiscal corruption and deception as the left side.

Some who have never been poor may be due for a rude awakening when they see their job taken away or even their stocks fall to the floor. The so called conservative
"we hate the poor" brigade and "everyone with no money is a welfare mother on crack" folks may need to wake up. Some have collected cans, sold ebay, sold possessions to thrift, gone to flea markets to make money, desperately searched for jobs or pieced together an array of part-time jobs to keep afloat. Will the haves get an ounce of compassion as they whiz by in their SUV, when they see some of their formerly middle class neighbors moving into an RV camper or a tent city? No job means no money for most Americans.

Materialism is a problem and many of the churches arent much better that exclude everyone who isn't of the right social class. Many have become social clubs for the comfortable classes. I have encountered many poor people some even newly saved who lacking expendable income, have told me, "I am not welcome at churches", "I don't have any money to tithe", "I do not fit in". In too many churches look at who is sitting in the front pew and who sits in the front, it is the complete opposite of what the Bible teaches...

Jam 2:2 For if there come unto your assembly a man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment;

Jam 2:3 And ye have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool:

Jam 2:4 Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?

While other churches will help the poor, most of this charity is for "outsiders" [20 miles away at the downtown soup kitchen] or 'clients" sent over by social workers, not anyone from within the church, because the lower classes know they "do not belong".

The whole classless society stuff in America is a myth and something that keeps people silent about the biggest taboo in American society which is not sex which fills the airwaves but money. Between the Commmie liberals who want to destroy the market place and the so called "compassion" conservatives who just want to put a boot in anyone's face who confesses to "hey I'm in trouble here", it is all very disturbing. Some need to reread their Bibles about how the poor were treated and what the Christian's duty for the poor actually is. If you push every beggar aside because you think they are all "drug abusers" or refuse to help out someone who is out of work, because you think its "their fault" even among 20+% unemployment rates, some new thinking is in gear.

We all need to make sure our treasures are in heaven, considering where this economy is going, and to not hold any trust in the things of this world.


Anonymous said...

...I am very glad I'm not the only one who's observed the attitudes of the "Christian" in regard to the poor. I myself have little and have just left one of those churches you described, which is little more than a social club for the middle class and above. I live in a county in suburban Atlanta that has done its best to force out any resources and programs for poor and homeless people. I will be homeless at the end of the month and it's either be on the street or move away!

Bible Believer said...

Anon, I am sorry I have seen your post here, so late, praying you do have not ended up homeless or will not. I know people personally having homes foreclosed on and more. Things are getting scary out there. These churches do collections of Haiti, and other celebrity- politician supported events, while ignoring the poor around them. I do not mind people elsewhere in world being helped but America has growing numbers of poor people who the churches have definitely abandoned as they focus on the suburban and upper class demographics to bring in the bucks. I was fortunate to see how a good church that helped the poor in it's own pews but didn't realize how extraordinarily rare that was. Many of the churches have become social clubs for the middle class and above. I am hearing from people all over, how churches tell them the food pantry is closed until next week, and are offering no real help.

Jennifer K said...

Hello Bible Believer,

This is GolightlyGrrl from Free Jinger. I want to tell you as I read your amazing post I kept nodding my head. You are so right. Far too many people have demonized the poor, and won't do a thing to help them. The poor get called "lazy," "drug addicts," "immoral" and so on. It's disgusting.

I did a temp job at a local organization that helps people who are poor and struggling. Yes, some made bad decisions, but many of them are hard-working people who are trying to do the best they can. I read about parents eating only one meal a day so their children can eat. I met people who did everything "right" and are now facing homelessness. I've known of young kids thrown in the street by their parents and don't know where if they'll survive the night. These people deserve compassion, not scorn.

Bible Believer said...

Hi GolightlyGrrl, welcome to my blog.

Thanks for the encouragement,that can be a tough place! LOL.

I hate seeing all the abuse of the poor, and I am seeing it growing WORSE, in many facets of this society. As you know I believe this country is in the face of a depression, and the rheteoric is only getting more shrill. I have friends who have faced homelessness, foreclosures and more. Today just one job lay off can lead to a middle class life crashing down. Google 99ers, to see people who have been unemployed so long, all benefits have been cut off. Many people out there just aren't making it, even ones with jobs because wages have been so suppressed and costs going skyhigh. We have met people here in town, where one talked about going without food for a few days. Try to help who I can, but it's getting pretty dire for folks.You are right with the dying economy, even being "responsible", going to school, etc, does not guarantee a good job or that one won't be laid off from it. I know of homeless young people too who have no place to go. I am glad you have compassion for the people you encountered at your temp job. This is one of the worse things about the Christian "right" is basically advancing an antichrist attitude towards the poor.

Anonymous said...

Keep spreading the truth!

Bible Believer said...

Thanks! :)

LuLu said...

We are to help people but money given to the church is for the NEEDY saints.1Cor 16:1. If u want to help the poor that's fine but not with the money for needy saints. You should set aside other money to help them. It doesn't always have to be money. There are many poor people who just want you to give them money to do whatever with but thats not right. They need the Gospel while you are helping.

LuLu said...

1Cor16 The collection at church is for the needy saints and not to be given to people who will mis-use it. Separately u can help the poor. The church is not a charity organization.